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Thursday, December 21, 2017

MARK TWAIN: ghost - TRUMP is an ugly Christmas Sweater

Ghost of Mark Twain here ...

while I was waiting for Roland to come back from one of his rare blood runs,

I flipped through the pages of the New York Times.

Now, I am a humorist ...

which means I am politically amoral. 

I just make jokes while Congress makes laws of them.

And, no, "we are not better than this."

When folks have to choose between Tammany Hall and P. T. Barnum, 

these sort of things just happen, don't you know?

As I was pontificating earlier,

I was reading what made Ugly Christmas Sweaters beautiful

as opposed to just tacky to make a dollar for the sweater company.

Call me contrary,

but I insist that a true Ugly Christmas Sweater should lack any irony when it is made.

The maker of said sweater should truly believe the sweater is a thing of beauty,

despite the badly stitched Santa, tinny bells, and glaring colors.

It got me to pondering that old P.T., ah, Trump

probably thinks he is quite the catch for the American public.

And just as certain, many voting pilgrims thought so, too.

Maybe they still do.


I haven't had so much material for my humor

since old Clinton got himself impeached for being confused about what constituted sex!


  1. Hell, Bill Clinton was even confused about the meaning of the word "is." But I'd still vote for him over Trump any day.

  2. David, we shouldn't have to "settle" when voting for such an important, pivotal political position. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. :-( Merriest of Christmases. :-)