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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Raquel Byrnes is launching her book PURPLE KNOT on June 3rd :

Go to Cherie Reich's delightful blog SURROUNDED BY BOOKS to read her insightful interview with Raquel on why she wrote PURPLE KNOT :

The ever-fascinating India Drummond is launching her absorbing contemporary fantasy, BLOOD FAERIE today on Amazon :

For a tantalizing review of the book by Talli Roland go to her always fun blog, I DRINK COFFEE, I WRITE, THEN I HAVE WINE :
And don't forget Kittie Howard's REMY BROUSSARD'S CHRISTMAS :


  1. So excited for Raquel! Thanks for the links.

  2. Thanks, Elena :
    Isn't this exciting for Raquel and her friends like you and me? Have fun visiting the links. And thanks for commenting. I've missed you, Roland

  3. Just left Talli's and I'll do my best to check out the others.

    But I just stopped by to give a wave and let you know I think of you often. Hope things are safe and dry down your way. Stay safe and a big Hug!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Lots of great reads here Roland.

    Congrats to all the authors!

  5. Best wishes to launching authors!!! I hope you sell thousands!

  6. Roland, I love the way you give so much to the writing community. It's always a treat to stop by here and I'll make sure to stop by the authors listed soon!

  7. So many new books!! Many congratulations to the authors!

  8. (= Yay-- more books by blogger buddies. So exciting! I want to read them all.
    I'm currently reading four books and two of them are yours, Ro. I love your stuff. (=

  9. Awesome plug for Raquel. She so deserves this.

    - Eric

  10. Thanks, Jules :
    Today starts Hurricane Season down here, and the way America's and the world's weather has been misbehaving, I am not looking forward to these next long months.

    Thanks, Michael :
    Perhaps soon I will be able to put up a link for THE BLINDED GARDENER. I sincerely hope so!

    Thanks, Karen G :
    To sell thousands! I wonder how that feels? =)

    Johanna :
    Thanks for the nice words. So many have been so gracious and kind to me that I want to pay it forward as much as I can. Have a lovely end of week, Roland

    Alleged Author :
    There are so many great books out there, aren't they? Where to find the time to read them all?

    Jo :
    Thanks for reading two of my books. I hope you really enjoy them. Let me know, all right?

    Eric :
    Isn't Raquel a lovely friend to the blogging community? Let's hear it for Raquel, all right?

  11. I'm kicking my own ass right now - after I posted my shout outs I remembered these three book launchings.

    I can't seem to keep up with everyone's awesome successes lately.


  12. Donna :
    Don't be so hard on yourself. The blogverse is so large that it is nearly impossible to remember all the events going on throughout its length and depth.

    I'm just happy that you found the time to visit me and comment. Have a better end of week, Roland

  13. Congratulations and best of luck to Cherie and India!!! I'm off to check out their books.