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Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Blogs. Why did you start yours?

I think the major reason most of us writers started ours was to further our writing careers. To bring attention to us and to our novels.

As with everything we do, our blog adventure brought us more than we bargained for. Friendship, a sense of community, and humor.

But what about our original motivation? Is it relevant anymore?

Of course, I want all of you to buy my latest book, BEST OF ENEMIES:

You want me to buy yours. I do. Each of you who put out a book is guaranteed one sale: mine.

As a blood courier, I may not have the time to read it right away, but I support the dreams of my friends as best I can.

But why do we come back to certain blogs? I believe because they entertain and inform us.

Take Lydia Kang:

K.M. Weiland:

and Alex Cavanaugh:

for example.

(Sorry, Alex, ladies first – even for fellow Kate Beckinsale fans.)

They talk about issues that relate to us, that inform us, or just give a shoulder pat of support –

to help us feel not quite so alone in the pursuit of our dreams.

They do not batter us with the blunt instrument of ME.

I fight allowing my blog to Twitter-devolve into me, me, more me. Oh, and did I mention me? If I have with the release of BEST OF ENEMIES, I apologize.

At least, I have tried to reward my friends with the chance of winning autographs of Robert Downey, Jr. and Michael Whelan.

AT&T has exiled me from the internet at home. The 21st they promise (again) that I will be activated.

Nearly a month and I have not been able to visit my friends. I hate that. I hope you have missed me. (LOL – more me, right?)

What guidelines steer your blogs? What do you hate about some blogs?

(I have removed my book trailers that have slowed down your computers as a courtesy –
Actually I have put them on a separate page for which I have as yet to figure out how to put a link on my main page! LOL.)

And here is the music that strums in the head of Victor Standish in BEST OF ENEMIES as dragons attack the Blackhawk helicopter, being piloted by Samuel McCord:


  1. You haven't ever offended me, if that counts for anything! Blogs are one way we connect with other writers, but also potential readers (hopefully). It only makes sense to talk about yourself and your work.

    I do think you are absolutely right that there needs to be a balance, if you want to keep people coming back. I don't have a ton of followers, despite having been blogging for almost two years now. I try not to worry about it. Maybe I'm just not very good at blogging! But I do enjoy the followers I do have, and appreciate every last one of them! The relationships I have made through the blog are some of the most supportive I have, in regards to writing.

    This last month I have been focusing on getting my novel completed, and haven't been around much either. It feels weird, but in some ways has been a relief. I'm happy to not stress so much. But I also miss all the people I read regularly. :)

  2. Lara:
    The at-risk duck thanks you for your comment! Me, too! :-)

    I'm very happy that I've not offended you. It's so hard to know if advertising your book on your blog is irritating to your visitors.

    I wish you luck in getting your novel out. I know how much of a task that truly is!

    It's hard to know what is appealing to our visiting friends, isn't it? I've missed your visits. Thanks to AT&T exiling me from the internet, it is hard to visit my friends.

    So far not a soul has bought BEST OF ENEMIES. It is downright depressing. LOL.

    Thanks for visiting and chatting awhile! Roland

  3. Thanks, Roland!
    I began blogging to build a platform and have stayed for the friendships. Stayed for the support, which I have tried to give back at every opportunity.
    That you have still managed to visit me during AT&T's abduction of your internet means a lot.
    MUCH faster without the book trailers. Need help adding the page? That I can do!

  4. For me, it's about connecting with fellow artists. The blog I use now is what I consider my "writing blog," not featuring my works, but more communication with others. Information based and all about ME, the writer.

    But, on the other hand...

    I am starting (shall I say tinkering) with a second blog for my Texas paranormal series I'm working on now. It'll be targeted more for the audience (teens). At least that's my intentions. I'm waiting for approval on the artwork for the actual blog header, so for now there's a generic one I did in the meantime. I'd love to use that blog specifically for my fans (snickers at self!), if and when they come my way.

    Selling our work is ultimately what we strive to do, so don't feel bad. You've been an outstanding cyber friend, Roland!

    I'm sure you've received the Kreativ award before, but I'm giving it to you again. I'm always amazed at how creative your blog posts are, and how each visit to your blog, I am stunned at the beauty of the artwork and the messages in your words. When you have time, visit my blog to see your award. You truly deserve it. :)

  5. Hi Roland,That duck looks familiar :)
    Much faster now without the videos. I am cursed with a very slow laptop.
    It isn't true that no one has bought your new book, Best of Enemies. I have, just have not read it yet but I look forward to it.
    Why do I blog? To meet people like you, to be inspired,to learn, to practice my writing skills and because someday I will have a book out there too. All of us need all the help we can get and this community is a place to find it.

  6. ...Ernie from Sesame Street would not take lightly to his Rubber Ducky at gunpoint ;)

    Starting a blog was my editor's idea, perhaps the most worthy advice he's offered since I met the guy.

    Blogging keeps us storytellers connected, somewhat grounded even. It allows us to realize that we're not alone in this, our paths we've chosen. For it's the overwhelming support that I cherish the most.

    Hang in there, my friend. Your stories will sell ;)


  7. There we go, the comment box is working again!

    Thank you Roland for the lovely mention. I started blogging because it's what I thought I had to do. I kept blogging because I loved the community and learning about the craft, and I loved giving back. And I'm on hiatus now because in the end, it's all about the writing--it has to come first.

    Have a great week!

  8. I started blogging to build a platform. To make my work more attractive to agents. But I too was surprised by what I found in the "blogoshpere" - others sharing the same aspirations and struggles. And providing support.
    Now I blog mostly about the process of writing, my WIP and other topics related to writing.
    Btw - I really enjoy your blog.

  9. Alex:
    Yes, I could use some help with adding a page for my book trailers. Ah, actually I have the page -- I just can't get a link to it to show on my home page!

    I am the Wiley E Coyote of the blogverse!

    Yes, building a platform drew me. My friends have kept me around!

    E Arroyo:
    Which picture? My poor duck at risk? Or THE AVENGERS telling us to pursue our dream?

    Thank you so much for the Creative Award. At the end of BEST OF ENEMIES, I put a link to my blog so that if any reader wanted to say HI or YOU STINK! they knew where to go? LOL.

    One blog is more than I can handle some days so trying two staggers my imagination. I wish you luck with it and great sales with your Texas paranormal teen series. May your generate many fans.

    I've missed you. Yes, that duck has come to my rescue before. Once again, he has been snatched from the barrel of that menacing gun by my friends.

    Thank you for being the lone purchaser of BEST OF ENEMIES. I know you like Victor Standish -- his soul echo appears in the book. It is told through the eyes of his Victorian ghoul friend, Alice. I believe it is girl reader friendly! I hope you find a chance to at least read a chapter or two.

    BEST OF ENEMIES has Asgardians in it as well who attend the eerie high school, St. Marrok's. I thought that might be of interest to you. Skeggjold and Gurd are two Valkyries who make Alice's life "interesting."

    Ernie just send me a hate email, too! LOL.

    I wish you great luck in stretching out of your familiar genre into something new. The excerpt I read on your blog was riveting. Thanks for the support!

    When you emailed that my comment box wasn't working that unsettled me! And it upset the rubber duck, too! His poor head is at risk!

    And you are right. We cannot be published writers if we do not write. The blog must serve us not the other way around! I miss you, Roland

    My thought at beginning was of the agents, too. Now, I realize I will never get an agent -- I just am not the flavor of the moment. I enjoy your blog as well! Thanks for saying you like mine.

    AT&T still has me in exile. I am at work currently using my 15 minute break to hurriedly say HI to all my friends who have visited.


  10. I started my blog just to comment outside of the "anonymous" moniker. I kept blogging to be a part of the community, and to be known in the writing world.

    My blog focus has changed over the last three years; from being known, to finding a platform, and now I just want others - readers and writers - to be able to interact with me as a writer/reader/person.

    Maybe I finally found my platform as an info hound. I like shouting out news (eek no, not journalism), and participating in blog events, and writing to prompts to show off my writing skills, and get feedback. Mostly, I just like being a part of this world.

    But, I don't have any novels to sell (I write more short stories than anything, and have done pretty well at it), and I don't think I'd make the blogger community my main sales focus anyway. Blogging is a social network, but I maintain more for future readers/agents/publishers to get to know me better; and if occasionally a blogger buys, reads and reviews my story publications, that's just a bonus.

    Maybe I'll feel differently about my blogging motives if I ever have a novel out there for sale instead of short stories in anthologies or e-zines; but for now, I'm content just letting the blogger world teach me the ropes, and be someplace I can relate to.


  11. Donna:
    I am proud of you for selling so many of your short stories. I tried that route for a long while. It was as fruitless as my search for an agent.

    I know you would write a fantastic novel. Your talent shines through your posts and your short stories. Roland

  12. Hi Roland - I started my blog to learn something new .. decided I wanted to write about the things my mother and I talked about - eclectic British, European, Canadian or South African subjects .. places my mother had visited. I researched, brought topics to the hospital bed, we laughed - the blog developed.

    The unintended consequences - I've learnt more in this past 3+ years than in the many that have gone ... and more importantly - I've found a wonderful blogging community full of supportive friends, found out about very interesting subjects - that perhaps I wouldn't have bothered about in the real world ... and last but not least learnt that I can write to entertain.

    One day all this will evolve into something for my future ...

    Everyone I come across in the blogging world has dreams and I certainly hope those dreams are successful ... your story made a huge resonance with me ... cheers for now - Hilary

  13. Victor lassoos me into your blog of netherworldly characters and stories! :-)

    I hope you get all connected up soon!

    I don't think I hate anything about other blogs! Hate is too strong a word! LOL!

    It is quite physically tiring (for me!) though keeping up!

    Take care

  14. Oh no! Am I too late? Is the duck still alive? I'm only here for the duck you know. (;

  15. We liked your poor duckie photo today. My son and I, that is.

    I started a blog to "meet" other writers and it's been great for that.

    I just ignore all the people who constantly talk about their books and themselves. It is so SO annoying. I like all the support and friendship.
    And funny duck photos.

  16. Very nice post. :) I've never thought of you as an 'all about me' person, just so you know. :)

  17. Hilary:
    Always good to see you here! Yes, what we planned to accomplish with our blogs, with our other ventures seldom pan out ... but they do produce such great harvests, don't they?

    I am glad you visit and that you like visiting others. It truly is a world wide web, isn't it? Yet, it sometimes feel as if we are only cities apart!

    Victor thanks you! His soul echo appears again and again in BEST OF ENEMIES. His friends couldn't face the End of Days without him standing by their side!

    It is hard to keep up with all our friends though, isn't it? Especially me with AT&T exiling me from the internet except for those few precious minutes I can squeeze from my work breaks.

    The rubber duck thanks you! There is a story to that duck. He is one of the few things that survived Hurricane Rita here at the center. I found him in the debris of the center. Now, I have lost him again in my move to another apartment. I know he's a survivor. He just found new places to roam!

    I hope you tell your son about the story of Survivor Duck as I called him! Thanks for visiting and staying to chat!

    Thanks. It is so hard to know how you are perceived through the eyes and minds of others. Yours is a great blog, too. Roland