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Thursday, September 5, 2013


{Gorgeous covers by the genius of Leonora Roy}

Could I ask you for help?

I feel awkward.  It's a guy thing.

We don't ask for directions.

And asking for help is even worse.

I've decided to do a Serial YA TRILOGY.

Three 80,000 word novels published one right after another.

But I need help.


1.) How far apart do I publish them?  Every 6 weeks or every 2 months?

2.) Do I charge 99 cents or $1.99 each?

3.) Will any of you read a PDF of LUCIFER'S ORPHAN (Part I) 

and review it so that I can have at least six reviews when I publish on Amazon?

(More would help me get a stipend from ACX to make an audiobook of it.)

4.) Would anyone help me set up a linky so that I can make a Blog Event of hyping this?


Some of you know a mother of a hospitalized girl once asked me to write a novel of myth, magic, and faeries

since her religious background wouldn't allow her to let her daughter read the three (at the time) novels of HARRY POTTER.

She wanted me to write of a young hero who was involved in magic but did not study it.  And could I put angels in it and have a character struggle against a bad temper (as her daughter did)?

If I could set it in New Zealand, the country the girl loved because of Xena, that would be great too.

Sure thing I thought.  Next I would establish world peace.

But I did it.  I expected either she or her daughter would hate the books.  They both loved them.

I thought the books burned up in my house fire.  I recently discovered them and edited them.

I realized I needed help, so here I am, cyber-Stetson in hand.

I know all of you are busy with your own dreams and plans so I understand if you cannot help.

J E O'Neil thinks the cover to the 2nd book is a bit sexist.  Fallen in the book is a fallen angel and all.  But I do not want to offend.

What do you guys think of this one?

This really was a fascinating series:


  1. First, I'm glad you were able to locate them and that they weren't lost in the first. Second, good on you to get this request done. Third, it would be much appreciated if you could get started on world peace, please lol!

    As for pricing, I would think a reader would understand an 80k novel being priced no less than 1.99.

    The schedule could be an interesting factor. Some readers love to get their hands on the books as quickly as possible. Others may wait for an entire trilogy to come out so they don't have to wait between books. In this case, the every 6 weeks schedule would work best to keep the tide rolling for those that want the books soon and also get them out quicker for those that wait for the trilogy completion. But that is just one humble opinion. Someone with more experience may have a better viewpoint.
    I can take on at least the first story for review.

    Did I get everything?

  2. I don't know how linky's work so bummer. Price: $1.99 definitely.
    Blogging: for you Roland I'll avail my blog to you every second or third Saturday until all three books are released if you'd like. You tell me what to post.

    Review: yes I can

  3. Let me know what you want in the Linky List, and I will set it up for you.
    If they are each 80,000 words, I'd say charge $2.99 each.
    How far apart? Anywhere from four to six weeks sounds good.

  4. Angela:
    I keep trying to work on world peace, but those darn politicians keep getting in the way!

    Yes, I'm glad I found those books. They are a bit like THE LITTLE PRINCE meets THE HOBBIT meets THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE.

    I think I will go with $1.99 since that is low enough for someone to be able to afford all three, yet still the person the idea that I value the worth of these novels.

    LUCIFER'S ORPHAN is zipping your way for review. Little Blake Adamson thanks you ... as do I! :-)

    You are a gem. Thank you. Alex is the man, and he has said he will help me with the Linky. As soon as I get five reviews committed to appear on Amazon for LUCIFER'S ORPHAN, I will take you up on your gracious offer. Thank you again.

    Thank you for your gracious kindness! Money is so tight these days that although I am proud of these books, I think $1.99 will entice more readers to gamble on my Serial Trilogy.

    John D. MacDonald's publisher put out the first three Travis McGee novels a month apart. So based on your and Angela's comments, I think I will publish them a month apart. May your own trilogy make history! :-)

  5. Hey Roland! Wow, what an interesting basis for beginning a trilogy! I would be happy to carve out some time and post a review. I'm glad Alex knows about linky stuff, cuz I surely do not. Pricing? I agree with Alex, AND I see your point. Sounds like you've go the timing down, too.

    I have phoenix metaphors running through my head now...

    Sent you an email!

  6. The books sound interesting, and I'd be thrilled to dig up my Amazon password and review a copy, but what's with the cover for the second one? The costume is, um, and I mean no offense by this, kind of sexist. Sorry, I'm just not happy with it.

  7. btw, yours is one of the blogs my comments haven't been showing up on...sigh.

  8. Words Crafter:
    I got your email, and your PDF is in your inbox as we speak. I hate that your comments have not made it to my blog. I wonder if anyone else has had the same trouble here? Double Sigh!

    J E:
    I would never want to be seen as sexist. Leonora Roy took the fact that Fallen is a fallen angel and made her clothing on the cover a bit daring. Sorry about that.

    In the books, while deadly, Fallen is dressed mostly as a school girl in uniform. So no fears for what you will read! :-)

    As you can see, I have another cover you can appraise to see if you like that any better.

    The PDF is on its way to you right now. Thanks!!

  9. Nothing worse than thinking you've lost something that you put time and effort into writing, so I'm glad to hear you relocated them.

    I'm certainly no expert on the inner workings of publishing things through Amazon, but I'd say publish every 6 weeks, charging $1.99 because you deserve it after all the hard work.

    As for the covers, the art looks great. I prefer the second cover for 'Journey of the Lost' personally, because the first one seems a little over-sexualised (but that doesn't mean I find it offensive).

    Best of luck to you with this stuff!

  10. Bonnee:
    I think I will go with the second cover for the second book then. Thanks. Good luck with school. :-)