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Monday, April 9, 2018

A TO Z _ There is no WE in greed


 You are about to be honored.  

I, the ghost of Napoleon,

am here to dissuade you 
of a dangerous illusion.

Though I know that scoundrel, Clemens, cheated me in that poker game, 

still I will honor my word, and write to you 

of how to succeed in the war in which you have chosen to engage.

Some of you still cling to the dream of obtaining an agent for your work.

I caution you:

they are not interested in you because of their generosity ...

but for what you can do for THEM.

And they know you will be able to do
 little for them 
until you garner an AUDIENCE.

Do not think of a group when you think AUDIENCE ...

Think individual.

No group reads a book.  A solitary person does.

What do individuals want?

Spare me your platitudes.

An individual wants the universal desires:

Power and Sex.

It is a fact of life ...

most find themselves lacking the power to accomplish what they would.

They read to vicariously live a life of powerlessness growing powerful.

I saw some of you wince at my use of "Sex."

Romance is merely the acceptable way of saying "sex."

I see all of you punching into your devices of communication 

while growing ever more distant from one another

as technology widens the chasm between hearts.

Technology has become your all too real GAME OF THRONES

Winter has come.

The winter of loneliness, each of you cut off from the hearts of the other.

Write so as to make the powerless feel in touch with power

and the lonely in touch with the hope of connecting with another ...

And you will garner an audience and the attention of agents.

Now, I am off to have a reckoning 
with that card-cheat, Clemens!


  1. Beware, mr. Clemens usually hides card up his sleeve, and two aces in his boot. I appreciate your daily affirmations Roland, thank you brother!

    1. Thank you, Robert, for being one of the few who reads them! :-)