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Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is but a preliminary cover done by the incomparable Leonora Roy

for the new Victor Standish novel, THE RIVAL,

whose rough draft is just now awakening across my keyboard.

Victor Standish discovers to his dismay that the key to saving the future of New Orleans lies in its past.

The year 1834 to be exact.

The year he barely survived when DayStar threw Victor and Alice back there the first time.

{In the last chapters of UNDER A VOODOO MOON : }

Now, he and Alice are back. Undead enemies they first met in 2005 are meeting the star-crossed lovers for the first time :

Abigail Adams, Empress Theodora, and the dreaded DayStar, he whom many believe is Lucifer himself.

And two startling new enemies join their ranks :

President Andrew Jackson, recklessly pursuing plans to allow his revenant wife, Rachel, to turn him into one of the living dead so as to be with his beloved forever.

Meilori Shinseen, (that's right - the namesake of the haunted French Quarter jazz club)

18 years before she is destined to meet Captain Samuel McCord aboard the cursed Demeter.

Their allies only make things worse :

SERGEANT Samuel McCord

and the recently dismissed cadet from West Point,

the dashing Edgar Allan Poe, who falls in love with the surprised Alice,

calling her his Annabel Lee (which is the title of the last completed poem by the artist).

How will Victor keep this younger version of his mentor from meeting Meilori before she becomes the kind of woman McCord can love?

And just as maddening, how can he keep Alice from succumbing to the charm, gallantry, and poetry of Poe?

As Alice tries to unsuccessfully calm Victor’s unfounded fears, one of her own appears :

a warm-blooded, living girl from Victor’s past, flashing long lashes and legs at the teen who is her whole world.

What is an undead ghoul to do against such competition?

And how did an orphan girl born in the Detroit of the late 20th Century end up in the New Orleans of 1834?

Some mysterious Entity is playing with both Victor and Alice.

Suddenly, the dangers of 2005 don’t appear quite so deadly to the star-crossed pair.



  1. Wow! I love this preliminary cover! Phew!! Very sexy!! Love it!! Take care

  2. Nice cover! And nice to see your very imaginative plot laid out like this. Best wishes for this summer! and the "now awakening" novel appearing under your fingertips. :)

  3. I just can't imagine writing books as fast as you do.
    Of course, since I only plan on writing one more, maybe it's a good think I'm really slow.
    Cover looks damn good. Your cover artist does a great job.

  4. David :
    Isn't that cover fantastic. Alice, seeing such a threat to her love for Victor, however isn't quite so pleased!

    Kitty :
    Yes, Becca (the rival's name) intends to win Victor's heart no matter what means it takes. That or kill him. Unrequited love is like that. Ouch! Thanks for visiting and writing, Roland

    Carol :
    I goaded myself with this summer's deadline. This gives me five months to craft a masterpiece. No pressure! Victor is fuming. Hey, why are you on this blog? You have to get me out of this fix you put me last night! LOL.

    Alex :
    You want fast? Isaac Asimov. Piers Anthony. Now, Isaac was fast and Piers is just as fast. I'm slow compared to them!

    Only one more novel? Say it isn't so! You have fans. After three books, you will have a standing market for more. Reconsider a moment. Please. Roland

    Lara, thank you for following.

    Odysseus, thank you following as well. Everyone, he has a fantastic photography site :

    His image "Mornings Are For Mustangs" brings back memories of my trips along the Creole Nature Trail and some old friends of mine, probably wondering where their partner at "pace the van" is!

  5. You have a great illustrator working with you! Very nice cover. :)

  6. Lydia :
    Yes, I am blessed to have Leonora Roy's art on my covers! Did my story have you yawning? I better polish it up then! Roland