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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Here I am in the air-conditioned refuge of BOOKS-A-MILLION.

The creative genius of Wendy Tyler Ryan has struck again. She has crafted a true gem of a book trailer for my mythic paranormal epic, THE LAST FAE.

The more we live,

the more we realize that there are layers within layers of what we consider reality. Children look at life and see magic.

Adults look at life and see deadlines and ghosts of dreams.

Physicians gaze at passers-by and see signs of disease. Economists look at the headlines and see patterns, predictors of future woes.

What would one who had lived centuries in the shadows see as she gazed upon humans, both cursed and blessed with lifespans of gnats?

Come. Pull up a seat in the shadows. Listen to THE LAST FAE.



  1. Wendy really did do an excellent job on your trailer! Wow! I might have to get her contact info from you. ;)

    I want this book!

  2. Wooooo, exciting! I like that cover :-) Roland, you seem to be churning out books really fast! Do you write this quickly or have you had these written for a while and were waiting to publish them all close together?

  3. Very cool.

    Definitely piques my interest.

  4. Heather :
    Isn't Wendy a creative genius? I hope you like THE LAST FAE. Fallen is a haunted and haunting being.

    Rachel :
    I have been writing these, polishing and editing. I wanted print publishers to buy them. But I finally realized that would never happen. As a creative choice, I put all my novels in the same linked universe. I thought it added depth to the storyline of each -- though you do not need to have read the other novels to enjoy each one.

    Fallen appears in RITES OF PASSAGE and ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM as a major player. She is the love interest in my YA urban fantasy, LOVE LIKE DEATH, yet to be published.

    KatyDid :
    I hope you take a chance on THE LAST FAE. I don't believe you will be disappointed. Roland

  5. Oh, Heather :
    Look down my sidebar, under the link to my THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS and you will find the link to her book trailer site : PAPYRUS PRODUCTIONS.

  6. Loooove your trailer! Wendy's grrrreat! She did mine for "Remy Broussard's Christmas" - found her button on your site. Thank you!

  7. Isn't that trailer magnificent? I'm in my sweltering apartment to connect to the net and answer my emails and comments. '

    Darn! Olivia Wilde didn't want my autograph. And I had such hopes. Hibbs is snickering. I gotta jet before I melt. Work tomorrow! Double darn!! Roland

  8. are definitely churning them out, Roland. And with Wendy by your side, the scent of success looms ;)

    Will be adding this one to my Kindle library. And yes, I love the trailer.


  9. Hi Roland,

    Another beautiful cover and an amazing trailer. Good luck with your new published work....


  10. Hi,

    Wonderful trailer. Sets the scene beautifully!


  11. (= Looks like another good one, Ro. I can't keep up with you! You're such a prolific writer--and I'm reading as fast as I can! Haha! (=

  12. Jumping up and down with excitement for this one!

    Fabulous trailer, Roland - I adore that music as well.

  13. Great cover!!!

  14. The cover and trailer are delightful!

  15. Elliot :
    THE LAST FAE is it for awhile. I had been trying to get my creations a print home. But I felt that perhaps Amanda Hocking had the right idea in putting out an inventory of eBooks in popular genres but with enough of a unique twist to avoid the "cookie cutter" curse. And I thank you for adding THE LAST FAE to your Kindle list. I think her sense of sauciness and humor will make you laugh.

    Michael :
    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes. I pray your infection gets better and your publishing mojo grows ever stronger!

    Francine :
    Didn't Wendy create a fantastic trailer?

    Jo :
    Like I told Elliot, THE LAST FAE is the last one for awhile. Fallen, the MC of this novel, also plays a major role in RITES OF PASSAGE, ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM, and oddly enough, THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS.

    Margo :
    I think you will like this one, especially the last chapter. And Wendy's trailer and music were awesome weren't they?

    Nancy :
    I am more than happy that Wendy and I pleased you with the trailer and the concept of THE LAST FAE. I hope all your publication dreams come true.

    Flying High In The Sky :
    Thank you so much!

    Rebecca :
    Isn't that artwork awesome?

    Medeia :
    Thank you for liking them!

  16. I loved the trailer. Looks awesome but it was a little confusing, like it was Wendy's book.


  17. Doh, I get it now. I replayed.

  18. Denise,
    The bottom trailer was Wendy's book. I was just trying to promote her excellent work as well as mine. It was a natural mistake on your part, Roland