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Sunday, July 24, 2011


When we last left Blake Adamson in LOVE LIKE DEATH, he was surrounded by the vicious living shadows, the Amal.

Follow Blake as he is reunited with Kirika, sails the mysterious Sea of Fate, wanders lost down the Halls of Hells, and finally finds Fallen once again in Victorian London --

in the lethal brothel, The Princess Alice, whose only customers are those madmen who have killed as Jack the Ripper.

Worse, the dreaded Sennacherib is coming to fulfil his threat to rape the last fae. Can Blake save himself, much less the fae of his dreams?

If we live long enough, there comes that night when the darkness is more within than without, when we realize things have gone terribly wrong, and when we realize the answers we thought we knew have no more substance than the cardboard fronts of a movie set.

What do we do then?

What if all myths are true? What if believing can make it so, if enough believe? What if, like unwanted children, once born the myths cannot be unborn? Would a critical mass of myths one day be reached?

Only in the eclipse of myth can a young man have both the Moon and Sun as his brides. The Last Fae and The Lost Sun have both fallen in love with Blake Adamson -- and he with them.

If their crossed loves do not them kill them, their enemies surely will. Unless Blake Adamson can become the legend he is believed to be.
The lovely twin muses of my novels, Wendy Tyler Ryan and Orietta Rossi {artist extraordinaire}, have made this novel possible.
I just love this trailer whose hero and heroine remind me of Sam and Meilori :


  1. Sounds like a fantastic story filled with drama and intrigue! Can't wait. And that trailer, wow!

  2. I thought you would like the trailer, Heather :

    Yes, poor Blake can't seem to catch a break. But like Ulysses, he will never give in or up. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Roland

  3. It sounds really interesting, Roland. You must be so excited to be releasing another new novel. Best of luck!


  4. Thanks, Lindsey :
    Yes, I am excited to be releasing another novel. Cross your fingers that it does well, Roland

  5. A beautiful synopsis of the book Roland. Can't wait to see the cover.

    Oh, thanks for the gift, and the answer. I forgot to reply. I'll post it on Tuesday.

    Stay cool and safe.


  6. Good for you that you've finished the second part. I can't wait to read it! Blake is a lucky guy to have two amazing women in love with him. :)

  7. Thanks, Donna :
    I look forward to Tuesday. Have a great new week, Roland

    Laila :
    I don't think Blake feels lucky. Kirika and Fallen are twin sides of his heart. Since they hate one another. He lives in a perpetual heart attack!

    I hope you enjoy the book, Roland

  8. The trailer does sound good! I like the melding of the two worlds.

    I like the idea that you could believe myth into being a true thing. I think that's why books can strike such an emotional chord with us.

  9. Roland: I just put up a post featuring several dear friends, one of them YOU. I hope you'll stop by and see what I wrote.

    I'm so honored for the dedication you wrote to me on The Path Back to Dawn. The book is on my Kindle right now and I'll be reading it soon!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Memoir, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  10. As usual, Roland, you have me completely hooked! This sounds fabulous - at this rate, I'll be collecting your complete works!

  11. Lydia :
    Thanks. It's true, isn't it? The books we like are ones that vibrate the tuning fork within our souls. I just read your Tweet about armadillos being the only animals capable of catching leporsy. Yuck! They look creepy enough without leprosy!!!

    Ann :
    I went to your blog and commented. Thanks so much. I am still exiled from my apartment with its internet access. So I have to squeeze saying HI to my friends in my few free time slots at work.

    Thanks, Margo :
    Your friendship, good humor, and support mean so much to me. Hey, maybe 2012 will be both our years to make it ... at least until December! Roland

  12. I can't keep up with you, Roland... Congratulations on another beautiful cover and intriguing novel.

    You constantly amaze me....

  13. Thanks, Michael :
    The beautiful cover is courtesy of the Italian artistic genius of Orietta Rossi and the skillful font and design artistry of Wendy Tyler Ryan.

    These novels have been in various stages of production for awhile. I have been striving to have a modest backlist of work for this Christmas and January when Kindle sales are thought to reach 20 million. If only half that are sold, there will be many readers wanting affordable Kindle books to read. Should a certain number find my writing entertaining, they will find a list of my books to buy one after another.

    It is a plan. Whether it will pan out is another thing. All we can do is prepare ourselves the best we can and hope lightning strikes, right?

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I am still exiled from the internet by the terrible heat in my apartment. Have a great week, Roland (I'm at the center due to a late night blood run.)