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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

THE END OF DAYS visits Jennifer Lane!


visits Jennifer Lane Books Blog:
END OF DAYS you ask. There's a story to that novel in more ways than one.
I received so much hate email due to the provocative cover to BEST OF ENEMIES that I commissioned a new cover ...

and I changed the title to better reflect the epic scope to the YA urban fantasy.

It also dove-tailed with some devastating news I later received so the title change is poetically ironic.

Jennifer Lane is a special lady and new good friend.

Her trade is in psychology as mine once was. And the meaning of a life well-lived is one of the themes to END OF DAYS. (Once again, unintentionally prophetic to my news which I am pledged to keep confidential.)

Jennifer doesn't read fantasy, so she is being a Super Trooper for doing a post on END OF DAYS. Reward her kindness to me by visiting and commenting, telling her what a friend she is.

Nathan Bransford has an intriguing question on his blog: Where did you hear about the book you're currently reading? So? Do recommendations sway you, or do you have to find a book on your own?

Judge: And what is your profession in general?
Accused: Poet-translator.
Judge: Who recognized you as a poet? Who listed you in the ranks of poets?
Accused: No one. Who listed me in the ranks of humanity?

—from a transcript of the trial of Joseph Brodsky (born on this day), taken down in shorthand by a Soviet journalist and sent to the Western press.


  1. Just visited Jennifer!
    And another awesome Nightwish trailer.

  2. Roland, I'm so sorry you got such a hard time for your Best of Enemies cover and that you've had bad news! I will head over to check the other blog.

  3. No offense to the artist but I like the first cover art better. This cover gives "star ships" & "wormhole" vibe like Star Trek and I am not big on Sci-Fi.

    However since I know what the book is about, the cover is immaterial. The first comment is just me from the standpoint of someone who is not familiar with you or the story.

  4. Alex:
    Wasn't that NIGHTWISH video great? And it fit into the theme of END OF DAYS, too.

    L. Diane:
    Yes, it is beautiful, isn't it? It gives the scope of the life or death crisis the Earth and all its inhabitants face from supernatural and extra-dimensional threats.

    Yes, many called my first cover pornorgraphic and slutty and an insult to female teens all across America. They weren't shy!

    I can see your point. But since I've sold all of four books so far, me commissioning another cover is something that I just cannot afford right now.

    I hope you enjoy the novel -- and it is filled with illustrations by the artist who did the first cover. I think you will be pleased. The book is worth the price for those illustrations alone. And the art of the first cover is within the pages of END OF DAYS.

    Thanks for an honest appraisal of my new cover. It's good to have such a friend as you, Roland

  5. Roland, now you have me all curious about your first cover! It was a pleasure having your new book featured on my blog and I am glad to call you a friend. Hopefully we got the word out about your YA urban fantasy!

  6. Jennifer:
    I emailed you my "saucy" scandalous first cover. Thank you for having me on your blog. I, too, am glad to call you friend. May both our books do great! Roland

  7. I'm playing catch-up on my blog reading and e-mails (the only good thing about being home sick is getting to spend quality time with my computer :)

    Love this cover. I didn't mind the other one either; it was provocative, just like the content of your novels. The other certainly let the reader know what they were in for.

    Hate mail? Really? Wow.

    I read through your last several posts, and I had to stop a while and listen to the Nightwish. Sometimes I think if I wouldn't like the music as much without the accompaning videos. They are a mini-movie themselves.

    One day I will have to go buy some of their CD's :)

    I hope life starts looking up for you Dear. There is no good time to receive bad news.


  8. Donna:
    Sorry that you are home sick. I can't read for enjoyment when I'm sick in body or at heart. Men are wimps! LOL.

    ONCE is a good CD to buy of NIGHTWISH. I believe it has CREEK MARY'S BLOOD, DARK CHEST OF WONDERS, and other good tunes. Yes, their video's are mini-movies.

    The video for this post reflects the themes in END OF DAYS. It is why I picked it.

    Thanks for the good thoughts. May you get better soon! Roland