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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Victor Standish's new favorite read : VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD

I sat with my nose happily in my Kindle. My ghoul friend, Alice, flowed silently beside me.

My trap was set. I kept busily turning the pages with the button, apparently not noticing her fidget. I smiled wickedly.

"How do you wiggle without moving?," I couldn't keep from laughing.

"How do you keep on reading with me in this short skirt and low Gothic Lolita top?"

I grinned slyly, "Peripheral vision is a beautiful thing."

Alice snatched Walter's gift from my hands. "Oh, you!"

She smacked me on top of the head with my Kindle. "Ouch! But hey, the eyeful I got was worth it."

Father Renfield was suddenly by Alice's side. He took VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD from Alice.

"Walter gave that to me."

I smiled wide, "I figured you knew all about vampires, Padre."

His sharp canines showing, Father Renfield glowered at me. "Maybe Walter thought I could do with a few laughs?"

Captain Sam smiled at the smoldering Alice, tugging up her Gothic Lolita top. "I think Victor just gave a few to us."

"To you, men, perhaps," murmured Ada Byron.

She curled an arm around my ghoul friend, making me figet as I remembered her, ah, thoughts on what gender was sexy. "Come, Alice. Let us girls put our heads together."

Alice showed her much too sharp teeth at me. "Yes, payback is a terrible thing to waste."

I groaned. I was always too smart for my own good!

Oh, if you guys want to read VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD yourselves, go to :

Oh, Olivia, Alice, Captain Sam, the Padre, and the rest of us at Meilori's wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And Wendy Tyler Ryan, you enjoy that jazz concert and get better, you hear?!p>


  1. I was wondering what Father Renfield's reaction to "Vampire in the Outfield" would be.

    Major League baseball is committed to diversity, but a rookie vampire might break all the records. The integrity of the game is at stake.

    My rookie, Johnny Black, still has to contend with day games, and get past the 'Evil Empire' (New York Yankees). And, there is still a problem is photograghs.

    By the way, Roland, I love Meilori's, as long as I get to choose where I sit (my back to the wall).

    I see a lot of hot babes in here tonight, especially that blond at the bar (the one with the knife in her boot). Help me out and be my wingman when I go over to chat.

    I love this place.

  2. Tough crowd. I hear a person can easily get killed, or worse, in Meilori's.

    This would make a great sports bar, except it's too dark, has no TV, and there's no buffalo wings.

  3. Captain Sam really know how get a ghoul perturbed. Tell Walter to be very careful at Meilori's, I understand there are a lot of unexplained disappearances in the area.

    Pamela Jo

  4. Do you think I have a ghost of a chance with the 'Knife Lady?'

    Hi Pamila Jo.

  5. Luckily for you, I couldn't bring myself to say "fangs for the entertaining blog." Unluckily for you, I could bring myself to say that I couldn't bring myself to say it.

    Even more unluckily, I just tagged you. There's five questions at my blog that await your considered responses.

  6. LOL! Now that's a fun way to introduce a book. I'm off to check it out.

  7. Walter :
    That blonde with the knife in her boot happens to be the hit woman "Ice." As in Icepick, her favorite weapon of choice. Be careful of her hitwoman partner, the redhead called Easy - because she kills real easy. Although if they're bored they might choose to kill time with you -- before they kill you. Keep an eye out for that icepick!

    Pamela Jo :
    Yes, Meilori's can be dangerous. But that adds spice to a Saturday night out! LOL.

    Mojo :
    Thanks for tagging me. Alas I only jump in and out of my sweltering apartment (110 degrees) to say HI to my blog friends before I melt and have to stagger back to the coolness of the vacant apartment the owner is letting me borrow!

    Walter :
    Sam is on the way to help. The Padre is, too. Victor and Alice are just coming along to snicker. Kids these days!

    Heather :
    Walter will appreciate you looking in on his book -- especially after having such a close call with "Ice and Easy!"

  8. Don't pay the ransom, I've escaped!

    A nice soul is leading me to a dark alley were the demons won't be able to find me. New Orleans is such a friendly city. Everyone wears a mask and wants to party.

  9. Walter :
    Washington D.C. is the same way! LOL. Be careful of that nice soul, too. Roland

  10. Hi! It's so great to be back! I missed reading your blog. Now, that makes the book even more interesting :-)

    Wonderful post, as always. Will look forward for more!

  11. So now there are both angels and vampires in the outfield? What kind of baseball world do we live in?

  12. Hi, Lea :
    I've missed you. I'm so happy you checked back in with me

    Michael :
    A Yin Yang kind of baseball world - just like the world outside the stadium! LOL. Good to see you here, too, Roland

  13. If you can pass the blood test, you're in.

  14. Walter :
    I think both angels and vampires would have a hard time passing the blood test without tampering!! :)