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Monday, July 14, 2014


Marvel Studios has refused to move CAPTAIN AMERICA #3 from the date WB has chosen for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.

Seems suicidal doesn't it?  But the smart money should remember Marvel's track record.

THE WINTER SOLDIER arc in Captain America comics led directly into another company-spanning arc:  


Upon the basic premise of CIVIL WAR lies an age-old debate on Freedom versus Security

and like any classic conflict, it comes with casualties on both sides:

The government can no longer ignore the growing threat that heroes now pose to the world. So the Superhuman Registration Act is born.

This law states that every hero has to register his full identity so they can be held accountable for any destruction happening during their ''rescues''.

{Remember the hue and cry from the politicians at the end of THE AVENGERS?}

This divides the universe in two camps. 

With Tony Stark backing the act at one side, and Steve Rogers, Captain America, rebelling against the US government on the other side. 

The story brings forth unlikely alliances, as not only heroes get teamed up against each other, vilians also join both causes. 

Steve Rogers has seen what Germany demanding Jews to register devolved into.  

As in THE WINTER SOLDIER, he says: "This isn't freedom.  This is fear."

While Robert Downey Jr. has brought a lot of charm, charisma, and humor to the role of Tony Stark, 

I think we see that he has a tendency to anger some people as much as he does charm others. 

It's this trait that gets him the role of Director of the new S.H.I.E.L.D.

During this time he commits some really horrible atrocities

he even lets Happy die when he realizes that he is courting Pepper

No doubt this would have to be changed for the movies, but it shows the effect the position has on Tony

and like they say, "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". It's an age old story that resonates to this day.

And the story arc ends with Captain America being killed as Marvel is being rumored to do with Chris Evans.
Tony manages to do it with "clean" hands, but no one's hands are clean at the end.

Don't you think that storyline would give BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN a run for its money?



  1. I'm a big DC fan, but if they come out on the same day, I'll be torn.
    Or I'll just go see a double feature that day!

  2. Torn I am.(Yoda Voice)
    My favourite MARVEL Character going against my favourite DC Character.
    I would watch the Batman midnight showing, and watch Cap the next day.
    I do like the idea of going into the CIVIL WAR ark with Cap being shot doing the "Right Thing", and Bucky taking up his mantle.

  3. Alex:
    Like you, I will see both movies, but on subsequent days! But CAP will be first. I think the DC movie will be too crowded and inferior.

    Yep, me, too. To me, Chris Evans will always be Captain America. So if they kill off Steve Rogers, I will probably never see another CAP movie and maybe not see another AVENGERS movie.

    I never saw another TRANSFORMER MOVIE after they dumped Megan Fox. But not for the reason you might think.

    Megan criticized Michael Bay for placing his actors needlessly at risk. She did call him HITLER which Stephen Spielberg took exception to. But the tragic deaths on the set of MIDNIGHT RIDER revealed the very real threat to life and safety when the director is callously indifferent to the safety of his actors as Megan accused Michael Bay of being.

    I know Michael Bay is hurting from the ticket prices he did not get from me! But human life is too precious to endanger for a director's ego.

    Whew! I got carried away. :-)

  4. David:
    I became Steve Rogers there for a minute! :-)

  5. I am on the right side, I just hope to be around when all the dust clears and there is one true victor... standing for the American people and his own personal gain.

  6. I'll will watch them no matter what!


  7. Jeremy:
    Both Tony and Steve felt they were right. Being for the American People and for Personal Gain seem to be contrapose one another! :-)

    In the Civil War, a man wore a blue tunic and grey pants -- he was shot at by BOTH SIDES!

    I'll watch them both too! But if they kill Steve, then all future bets are off!