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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ever try saying "No" to a fallen angel?

Fallen read all the comments on her last sentence in Summer's blogfest yesterday, especially Words Crafter's,

and suggested, with pointed forefinger nail tracing her name on my throat,

that today's post undoubtedly should be the lead-up to her last sentence.

I wisely agreed. I may be slow, but I am not glacial.

It is the year 1936.

There is a strange battle going on within the Hindenburg as it sails around the towering statue,

Christ The Redeemer, in the skies of Rio de Janeiro.

Fallen, from my WORD PAINT and FAIRY TALE blogfest entries,

is fighting her double she created from her own glamour in a crisis.

Now her daemon is on a murderous rampage. It is up to Fallen to end the

madness before the daemon attempts suicide by exploding the Hidenburg :

I reached out with my mind and bent the patterns of time/space to my will.

The world blurred, the deck changed shape beneath my boots, and I stumbled as I now stood outside the cabin door leading to the enormous chamber of hydrogen gas bags.

I instinctively looked to the right, the side of my body without a heart.

There, at the far end of the hallway, was my daemon born of my fae glamour. She felt my eyes on her and whirled about, actually hissing at me, her knife springing up.

I bit the insides of my cheek and bent space again.

She leapt back in shock as I appeared right beside her, slashing with my own knife. With a fluid grace, she leapt onto the railing of the stairs leading down to the engineers' catwalk.

I leapt onto the opposite railing. We slid down, our knives slashing, blocking, and darting as we surfed down the metal banisters.

Down we sped, our daggers clicking and sparking down into the darkness.

My daemon was giggling, having the time of her life. Why not? One of the damn sparks from our knives was sure to ignite the hydrogen and blow us both to hell.

We reached the bottom of the stairs and the end of the railings.

We leapt straight at one another. We were too evenly matched. We blocked each other's thrust as we passed each other.

On a wicked whim, I stretched out my neck and kissed her full of the lips. She spat in my face.

"I always wanted to do that," I laughed. "But I kept getting lipstick all over the mirror."

Then, we hit the catwalk in a roll and bounced up into the metal struts that crisscrossed above us in an upside-down triangled jungle gym.

She swung out her long legs to slam me in the chest.

But that was what I would have done, so I had swung lower, patting her hard on the butt as I slid underneath her in a sweep.

She sailed over the catwalk onto the metal struts on the other side of the pathway. Damn her.

While I had been trying to rattle her, she had been setting herself up into the exact spot she had wanted :

right over the huge silver gasbag full of deadly hydrogen.

She did a little flip and dived straight down towards it,

her black knife stabbing out. I called up the Power within me and bent time to appear right under her, on top of the gasbag.

I blocked her knife. She rasped like a stabbed lion. She reached out with her left hand, grabbing a girder for support.

I straddled the gasbag, a boot on a strut on either side of it.

We thrust and parried in a flurry of movement that my eyes couldn't even follow.

"It doesn't have to be this way," I panted.

"Why the hell not?," eerily came my own voice at me from my daemon.

"I made you, fool. I can make the hunger go away. I promise."

"Idiot! Can you make the emptiness go away, too? If you can't stand being you, why did you think I could?"

As our knives sparked against one another, I cursed myself. The engineers who worked here even wore felt boots to keep even the smallest sparks from happening.

And here we were making like sparklers right above enough hydrogen to blow us clear out of the sky.

"I'll kill us yet," she screamed, and with a wild swing,

dived through the wires and netting that held the uppermost gasbags and out through the silver fabric that covered the zeppelin's frame.

The lunatic. She was going for the engine car. Instinctively, I started to jump to the right of the jagged hole she had made.

Then, at the last second, I dived through the silver skin to the left of the hole. The rough fabric scratched my face and tugged at my shoulders.

A mighty blast of cold winds smashed into me as I flew out of the Hidenburg.

I flailed out with my left hand and grabbed onto the fluttering fabric, whipping myself tight to the zeppellin's side.

My glamour had been waiting on the right side, knife held high to skewer me. Seeing me come out an unexpected way, she howled in rage.


Dropping down to the wide, sprawling tail-wing, I yelled over the terrible winds,

"That's Queen Bitch to you."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the huge granite face of Jesus.

Hell, we were still circling that damn staute. The two of us had to be making some spectacle of ourselves to any stray unfallen angels.

The two of us :

edging around each other on the Hindenburg's elevator flap, under a fifty foot swastika, in front of an open-armed, stony faced Jesus.

It was the stuff of a Wagner opera, complete with two suicidal valkyries. But you first, daemon.

The forty mile an hour winds making a wheat-gold halo of her hair, my daemon shrieked, "You can't win."

Then, she struck. I leapt right at her, parrying her attack, giving her another kiss, to throw her off-balance.

It worked for Bugs Bunny. But this was more Greek tragedy than cartoon.

She hit the flap in a skiddering roll, popped to her feet, and wheeled around to face me.

She wiped her mouth as if my lips were diseased.

We danced about each other, diving in thrusts of knives and claws in a flurry of blocked attacks.

The terrible winds threatened to blow us off the wing at any moment.

The water sparkling beneath us, the city moving slow around us, the remote stony face of Jesus regarding us.

They all blurred as only the features of my daemon stood out in sharp detail as if burned into my mind.

A shredded piece of tarp flew from the hole straight into my left eye. My daemon took advantage of my shock and leapt up onto the side of the Hindenburg.

Then, like a scurrying monkey, she clawed her way up the side. I jumped up after her. But she had too much of a headstart.

I would have to bend space to reach her. But for a second I would be off-balanced and vulnerable. And in that second, I would be dead.

She scrambled to the top seconds ahead of me. She spun about atop the sloped, silver surface. She raised both hands into the air and screamed.

"Top of the world, Ma. Top of the world!"

She suddenly glared at the giant granite face of Jesus. "What the hell are you looking at?"

And in that split second of inattention, I bent space and appeared before her. I flung both arms around her in a crushing embrace. She bit at me. And I planted a third kiss on her.

But before I did, I whispered in the tongue of my race, "Come home."

Inside my mind, my daemon screamed, 'Not this way. Not this way!'

I had run out of time to talk sense to her. Like I had said, I had given her being. I could take it back. And I did.

I drew her into me in the breath of a kiss, a long kiss good night.

She shivered in my arms, then I heard a faint mental wail : 'No! Not sucked up like a drink. I'm alive, a somebody, a ----"

And then, she was gone, and I whispered, " -- a memory."

I stood alone on top of the Hindenburg, the winds nearly blowing me off. The remote, staring eyes of the granite Jesus stabbed into me.

Staggering at the impact of the winds, I snarled at Him.

"What are you looking at? I wish the hell you'd tell me because I do not know."

The words bled from me. "I do not know."

And so did I, Fallen Rabshekah, last of the Tuatha de Danann , slip past the stony, open-armed grasp of Christ the Redeemer.



  1. Very nice! I'm glad to see more of Fallen! You have alot of repetition in this piece, but I'm sure when you revise you will work all the kinks out. Thanks so much for posting about her!

  2. Thanks, Summer. Fallen's pointed nail at my throat was a bit distracting. LOL. Thanks for visiting and even more thanks for throwing such a fun blogfest.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. This was great! Seriously. Wonderful of you to share this with us. :)


  4. "I reached out with my mind and bent the patterns of time/space to my will.
    " Artistic license or just darn good writing? Who knows. But this post is like a good book I couldn't put away until every page was turned. There are some great visuals in this. Huge granite face of Jesus; knife fight in the interior of a blimp. Amazing really to picture all this.

  5. Jodi : Thanks. I just thought the last line made more of an impact with the scene which gave birth to it. I hope Seattle treated you well.

    TechnoBabe : I tend to write movies. I'm glad you liked this little snippet. Thanks for following.

  6. Mr. Roland... as always, a good read with a touch of innocence and mystery. btw, I have some questions about composition pacing (for my project), do you mind if I ask via email, some time in the future?

  7. Oh wow. Having read the sentence first yesterday and now getting to read what led up to it is AWESOME! I figured out who your writing reminds me of. Robert E. Howard, in a strange kind of Soloman Kane way. I love it!

  8. Letters : I would happy to help you in whatever way that I can. Just email me, and I will read and help as best I can. Thanks for enjoying my snippet of Fallen literally being beside herself!

    Heather : That is truly high praise. Robert E. Howard was, and still is, one of my favorite authors. My episode of Victor Standish walking through the pit of the evolved raptors in caves underneath New Orleans that should scientitically not exist is my nod of the head to Howard's chilling WORMS OF THE EARTH.

  9. Very exciting. Even at this hour and my eye bleary I could feel the tension. The struggle against one's alter ego....So cool.

    You never seise to amaze me.


  10. Michael : Thanks for fighting fatique to read my posts. It means a lot. Isn't it true? Our worst struggles always seem to be with our darker selves, don't they? I wish you a healing night's sleep. Roland

  11. She has become more than what she was created to be. Does she realize that?

    Gotta love that lady....

  12. Words Crafter : Sadly, she is consumed with how far she has fallen -- not realizing how far she had climbed. Thanks for caring about Fallen. She would appreciate that.