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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


{APOLOGY - The heat in my apartment with internet access

prevents me from staying long

and keeps me from visiting the blogs of my friends.}

Now, onto my post} :

How do you write?

Do you write as if your novel were a pressurized airplane cabin?

Are your characters insulated from the truth of their environment?

Is your locale as flat as a cardboard movie backdrop?

Are there smells to your surroundings? Does the soft breeze make an airy stew of their aromas?

Or do you drag your poor reader down sterile, silent streets?

What are the prevailing winds of mindset, manners, and economic demands of your setting?

Does your main character sail against them? Or does he/she flounder in their wake?

Or does he, puppet-like, go through lifeless motions, tugged by your whims and not by motivations relate-able to your readers?

And what about you as a writer?

Do you persist? Or do you stall out when the words become lost in the mist.

Persistence. It is what separates those just playing from those dedicated to the dream.

When the writing is sluggish that is when it is most important to bull through to the end. Writing is like life in that.

Winners don't stop when they meet resistance. Weight resistance builds muscle. Blank-out resistance builds fine prose.

Persistence is the heart. The story is the soul.

For luck, Ernest Hemingway used to carry a rabbit's foot in his right pocket. The fur had long since been worn off. The bones and sinews were polished by wear.

The claws scratched in the lining of his pocket,

and by that sting he knew his luck was still there.

Why was that?

When you feel the scratch of life against you, you know that your luck as a writer is still at your back. How is that?

The sting of life makes you aware :

of your own humanity,

of others' failings and strengths,

of the precious fragility of life.

And that awareness gives your pen the gift of perception, depth, and heart.

What did Ernest put in his journal? :

Travel and writing broaden your ass, if not your mind, so I try to write standing up.



  1. I have this abstract painting I did where I painted the words, sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing on a canvas. It hangs close to my writing space as a constant reminder.

    I'm so sorry your apartment is overheated! I'm sending cool thoughts your way...

  2. I have so many simmering projects right now I guess I'd have to say I stall out. I'm focussed on too many other things to give my characters and settings full sensual delights.

    Hopefully soon I'll get back to one thing at a time.

    The Last Fae trailer looks good. I'll stop by and read the preview for both Fae and Fire's Daughter soon.

    Have a "cool" day Roland.


  3. I stalled out, but a wise man gave me the courage to Bull through :)

    No apologies necessary, I'm just glad you can still post. Take care of you.

  4. Inspirational words! Air....I too need more of it. Good luck finding yours.

  5. Very inspiring - I sometimes get lost myself in the worlds of my characters!

    Hope your apartment cools down soon, I don't mind extreme cold as much as extreme heat.

  6. Great post, Roland. I enjoyed hearing about Hemingway's claw.

    I don't have a claw, but I do have a meteorite on my desk that helps remind me in writing that the ideas and solutions are "out there" and if they are out there, I can find them.

    I could use a little of your heat - it's been freezing here in the PNW!

  7. Thanks for more insights into writing Roland. Are they ever going to fix your A/C?

    I am so sorry that you are roasting....

    Love the journal quote from Hemingway... too funny!

    I'm still working on my edit.... More distractions this week. But it was/is work related so incoming money is always nice.

    Take care of yourself.


  8. Sorry to hear about the heat. Not something we're suffering from here at the moment :-|

    I agree with what you're saying. I think of writing as conjuring. If I don't create a complete world in the mind of my reader then I've failed. To be complete it has to stimulate all of the senses.

    Having said that, I think, as with conjuring, much of the world can come from the mind of the reader. The art is to provide the necessary prompts and structure to ensure the reader's view of storyworld is sufficiently consistent with the author's view that the story comes across as intended.

  9. My locales used to be super flat until my CP whipped me into shape. I love the focus questions (copied and pasted to keep them). Thanks!

  10. I've dashed into 110 degree heat here in my apartment for the internet access. Thank you everyone for your wise, insightful comments. Hopefully, I will have time at work to use their computer and AC (LOL!) to write you back individually. Help! I'm melting!! Roland

  11. I hope your air gets fixed soon.

    It would take me all day to jot down an answer to all those questions, but I have to say that I do enjoy reading your pretty prose.

    I don't write standing up, but great ideas do come to me while I'm walking. I have been known to write while wearing ear plugs or struggling with two dogs beneath my desk.

  12. Hi Roland .. you always give us something to think about .. and I love these descriptive posts.

    I haven't forgotten the link etc - just getting there slowly!

    Heat - yugh .. well that much anyway - certainly makes me feel sluggish and I should think the cables are getting somewhat mangled and mushy ..

    Hope it cools off a little soon .. blood boils doesn't it?! Cheers Hilary