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Monday, November 21, 2011


Anne R. Allen wrote :

Kindle Fire it is! (Also, Nooks don't work outside the US, for anybody traveling abroad. Amazon is international.)

On her blog, she has a great post on why the "LIKE" button at the top of the Amazon page is important

and why 4 to 5 star reviews are even more important (and if you're reviewing THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH or UNDER A VOODOO MOON, they can win you a Kindle Fire!)

Just a brief flurry of ideas of why AMAZON KINDLE FIRE edges past THE NOOK :

1.) Gorilla Glass -

Kindle Fire has it. The Nook doesn't.

Gorilla Glass, manufactured by
Corning, is

an alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass engineered specifically to be thinner,

lighter and more damage-resistant for portable electronic devices with screens.


Kindle Fire has STEREO SPEAKERS on top edge of the devise.

The Nook has only speaker POORLY PLACED ON THE BACK of the devise.

No matter how you hold it, the sound is muffled. If you put it in a cover ... sigh ... man, is it muffled.


The more exposed they are -- the more likely they are to be punched ... at the wrong time.

Kindle Fire has its power button on the bottom. Always hitting it -- unless you use a cover for it which is only smart to protect your investment.


This depends on if you have ready access to Wireless. If you do, then the UNLIMITED CLOUD SERVER beats 16GB. If not, then The Nook seems to have the advantage -- until you realize you have only ONE GB FOR NON- B&N content!

And B&N has the gall to say the Fire wants you to use AMAZON mostly. Say again? That is what B&N is doing with only one GB for non-B&N content.

5.) Music & Movies

With the Nook, you need secondary app's for them. Itunes sells their music a bit higher than Amazon. Netflix too. Amazon Prime costs you approximately $6.60 a month which is a lot less than Netflix, and it gives you more than movies for that price, too.

Until now, iTunes has been pretty much the only option offering a true end-to-end experience where you can find content you like, buy content, and access that content on a device, instantly," said Jeremy Toeman, chief product officer for Dijit, a digital media company.

"With the Kindle Fire, Amazon is now the first viable alternative to that. It's a place where you can buy a device and easily access all the content you want to consume as well."

Amazon has chosen to compete with Apple on content, betting that people will settle for a tablet that does less, and costs less, if accessing music and movies is simple and cheap. Experts say it's a savvy play.

"Consumers are not buying a device because it has a dual core processor or it has 16GB of RAM or an AMOLED display," said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Gartner, a research firm. "They're buying it because they want to watch movies, listen to songs and play Angry Birds."

"Where Amazon separates itself from the Barnes and Noble Nook and even other Android devices is that it has content and services," Gartenberg added.

"For the purposes of content consumption, the Kindle Fire will be the ideal device," Gartenberg said. "Before Amazon went into the business of building a tablet, they built out an ecosystem of books and music, they put up an app store...and they launched streaming services. That really sets them apart."




  1. Thanks for the detailed comparison and review. Kindle Fire it is! (Also, Nooks don't work outside the US, for anybody traveling abroad. Amazon is international.)

  2. Anne :
    Kittie Howard thanks you (and I do, too). I thought Amazon was international and Nooks weren't. Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland

  3. All this talk about the Fire has me salivating - and bummed out.

    The Fire isn't even a wet firecracker in Canada - as there is no content across the 49th parallel. Apparently, the same licensing nightmare that killed my player a few months back, and won't let me watch HBO or Showtime episodes online is the same thing that is creating a huge brick wall for this device coming north.

    A shame, really.

  4. Sounds like Fire is the better of the two by a long shot.

  5. Chris :
    I hate that. It is a real bummer. Politics. They drive me crazy these world leaders!

    Richard :
    I think so -- which is why I am giving one away in my contest! Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland