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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Wendy Morrell has a lovely video on her blog today, and I borrowed from it:

Do yourselves a favor and watch:

I have written a children's book,
11 chapters, 10,000 words
It basically is Children to Middle Grade, but I have been told it is too long by several in the know. 
What do you think?
If things go well Monday,
should I publish it?
Think good thoughts,
cross your fingers,
say a prayer.

I have taken Wendy's
and Alex's advice.

is NOW available for PRE-ORDER!

On sale August 30th!


  1. Oh, Roland! Not again?

    And yes, of course you should publish Hibbs, The Cub With No Clue. And I shall help you sell it.

    Glad you liked the Video and thanks for the mention.

    And please know that you are in my thoughts. Hope things go well and keep us all posted. Consider yourself 'cyber hugged!' xo

  2. Prayers with you, my friend.
    Publish it. I will buy.

  3. Wendy:
    I really loved the video. I will watch it just before the surgery tomorrow. :-)

    I took your advice: I have set HIBBS, THE CUB WITH NO CLUE to be available August 30th.

    In a day or two, it should be available for pre-order. :-)

    Thanks for the hug!

    That means a lot to me right now. Thanks!

  4. You are in my thoughts - and of course you should publish. Which you knew.
    And that video is wonderful. As I told Wendy, I watched it, smiling through misty eyes.

  5. Elephant's Child:
    My eyes were wet watching it, too! Well, Hibbs will be up for pre-order in a day or two. And his debut will be August 30th! :-)

    Thanks for being my friend!

  6. I agree with the majority here, of course. Hibbs will appeal to the children, I thought that when I first read it. If they knew the story behind the story, it might touch a few adult hearts too.

    Healing energies and wishes will be with you tomorrow. Keep your humor, Roland, it's seen you through trials before. Hibbs will be there too, I'm sure.

  7. D.G.:
    I think Hibbs will appeal to the child in all of us. At least I tried to write it that way. :-)

    Tomorrow will bring what it will bring. I think humor keeps us as long as we keep it, right?

    I still pray for you and your husband. Have you heard from Inger?

  8. No, not for a few days, but last time she said she is usually too tired to look at her computer. I heard from Inger about a week ago. . .She has a new puppy too, and that may be keeping her busy.

    When those close to us are ill or away from us, the worry can be exhausting in itself.

    I'll try to email her and you soon.

  9. D.G.:
    I know she must be exhausted! I keep praying for her and her husband as well.

    A new puppy right now is a bit much for her weary condition!!

    Worry can be a killer all in itself.

    You pace yourself, hear?

  10. Hi Roland - I'll be thinking of you today as you face another test - I just sincerely hope life becomes easier for you ...

    Excellent news about Hibbs - I'll order and look forward to reading your words.

    My thoughts too - to DG and to Inger, whose puppy, Faith, will give her much pleasure and help Samson .. just very troubling times for you all ... take care - Hilary

  11. Oh no!!! Oh dear! :-( Roland! Sending you tons more cyber hug, good positive thoughts and only beauty and health and love! Take care

  12. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all goes well today.

  13. Hilary:
    My thoughts and prayers are with D.G. and Inger, too. Poor Samson! Having to put up with a feisty puppy when he, himself, is ailing!

    I hope you enjoy little Hibbs' misadventures. I'm just about to head under the knife. And to think I am paying Big Dollars for this! I could buy a ticket to New Zealand for this!!

    Thanks for the cyber-hug! I need it. And the good wishes. As for the beauty -- maybe Cate Blanchett will visit me?

    The surgeon is skilled and one of my young book store customers all grown up. Please, Mr. Custer, I don't want to go!!

  14. I want you to be well, take care and kick this cancer crap right in it's stupid butt...

  15. I just learned of the book on Wendy's blog and asked about the age group. Is it available on kindle only? I'm trying to figure out which great nieces and nephews will receive it. I'm praying for you, very, very hard.


  16. Jeremy:
    Just back from surgery, and I feel like the Hulk punched me in the nose! Thanks for caring.

    Isn't Wendy a great friend?

    HIBBS, THE CUB WITH NO CLUE is available on Kindle only. The book of Hibbs' adventures as an adult, THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS, is also available as a Kindle and an audio book.

    I hope I am making sense. My head is spinning from the pain meds. I need Captain America's Super Soldier Serum!