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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Early praise for the urban/historical fantasy, THE RIVAL:

“If you love Sherrilyn Kenyon's Nick Gaultier, you'll be enamored with Victor Standish! Victor has a dry sense of humor that comes from not taking the trials of life seriously no matter how extreme the circumstances.

And I love that attitude whether in real life or make believe. I love his acid comebacks and how much he loves Alice Wentworth, his Victorian ghoul girlfriend. The prologue alone with hints of Homer and his opus, The Odyssey, will keep you glued.” – Braine of TALKSUPE.COM

“Holy action! THE RIVAL dives right into the adventure straight off the bat and doesn’t stop ‘til the finish.

Great voice, fun humor laced throughout, combined with lovely emotion. Wonderful themes presented and tied up nicely at the end. Roland Yeomans is definitely an author to watch!” — Morgan Shamy

“The story launches into action nearly from the moment the cover is opened, all the way to the last page.

Rich in the metaphors, similes and witticisms recognizable as Roland Yeoman's own unique author voice, young Victor Standish battles his way through a world plagued by monsters both undead and living, mystical, alien and ancient beyond memory.

Using every skill he possesses from a sharp wit to a katana, ball bearings to acupuncture, martial arts to magic to a clever ménage a trios,

no enemy but one can withstand Victor's assault on the past as he moves through time and space to prevent a Revenant war. That one? Himself.

One missed shuffle of the deck of time could result in a butterfly effect that will destroy more than one plane of existence.” - Donna Hole

THE RIVAL is a stand-alone Victor Standish urban fantasy.

Victor Standish. Some call him the young Indiana Jones of New Orleans. Others call him the teen Ulysses of the French Quarter. The undead and worse spit his name as if it were a curse. Their cornered victims breathe the name as if it were a prayer.

Victor says, “I’m no hero, certainly no saint. I’m just me.”

Alice Wentworth, the Victorian ghoul of his heart, raises an eyebrow. “Sometimes that is entirely too much.” She hugs his arm, nearly as hungry for his flesh as for his heart, “Sometimes it is just right.”

Discover Victor’s childhood odyssey of zombies and betrayal in Detroit that forged him into the legend he is. Watch Alice and Victor travel to the New Orleans of 1834 to save the Crescent City of the present.

Victor’s challenges are unique:

To keep the younger version of his father, Samuel McCord, from meeting the eerie Empress of the Jade Mask lest Victor never be born. To keep the young Edgar Allan Poe from sweeping Alice off her feet and into the poet’s arms.

The undead Abigail Adams, the revenant Empress Theodora, the all too alive President Andrew Jackson, and the voodoo demigods, Legba and Erzulie provide near-impossible odds.

Victor laughs, “Impossible just gives birth to legends.”

And so it does in THE RIVAL.

Read this stand-alone chapter in the ongoing LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH.


  1. Great reviews, Roland. I wish you much luck with Rival.

    I did get your e-mails, thank you.


  2. Congratulations! Those are outstanding reviews.

  3. One-click buy, delivered wirelessly to my Kindle!

    You should create a separate blog page in your header, showing just your publications. You are going to be your own public library soon.

    - Eric

  4. Thanks, Donna:
    Your words made my book look good!

    Yes, those reviews made my day!

    I believe this is my last book for awhile! Thanks for purchasing. It means a lot, especially after the day I've had.