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Thursday, May 10, 2012


AT&T cut my internet services without warning.  It seems they're up grading to a new fiber optics process.

Fine.  I switched over by phone. 

The modem never came.  I took off THREE separate DAYS to wait for the UPS and their repairman. 

If I want to keep my job, I can no longer take off any more days for a company so large and indifferent that it cannot keep its appointments.

Each date was set after THREE separate long, maddening calls to foreign tele-helpers to whom English was a distant memory.

I am now reduced to one hour a day of internet at my work by getting here early. 

I apologize for any inconvience this is causing my visiting friends and friends who are waiting for my visits.

Unlike the apologies from the AT&T tele-helper ... I mean mine.

It seems that AT&T is purposely driving me to Sudden Link, their competitor here.  Sigh. 

My mother worked for AT&T, I wanted to stay with them for that reason.  No longer.  Wish me luck, everyone.  Roland


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! Good luck Roland. We can't have you without internet!

  2. Hi Roland .. I hate problems I can't easily work round - I'm always looking for the easy route ..

    Good luck - sounds really frustrating .. changing everything et al .. you work hard enough as it is ..

    With thoughts cheers Hilary

  3. I have ATT, and have mixed feelings about it. I'm weaning the wife and kids off cable, and will hopefully soon put our bad tv habits in the past.

    I had spotty service for years. Then I finally got someone out who knew wtf he was doing, and he re-wired my box and I haven't had trouble since.

    - Eric

  4. Michael:
    Thank you for putting it into a global perspective for me. I know thousands die daily in the 3rd World from malnutition and simple medical problems gone untreated.

    Thank you for your compassion. Being without internet makes it hard to stay in contact with good friends like you. :-)

    Sadly, for me the easy route usually ends up being the hard one for me! Hope all your problems are easily solved with only happy surprises for this week, Roland

    Since my home burned, I haven't had cable. As a rare blood courier, TV has diminished for me. I do DVD's mostly. I just need some way to hook into the internet.

    It may be a challenge to ween children from TV! I'm really happy that finally you are getting great service, Roland

  5. I can sympathize with that. I've had my own problems with AT&T in the past. For a multi-billion dollar company it seems hard to believe they're so maddeningly incompetent. A lot of time dealing with them is like a scene from "Catch-22"

  6. LOL, that video is hilarious! How'd you ever find it? Internet problems suck the big one - hope you get it straightened out soon :)

  7. That just royally sucks! We don't have AT&T for any service anymore, but it doesn't matter who you go with - they all think they are too big to be bothered.

  8. PT:
    Modern technology does create its own tin gods, doesn't it?

    Lady Gwen:
    Wasn't it funny? I decided my friends needed a chuckle after all my whining!

    Bullies stay the same no matter what name they use, don't they? Thanks for being compassionate, Roland

  9. I used to work for AT&T and I must say they are not the best. LOL Yeah I suggest you move to a different provider.

    Talk Supe

  10. Whatever decision you make, base it on thinking it through rather than how you feel at this moment. The outcome will be a better choice. Good luck in dealing with the frustration.

  11. Braine:
    Thanks for caring. And I am glad you survived AT&T!

    Wise words. Act in haste; repent in leisure, right?

  12. Ugh! How frustrating! Hope it's resolved soon.

  13. Thanks, Candylynn! You and me both!! Roland