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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Although some fans would most certainly disagree,
many have called The Hunger Games the next Twilight,

and others have said that 50 Shades of Grey is the next Hunger Games.  

But I think if bestsellers have taught us anything,
                             it's that very rarely is there a next x (where x is a previous franchise, anyway).

TWILIGHT did not resemble HARRY POTTER. 
                                       THE HUNGER GAMES was not an echo of TWILIGHT.

                         And Mommy Porn is certainly none of the three above!

                 Harry Potter and Twilight and The Hunger Games  and 50 Shades of Grey
                                             are all their own separate creations.

They were bestsellers for various reasons,
                             none of which include their authors trying to write the next x.

Time and time again when successful authors have talked about their experiences writing their book,

 by and large they have talked about writing the story—

their story, the story that only they could write.

                          The point wasn't to be hugely successful or write the next big thing.

                           (Although all of us would like to be the next big thing.)  

             The point was, and always will be, to write the book that demanded to be written.

The next hugely popular book won't be the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games or Twilight
                                                             or 50 Shades of Grey. 

                                                                It'll be the next It.

It'll be its own thing with its own synthesis of ideas and characters and the right combination of
                                                 word-of-mouth and captivating story.

It'll be the book that the author had to write,
                   the book that they pounded into the page over the course of years,
                       the book that the author never equated with the other bestsellers because it is its own It.

       So relax.

                          Write the story that speaks to you no matter if it isn't the clone of the
                                                                        latest best-seller.

        You can only be a second rate copy ...
but you can be a first rate you.

                        Open the door of your imagination and write the story that fires your muse.

  Who knows?
You may write the next IT?
What do you think?
Ever think how cool it would be if your fantasy world became real? Think again ...



  1. I think we have to write the story that speaks to us. And then another.

  2. The pressure to write the next bestseller would be too great. Not sure I'd want to if the result was a book like 50 Shades.

    When I started writing, I wanted to create my own worlds. But I also like writing about crime/suspense since I suspect we all have a dark side. Some repress it better than others.

  3. Well said. I doubt any of those successful authors gave a thought to being the next anything but themselves and we should too.

  4. All I want to do is finish my story and share it with whoever wants to take the time to read it. My writing is not about best selling or competing with others, nor about money, I just want to write a good story. Now all I need is to get my inspiration back, it seems to be failing on these cold gloomy days of Feb.

  5. When we write we should remove the pressure of bestseller, just write our story the best way we can.

  6. I agree with LD, nailed it. Write the story you need to, whether or not it's the next bestseller. Lately, I've begun to question what the hell was I thinking to write about subject ------- for kids? I mean, really? But hey, in the end, my character would not stop intruding my thoughts, literally banging his head against my mental door (inside joke with my mc). It's all we can do. Write our own story.

  7. Well said, Roland! It is so tiring to hear the comparisons.

    Will I be the next IT? No, it will be someone younger and with more energy.

  8. I absolutely agree, Roland. Although I'm certain that writing the next "it" is probably easier than trying to sell said project to an agent or publisher. My guess is there are next "its" passed over everyday because the publishing Powers That Be are afraid of the risk. So to the imperative, "be a first rate you," I'd add tenacity and resiliency.

    ~VR Barkowski

  9. Who wants to be a copy? I wrote what I wanted, and at the time, I wasn't even paying attention to what was really popular outside of my own genre. (And even then, not much.)
    Good night my friend - you are officially the last blog in my Google Reader. Or maybe I am just starting at the wrong end...

  10. All of you who have commented -- thank you!! I have dragged in from a 400 mile blood run and am exhausted -- with poison ivy somehow on my right hand! I appreciate each of your comments, but I am not seeing straight. I will answer tomorrow. I am collapsing right now. Thanks again!

  11. Oh, how awful for you Roland. Alice would probably say you were putting your hand somewhere it doesn't belong . . I hope it doesn't spread too fare. That stuff is just horrible.

    This was good advice for the IWSG; we are all unique authors with our own story to tell.


  12. You know, you're absolutely right. There could even be more than one "IT" - could be several, each in a different genre. Powerful writing is what powerful writing does. Good point.

  13. Thanks, Lexie!

    I know I started writing because I wanted to write my own worlds into being! :-)

    Scribbles from Jenn:
    To be authentic is so very hard to do, but we must do it if we are to craft novels well, you're right!

    I wrote Friday's post for you. :-)

    Like Faulkner wrote, we should only compete with ourselves in our prose, you're so right.

    I certainly nailed my poor right hand with poison ivy. Ouch! It's really hard to write with a maimed, maddening right hand!

    You were right to go with your instincts!

    Never say never.

    Yes! Your two additions are the lifeblood of authors. Without them, we will fall by the wayside!

    You obviously saved the best for last! LOL. Thanks for caring to drop in and visit. It means a lot!

    It's gone up my arm some, and is maddening!!!! Thanks for caring and visiting and commenting. LOL about Alice. :-)

    Yes, may your next book hover around the IT area! :-)

  14. Exactly. We need to write our own stories and there's no predictability about what might click with the public. Love this post, Roland!

  15. Jennifer:
    Yes, exactly. Here's another thought: say you write the next BIG IT by forcing it -- just think of having to write book after book that is a pain for you to write! Ouch!