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Saturday, November 12, 2011




It is like a physical blow. Lately, I have lost too many friends, seen too much heart-break and people walking away into the night fog.

What do I say?

"Don't go!" comes to mind. But friendship means letting go as much as hugging.

A true friend wants what is best and nuturing for his friend more than what he wants for himself.

VR is smart, funny, pretty, and kind. A rare combination at any time -- but especially in our modern "ENOUGH ABOUT ME- WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME?" age.

If I knew her blog would still be up, I could visit and listen to the echoes of a good friend. But, alas, she will soon take it down.

Still, she cannot take the imprint of her words and friendship from my heart.


VR this is for you :


  1. I'm sorry your bloggie friend is leaving. I clicked over her site but she gives very little precious away as to why she's leaving. Not that she has to - but it's very sad for all her followers and bloggie buddies. I wish her all the best.

    I'm sure she'll appreciate this really sweet clip too. Take care

  2. Kitty :
    In the past, VR has written that blogs do not sell books, that they take needed time to write, and that she writes books that do not fit the "cookie cutter" mentality of editors and agents. If it isn't teens, vampires, werewolves, or Regency romances -- you are rejected, despite the quality of your prose.

    I will miss her. Thank you so much for visiting and staying to give support. I'm glad you're my friend, Roland

  3. I'm sorry to see her go. I know she's taken a break or two before. I'll read her post.

  4. Theresa :
    She was the very first blogger to welcome me. She was kind, helpful, and inspirational. When I think of blogging, I think of her. She put a high standard for me to aim for. I will miss her. Thank you for visiting and staying to chat. It means a lot, Roland

  5. This is sad, really sad. The consolation is that it's a personal choice and not because of a life-threatening illness. The saddest but most uplifting post I've ever read (if that makes any sense" was a click over to a blogger I didn't know to read "My Last Post." This lady was so grateful for the life she had lived - and spoke so eloquently about the joys in her life - that the day I lived took on new meaning. I still offer up prayers for her, as a thank you for the gift of life she left us with.

  6. Yes, I'm very sad to hear. Blogging, as you rightly know, takes a lot of time and energy - time and energy she (perhaps)does not have to spare.

    I wish VR Barkowshi well.

  7. Sometimes it's harder to be the one left behind than the one who is leaving. I wish your friend all the joy in the world.

  8. It broke my heart to see her post, but she had warned us that it might be coming. She's an amazing person and will be missed. :(
    I've watched other people depart, too. It does take time to keep up a blog, but I try to enjoy it, not let it stress me.
    I'm astounded that Neil Gaiman has kept a regular blog for more than a decade and still produces tons of books, TV scripts and more. I'll never have that much drive, but I am inspired by it.

  9. I've followed VR's blog for quite a while and will miss it as well.

  10. Kittie :
    Life nor friendship should ever be thought to be anything but precious, fragile, and fleeting. Thanks for having me be thankful that VR is leaving only her blog, not her life.

    Wendy :
    I believe you are right -- VR needs time for writing and living her own life. I wish VR well also.
    Have I told you lately how much your friendship means to me?

    Sarah :
    You're right. I know all too well the pain of being the one left behind. And your friendship is very special to me as well!

    Tricia :
    Yes, Neil is awesome to do it for so long -- but then he also has a staff to help him as well. For the rest of us poor mortals, it is just the right and left hands for aids! LOL.

    It broke my heart to see VR go as well. But she is on Facebook and Twitter -- yet it is not the same.

    Terry :
    You and me both, friend!

  11. I'm sad that I will not get a chance to know her blog. She sounds like a wonderful person. I don't often get a chance to visit my blog buddies the way I'd like to, but I do enjoy your blog and learn a lot here.

  12. It's a real shame - I've very much enjoyed her posts. I'll be sorry to see her go.

  13. Melissa :
    You would have enjoyed her wit and warmth I am sure. I am very happy that you enjoy your visits to my cyber-home, even learning something from my ramblings. LOL. I am always happy to see you pop up here.

    Talli :
    When I think of blogging, I think of VR. She was the standard I held myself up to. I will look for her on Facebook and Twitter, but I lead such a hectic life with my duties as a rare blood courier and writing my novels and blog, I seldom get to go those places.

    Thanks for visiting and caring enough to stay and talk. It means a lot. Come again, Roland

  14. Sorry about your friend closing down her blog. I'm not familiar with it and I'm truly sorry. It must have been a good one. I'll check it out before it's too late.:) Loved the kitty cats and doggy video.

  15. The Desert Rocks :
    VR had a great blog. Funny. For as long as I've been blogging, I visited her blog so much that I thought everyone knew it -- much like a child thinks everyone knows his teacher. LOL.

    Wasn't that video cool and cute? Have a great new week, Roland