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Thursday, July 21, 2011


{"Today there are no fairy tales for us to believe in,

and this is possibly a reason for the universal prevalence of mental crack-up.

Yes, if we were childish in the past, I wish we could be children once again."

- Anita Loos.}

Sam, that's Samuel Clemens to you still-mortals, is morose. Seems Roland lost a follower, and he feels it's his fault. I told him all this computer journal needed was a women's touch.

Being Sam, he said, "Have at it, woman."

What artist could resist such an invitation? Besides I'm a bit morose today,too. No one seems to remember me.

"And who am I?," you say. Not you, too!

Great. You people are such a boost to a girl's morale.

Hmm, who am I? Let's just say you're lucky I'm not Plato or Freud. You'd get such an answer it would put you to sleep in an eyeblink.

Ever hear of GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES? I wrote it back in 1926, its 1200 first edition copies selling out by noon of the day of its publication. The second edition numbered 65,000.

By 1966, there were 45 more editions, and the whole world was reading my book. Though some were downright party-poopers about it :

When the book reached Russia,

I was told by our then Ambassador, William Bullitt,

that the Soviet authorities embraced it as evidence of the exploitation of helpless female blondes by predatory magnates of the capitalistic system.

As such, the book had a wide sale, but Russia never sent me any royalties,

which seems rather like the exploitation of a helpless brunette author by a predatory Soviet regime.

Men! You can't live with them. And there're too many to kill.

Oh, there's a right way to pronounce my name, but it's too much trouble to correct everyone. So I pronounce it Luce. You might as well, too.

If you girls and boys are lucky, I'll drop by again and teach you a few tricks ... writing tricks. The other kinds you'll have to pick up on your own.

It's more fun that way. And remember : gentlemen may prefer blondes, but they marry brunettes.


  1. The actress and actor to JOHN CARTER would be my picks to play Meilori and Samuel McCord in a movie. Ah, I am such a dreamer.

    Oh, this Friday, Samuel finally discovers the 7 year absent Meilori at the End of All Things.

    You'll never forgive yourself if you miss it, Roland

  2. I'll admit to having no idea 'Gentlemen prefer blondes' was a book first. I've learned something new, and it's not even 8am :)

    Thank you.

  3. LOL! Too many to kill, love that. I think this Anita and I will get along splendidly. I look forward to learning her writing tricks!

  4. I'm sorry you lost a follower...but you have so many that enjoy what you have to included.

    I've learned that if people aren't around it's cause they have their own lives there messing with.
    Heck, I'm a little late blog hopping today.

    Cheer up. The world deserves to see you smile. :)

    I'm not sure I would have liked that book.

    And, as a brunette, I couldn't possibly let that last statement go. Gentlemen that prefer blondes have obviously never met the right brunette.

    Ha! .....^-^.....

    I like men...won't kill.

  5. Sarah :
    Anita had a fascinating life. She just had the misfortune to fall in love with a hurtful man.

    Heather :
    Yes, Anita was a zestful spirit, both alive and ghostly!

    Laila :
    Her book is a child of its times. But Anita was and is timeless. And I feel the same way you do -- but in connection with the ladies! LOL.

  6. I don't know how you do it, but it is remarkable the way you can interpret famous writers from beyond the grave.
    Thanks for teaching me about Anita Loos.

  7. The Desert Rocks :
    I used to teach creative writing to high school seniors and used my ghost friends to teach and to encourage my students to go to the library and read the collected letters of famous and not so famous writers to get a sense of the person behind the prose. Thnaks for the nice compliment, Roland