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Friday, November 25, 2011


The simplest way to sum up Barnes & Noble's new Nook Tablet is this:

It costs more than's rival Kindle Fire, but you get less.

You'll find far fewer apps in the Nook application store.

It's not as easy to get music or videos on the Nook Tablet as it is on the Fire.

And while the Barnes & Noble device has more storage space than the Fire, less is available for storing things like movies and songs.

And for all that underwhelming service, you pay $50 more!

The Nook Tablet lacks Amazon's integration with digital movies and music.

Barnes & Noble doesn't sell digital music or movies, so you can't just get such content from the company like Fire users can from Amazon.

That shortcoming wouldn't be as big a deal if Barnes & Noble offered an extensive selection of applications from other vendors.

But it doesn't.

Instead, it offers only a few thousand apps for the Tablet, which is a small fraction of what you'll find in Amazon's App Store.

Another shortcoming is that many games and other popular Android programs just aren't available for the Tablet.

You can get "Angry Birds,"

but you won't find "Cut the Rope," "Plants vs. Zombies" or "Tetris," among other popular games that are available for the Fire.

The Tablet just doesn't measure up to the Fire.



  1. thanks for this. I've been thinking about the kindle fire...

    ps what an awesome idea to give some of the proceeds of your story to the salvation army :)

  2. mshatch :
    Thanks! Through November and December, 100% of the profits I make from my two Victor Standish novels will go to The Salvation Army :

    they were there for me when I was six on the streets of Detroit and they were heroes in New Orleans after Katrina.

    The Kindle Fire seems a good choice -- which is why I am giving one away in my FRIENDS OF VICTOR STANDISH CONTEST. It reads Flash where the Nook does not. Another great point in its favor.

    I wish you the best of holiday seasons, Roland

  3. I think you're correct about this, but I got my daughter the Kindle Fire and I already have a Nook. I also have the Kindle Reader that I got a year ago, but I like to buy books for the Nook when what I want is available on it because I hate to see B&N go under/hate to see Amazon have such a monopoly. But if the Kindle Fire is better, which it is, then people are going to buy it.

    BTW, I have Victor Standish on my Kindle Reader, as you probably know, and this week is going to be my week to finish reading it and review it. I'm on chapter 8 and I like it very much!! (I've discovered this is not a month to promote, what with Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo taking the spotlight.)
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  4. Ann :
    I agree with you : monopolies are usually a bad thing. But I do not believe B&N or BOOKSAMILLION are going anywhere -- they are a social institution, coffee and reading and using your laptop, while visiting with like-minded individuals.

    I'm glad you're enjoying Victor Standish -- I tried to make it a meld of SUPER 8 and TRUE BLOOD. An American kind of KIM that both adults and young adults could equally enjoy, identifying with the different age groups represented.

    Again I agree with you about trying to promote something in November. I feel like I'm playing to an empty house. My contest's gifts are outstanding, and it just seems as if bloggers are yawning, going HO-HUM. Ouch!

    I am with the ghost of Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain (my alter egos LOL) in that NaNoWriMo seems a sad waste of a whole month in which folks focus on quantity instead of quality.

    Give your daughter a hug from me and say it is from Victor! LOL. Have a great weekend, Roland