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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

THE RIVAL is going strong

Braine of TALK SUPE has written a great post for THE RIVAL:

THE RIVAL has gone from #500,000 to #64,000 in a day. Now, John Locke is in no danger, mind you, but I do thank all of you have bought it.

Especially so since a mistake at a neighboring center has put my own department in a firestorm. It is not looking good for some of us.

I could use THE RIVAL selling well right now. Say a little prayer, all right?

{A friend emailed me, saying she has been unable to comment on my blog. Email me if any more of you are having the same problem.}


  1. ...excellent news, my friend, and yes, I'm still breathing. (Just busier than one would prefer ;)

    Will be finishing up Jennifer Hillier's "Creep" by this weekend, and starting in on Victor and The Rival after that. They've moved ahead of King's "Cell," on my TBR list. Thought you should know ;)


  2. Thanks, Elliot:
    After the depressing day at work, I certainly needed this comment! Alice blows you a kiss for putting her ahead of Stephen King. Victor is jealous now! :-)

  3. Pray the firestorm is able to settle without too much damage involved.

    Glad things are going well with The Rival. I just don't know how you get these books out there. You are so the man :-)

  4. Congrats on the numbers, my friend. Ah, Yeoman's before King, what a compliment! Actually, I was thinking last night, as I flipped the pages on my kindle fire, Victor reminds me of what Roland (King's Gunslinger "Roland"), would've been like at 14.

    Am loving Victor & Alice. I'll be finished soon. :)

    Looks like the comment issue has cleared.