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Thursday, November 17, 2011


First, it's more than the 1G that THE NOOK gives you for non-B&N content.

Second, it's not really 8G.

Thanks to OS content, the Kindle Fire actually offers only 6.54GB of free storage,

with an additional 143MB taken up by a few apps, books, and docs that come installed on the device. That leaves about 6.41GB of space to have your way with.

This kind of memory bait and switch isn't exclusive to the Fire, however. A brand-new 16GB iPad 2 has only 13.6GB of free space to suit your needs.

The Kindle Fire can stream both video and music from's cloud servers. Access to hours of content at a moment's notice (as long as there's a Wi-Fi connection) is one of the reasons why the tablet appeals so strongly to buyers (along with the low price, of course!)

Not all Kindle Fire owners will use even a small fraction of their device's storage space. They'll stream everything and not notice or care about the extra 6.5GB they have access to

Eric Franklin, senior editor covering monitors and tablets and manager of CNET's San Francisco testing lab, breaks it down this way :

Video Music Books Games Apps
7.25 hours of TV shows (2GB) 13.5 hours (3.1GB) 2 books 8 games 10 apps

All videos were purchased and downloaded from Amazon's video catalog. This total still leaves 1.29GB of available storage on the hard drive.

Not too shabby, right?

If you're a frequent traveler, you'll just need to be more aware of what's on your Kindle Fire's drive at any given time and be more considered and conscientious about what you put on it. Not the worst thing to practice.

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  1. My basic Kindle suits me just fine. Then I have a Blackberry, a laptop and I never listen to music. I tried out an iPad and didn't seem to need it so I gave it to my son. So I think I'm good, won't be getting a Kindle Fire.

  2. Roland thanks for this. I can't decide.


  3. KarenG :
    I'm a music kind of guy : Enya, Tarja, Thea Gilmore, Nightwish, and other electic artists so I have to have something like Pandora to be able to listen to something that won't make me want to bay at the moon! LOL!

    I didn't think I needed a Kindle until I took a chance on the recomendation of a friend. It's my traveling companion now.

    Denise :
    That's all right. I just put the info out there just in case it may help answer my friends' questions.

    Visit here tomorrow or later on tonight really for a deadly waltz in Avalon with my Friday's DANCING WITH THE STARS (MY STARS.)