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Thursday, April 12, 2018




“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling. 
To be natural is to be obvious, 
and to be obvious is to be inartistic.” 
- Oscar Wilde

Ghost of Mark Twain here

Old Oscar was just as off the mark with that quote as is my spelling of genuine.

Now, I may use a unique spelling of a word sometimes 

but only to make a point as with "Jenuine."

In fact, I pity the fellow who has to create a dialect or paraphrase the dictionary to get laughs.

I can't spell, but I have never stooped to spell cat with a 'k' to get at your funny bone. 

I love a drink, but I never encouraged drunkenness by harping on its alleged funny side.

I made the above postcard to ridicule humanity, but darn it all

if politicians, past and present, took me seriously.

Like the teddy bear who heralds this post obviously imagining himself 

Diogenes of Sinope, the Greek Cynic philosopher 

best known for holding a lantern  to the faces of the citizens of Athens, 

claiming he was searching for an honest man.

Each reader searches the book before him to see if it is "true" enough to life 

to allow him or her to walk its pages believing the adventure presented to him.

Each person's speech springs from where and who he has been.

So for mercy's sake do not have all your characters speak the same!

Let your rug-rats talk like children not like you.

But be cautious with your truth.

An injurious truth has no merit over an injurious lie. 

Neither should ever be uttered. 

The man who speaks an injurious truth, lest his soul be not saved if he do otherwise,

 should reflect that that sort of a soul is not strictly worth saving.

 But don't let me worry you overmuch.

Language is a treacherous thing, a most unsure vehicle,

 and it can seldom arrange descriptive words in such a way that they will not inflate the facts -- 

by help of the reader's imagination, 

 which is always ready to take a hand and work for nothing, 

and do the bulk of it at that.



  1. I have never read others Blog(s) which have the adept consistent skill to stimulate the far reaches of this mind of mine, daily. Or is 'mine' that of my mind? Is my mind even mine?. ;-D Merci Beaucoup Maîtriser Roland.

    Morning Coffee with Your Blog: an eye opener; inspiration and guidance for the oncoming day, in life as we trod through this universe of our mind, day upon day.

    Your Blog(s); compared to Popcorn with a Movie, One is a luxury, the other a necessity, your writings the latter~!~

    "An injurious truth has no merit over an injurious lie."

    Neither should ever be uttered.

    Wiser words could not be spoken or written.

    1. Mark was a wise man. :-) I am happy to find this comment of yours before I race off to work. It made my day! :-)

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  2. As does your wise delightful words make my days, or is that daze? ;-) Have a great day at work. Your a rare breed who makes work more pleasant and kind for those blessed to work with and around you. Our work is our daily bread, and butter.