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Monday, April 23, 2018


“My fear of abandonment is exceeded 
only by my terror of intimacy.”
 - Ethlie Ann Vare

Has Casual Sex Destroyed Our Ability 
To Think Beyond Ourselves ... 
To Love?

Our generation centers more and more on an ever-expanding growth of technology.

Once girls wore letterman jackets of their boyfriends, 

exchanged love letters, and took long walks in the park hand in hand.

Now, lonely souls search Tinder, Facebook, and 

stare starry-eyed at tiny images on their iPhones, mistaking texting for touching.

So many of the young people you see staring intently at their smartphones are slightly dead inside, 

hollowed out by a complete lack of  real human interaction.


Even talking on the phone has become foreign and uncomfortable to so many.  

We do not have conversations anymore.  

Texting is remote, less threatening, but ultimately less fulfilling.

To say "Good Bye" via Instagram is easy in all the wrong ways.

When couples meet, it is easier to let the hormones take over, 

engage in passion without purpose, 

and avoid the threat of true communication and its inherent danger of rejection of who we are as a person.

So many of us have become obsessed with the casual.  We don't want strings.

We want to drift where the currents of passion take us.

But a ship without a rudder soon becomes lost at sea.

Look at the faces of the models in the magazines:

Cool, Distant, Unobtainable

Those faces are icy.  

You could not imagine them uttering "I love you" and risk having another having power over them.


In this age of free sex so many are in chains of loneliness.

When you think of another person 

merely as an object with which you engage in external masturbation, 

you place your own desire for animal satisfaction above their dignity and worth as a person.

When you fail to see the humanity of another person, 

you lose a bit of your own humanity as well.

Do it enough times, 

and you become so hollow you start to ache inside without knowing why.

What Do You Think?


  1. I am so definitely of another generation. The one that actually likes to phone someone and talk, even if it's just a quick message. Texting for me is annoying: fine quick messages in business. But living by cell instead of through person-to-person reality -- well, I don't like that at all.

    1. I am like you, but, alas, my co-workers seem socially phobic, preferring to text than speak. :-)

  2. There are so many things besides texting. Online porn numbs our emotions. Ubiquitous drinking combined with an evergrowing societal acceptance of drug use eases us into a global denial that anything is wrong. Abortion murders life's most beautiful gift. Heavy promotion of men as abusers in film and literature and court of law, coupled with an equally aggressive campaign to demoralize women as mothers, has transformed would be wives into barren workforce fodder, and alienated men from their children. We have made a mockery of marriage and marital vows.

    I read that American men seem to be producing less sperm. Look it up. Not a coincidence, this is how nature works. Funny how it can be self limiting.

    And funny how easy we are duped by the state and shysters who propogate the destruction of heartfelt love.

    1. This present culture offers a wide mine-field of potential dangers to those too young to see through the gilding of the thorns. :-(