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Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's time for Friday's Romantic Challenge again from Francine and Denise :


My 400 word entry comes from LOVE LIKE DEATH and explains a bit how Blake Adamson was left chained to a tree by Fallen to starve to death.

Prior to this moment, Lerner, the corrupt New Zealand police officer has chained Blake to a tree in the wilderness to torture some secret about Sennacherib (DayStar) from him.

Alas, poor Blake hasn't a single secret to buy his life or a quick death. Just as Lerner is about to use a blow torch on his eyes, Fallen appears behind him, slitting his throat with a mystic fae dagger :

"Thanks for saving me," I said.

Slanted eyes glittered. "Who said I was saving you? It is a fearsome thing to love and be loved by a Sidhe. And it is over before our first kiss."


Fallen’s lips almost touched mine but pulled back. "I will not make a mockery of our love."

She murmured, "Do you know what Sennacherib would do to you?"


"You would lose everything : dignity, hope ... innocence."

She traced a design on my chest with her dagger’s point. She stopped at my heart.

"The price of love is always death," I whispered.


"Something I once told someone."

"I would thrust now, ending it quickly. But Sennacherib and I are linked."

She sobbed, "Soon you will be dead. Yet I will go on with the dark memory of what I must do tonight."

"Don’t …."

"No, Blake, to spare you, I must kill you. But not cleanly. Sennacherib senses when I kill, and he would come and save you."

She backed away.

"Don't do this to yourself, Fallen."

"To myself? You still love me? Why?"

"Love just is. Fallen, there has to be another way."

“Tell me how you can definitely defeat Sennacherib, and I will go through hell at your side doing it. Oh, tell me!”

"I don't think that there are any 'sure things,' Fallen. Life is short, bitter-sweet, and mostly pain."

"You are not helping your cause."

"Don't you see? Because life is like that, if love ever does come your way, you grab hold, and you never let go.”

Fallen made a soft cry and pressed her body against mine, kissing me, hungry, wild. She kissed as if trying to force all her dark love into one fury of passion. Suddenly, she pulled away.

"Y-You do not know Sennacherib. I have to do this!"

She backed up, never taking her eyes off me. She was at the edge of the clearing. Three more steps, and she would be gone. I had to say something. Something that would help her in the long nights to come.


She slowed.

"I ... forgive you."

She hunched over. "Damn you. Damn you!"

She mewed like a hurt kitten. "I love you, Blake. I love you so much I ache with it. I will never kiss another. Never!"

She ran into the dark woods. The chains weren’t as heavy as my heart.


  1. To kill for the greater good; what more can love demand. and the angst of his forgiveness to haunt her days. No greater love has man than to sacrifice his life . .

    Still heartwrenching in the overall context of the novel.

    I'm still working on the review. Well, I had a promised post to work on, and when the recipient gasped with an unforgiving air, I decided maybe I should take a break.

    I'll catch up in the next few days though :)

    Loved your entry here. Unrequieted love is a favorite theme for me.


  2. Intense!
    Is there ever love with happy ending for your characters?

    I always wanted Sam to get some. (;

  3. This sounds like an awesome story! As usual, I love your writing. :-)

  4. I love your writing especially the details. Her tracing a shape on his chest with the dagger is both dangerous and intimate. Great entry, Roland.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  5. Donna :
    Ernest Hemingway wrote : "When two love, there can be no happy endings." It does seem that way at times, doesn't it?

    Looking forward to your review. Blake is the clone of the one called The Nazarene in the three linked novels, and at the end of the 3rd, BLACK ROSES IN AVALON, the symbolism comes into play even more.

    Pace yourself and enjoy the weekend if possible. I am on the cusp of moving from one apartment to another, so OUCH!!

    Jo :
    Sam gets happiness in love (in spots {LOL})in RITES OF PASSAGE and ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM -- the novels detailing his whirlwind romance with Lady Meilori Shinseen and his first duel with DayStar.

    I'm glad you liked my excerpt.

    Misha :
    Thanks so much for enjoying my story. I tried to make LOVE LIKE DEATH enjoyable and hard to put down. And can you believe it? Things get even worse for Blake after this excerpt!

    Raquel :
    Your praise made my early morning. Raymond Chandler taught that the small details bring a scene to life and make it real, highlighting whatever emotion flowed through it. Guess he wasn't a Master StoryTeller for nothing! LOL. Have a great end of week, Roland

  6. Hi Roland .. good luck with the move and I hope the new appt has A/C ...

    Loved this .. but I'm like Jo - is there never a happy ending ... I suppose there's never an ending ..

    I hope Gypsy will travel along time with you .. hope it's not too traumatic a change ..

    Cheers for now - the story really drew me in .. thanks Hilary

  7. Hilary :
    I hate moving. But there are worse things. There are happy moments between my star-crossed lovers in all my novels. But always a cliff-hanger at the end. I believe the spirit of Gypsy is with me even in the vacant apartment I am currently staying in. I hear her thump from my air mattress as I type on my book.

    I am glad that my story drew you in. Have a great weekend, Roland

  8. Hello Roland.
    You have a way of drawing us in with your tales.
    This is another riveting story of love & loss...nobody wins.

    Another excellent excerpt!

    Hope your new apartment has A/C - I know from your previous posts you were suffering with the heat!

  9. Hi,

    OMG: there's so much happening here! Not just the actions, the thought patterns: what-ifs, maybes, despair, hope, loss, eternal desire etc.

    Blimey Roland, so much in so few words. Wonderful and fitting piece for Forgiven.

    Umm, I confess I haven't got around to this book yet, and I do appreciate your kindness re e-mail content. My youngest daughter is to blame, she left me with Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy, and I'm in the middle of book two. Brilliant reads, but doorstop size books, and what with blogging and writing I'm burning the candle to stick every darn night! If I hadn't read the first three pages of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" I'd be up to par with e-books. Bummer, but I have to know what happens to the female MC in "The Girl Who Played With Fire". And, I'm betting she stars in "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest". These are really worth reading!


  10. Oh wow, I was wondering how he got there! This is heartbreaking, but of course I loved it.

  11. Andy :
    I haven't started the move yet, so I am still in the sweltering apartment to write this! Whew!

    Blake has longed for love all his short life. He is finding out Oscar Wilde was right : sometimes the tragedy is getting what you

    Thanks for the kind words, Roland

    Francine :
    I tried to pack as much raw emotion as I could in 400 words, thinking that sometimes forgiveness is more bitter than we would at first think.

    Steig Larrson's books are riveting and addicting. I have only seen the first two "Girl" movies as the previews of the third seem to indicate her experiences have made the poor heroine completely de-humanized and twisted. She prevails over her adversaries but dies within.

    As you can see, my characters go through a maelstrom of challenges, but at the end of it all, their centers have held though sometimes they must make the ultimate sacrifice.

    When you can find the time, I hope you find some small enjoyment from LOVE LIKE DEATH -- since I am hardly in Stieg Larsson's class!

    Have a great weekend, Roland

    Heather :
    I thought you and others might have wondered how Blake got into last week's fix. I am very glad that you loved this excerpt.
    Have a great end of week, Roland

  12. Blake is quite a philospher for a 16 year old, but there are some old, wise souls like that.

    I like that you have such strong, interesting female characters doing powerful things.

  13. Hi, Beverly :
    Blake has lived a life of pain, torture, and isolation. It has driven him within himself, trying to make sense of a world that seems so heartless and cruel. He has matured beyond his years. And indeed, he is an old soul -- older than he realizes.

    I hate novels where the women are just top-heavy backdrop for the manly hero. I like heroines like Xena and Fallen and Kirika with backstory and backbone! LOL. Roland

  14. Intriguing excerpt, especially when offering forgiveness makes you the victor, not the victim.

  15. Wow... deep, dark, deadly. Great writing and a gripping read. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Had to come back.

    Stieg Larsson novels are great reads, and Lizbeth is sorely misunderstood, but genius'talents often are. Her computer hacking skills and photographic memory most intriguing, and being introvert is no bad thing when you know things you shouldn't.

    I think your writing is better than Larsson, poor love, who is no more. His works are literary, as opposed to mass market in my opinion, yet something compelling about the way he writes.

    Your prose has poetic air about it, and you more often than not thrust a reader down a rabbit hole to hell, up a bizarre stairway to seeming heaven and again cast them down to pits of despairing for characters that one cannot help but love. Don't ever do yourself down on your writing. It's superb, if tad bizarre tales. ;)


  17. This is powerful. He spared, but for how long? And she must suffer the consequence either way.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  18. Paula :
    I believe that forgiving always makes us the victor -- in our souls and hearts. I'm glad you liked my excerpt.

    DayDreamerToo :
    I'm glad I hit the mark for which I was aiming. Have a great weekend, Roland

    Francine :
    My heart goes out to Stieg Larsson, for he died before he could see or reap the great success his books obtained. Lizbeth breaks my heart - which shows the excellence of Steig's writing.

    That you like my writing as well as his means more than I can say!

    Nancy :
    I'm glad my excerpt resonated with you so. Have a beautiful weekend. My battery for my laptop is now officially drained!

  19. Fantastic excerpt....

    This is filled with all the Yeomans touches. Strong, intense, heart wrenching, and passionate. Well done.

  20. Murder, rescue, passion, forgiveness - a lot of ground to cover in one except, but you got it all in.