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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Pre-orders may outstrip supply of the AMAZON KINDLE FIRE.

In the past, with prior versions of Kindle,

several times Amazon had to slightly delay delivery of some devices when orders temporarily outpaced production capacity.

When Amazon announced the upgrade of their tremendously successful Kindle 2.0 and Kindle DX readers,

Pre-order rates were extremely high as with the pre-order of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Stock levels of the third generation 6″ Kindle were quickly depleted.

Still, Amazon is warning

that orders will have to be fulfilled "on a first come, first serve basis,"

indicating that not everyone who preorders a Kindle Fire will receive one on the first day of shipping.

What will happen to the existing supply of Amazon Kindle Fire? Only Tuesday will tell.

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  1. Demand will probably be greater than supply. Sometimes I think they plan that.
    Ironic that hot on the Kindle Fire's heels is the Barnes and Noble tablet. Be curious to see how well that one will do. (Really curious, as someone has asked me to do a guest post next year on the sales of all the tablets over Christmas!)
    Either device still ties one to the maker though.
    And comparing them to the iPad is like comparing apples to oranges. Neither device can compete on that level anyway.

  2. You're right. I did a comparison post of the two (Ipad and Fire) a few days ago. But the Fire has Flash and access to Hulu+ which makes it attractive. Add $300 less, and many people will gladly live without a camera or video capacity.

    To see the five advantages the Kindle Fire has over the Ipad, read my post here :

    Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Alex. Roland

  3. I've come within a nanometer of ordering an iPad several times, and I *really* wished I'd had one on vacation. Then, I half-decided I didn't need that much serious functionality, so the Fire would be a good choice. I had the Fire in my Amazon basket when I read about the new Nook. I like my books in print form if possible, so that aspect isn't of primary concern. I presume I'll be playing games, checking email, and watching the occasional vid, which is pretty much all I do with my iPhone. In other words, I'm stymied. As much as I want a new toy, I'm in wait and see mode. Turns out it's quite the money-saver.

    And none of this has anything to do with your post, Roland. Sorry, I'm rambling.

    What I really meant to say was awesome contest! :)

  4. Hi, VR!
    So good to see you here. You must choose the product that is right for you, of course.

    Books are cheaper through Amazon than through Nook usually. Fire has Flash for those web pages who use it (and so many do these day) while neither Nook nor the Ipad do.

    As for watching vid, Fire now has Hulu+ for $8 a month which is how I watch all my TV these -- at least before my enforced exile from my apartment -- still sleeping on the floor in a vacant apartment (7 months now!)

    Fire will come with FREE Amazon Prime for two weeks to give you a taste of all it offers. For $199 that is not too shabby.

    I am trying to make my contest something truly awesome. I'm so happy you think it's neat.

    Hey, if you write a review of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH, you could win that Kindle Fire for the wee cost of an eBook.

    What is truly neat is seeing you here. Come back and visit some more, Roland