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Monday, May 14, 2012


BEST OF ENEMIES is my version of THE AVENGERS movie. 

All my heroes united (bickering and fussing, of course) to prevent the End of Days. 

From Wolf Howl to Hibbs the bear with 2 shadows to Samuel McCord

to the ghost of Victor Standish and all of my secondary characters.

Here is a snippet from the beginning


where McCord has called Alice Wentworth, Becca (whose betrayal killed Victor), and her friend, Trish, to his table to announce he has adopted both Becca and Trish.  But there was a price:

        Becca looked sourly at McCord.  “You mentioned a price.”

He nodded sadly.  “School.  You’ll have to both go to school.”

Trish’s face beamed.  “Oh, could we, Becca?”

Becca frowned, “I don’t do school.”

I stiffened.  Those were Victor’s exact words to the captain when given that ultimatum days ago that now felt like months.  The Captain, then as now, was insistent.

“Home school or one that will most likely get both of you and Alice, too, killed.”

I cocked my head.  “Captain, I was home schooled a century before the term was coined.  I do not need what meager education today’s anemic classrooms can afford me.”

Becca snorted, “Maybe school will teach you not to speak like a reject from some Jane Austin novel.”

The Captain always seemed to know what Victor and I were thinking, so I was not shocked when he said low, “Alice, you want me to end you, don’t you?”

Becca and Trish both paled as I nodded.  “And going to this deadly school is the price?”

“Yes, Alice.  I’m sorry but you will have to buy your death.  In fact, what you find at this school may very well end you as you want.”

Becca grunted, “That doesn’t sound like any American school I ever heard of.”

Trish rasped, “What she said.”

Samuel stroked his chin.  “It isn’t an American school anymore.  It is a consulate one.”

I frowned, “Whose foreign soil, sir?”

“Avalon’s, Alice.”

I gasped, “The Sidhe have an embassy in New Orleans?”

He nodded.  “In all major American cities, Alice.”

Becca snorted, “Since when?”

“Since Roswell, Becca.  It wasn’t a UFO the Air Force downed that night, but a sky chariot of Queen Oyggia, the High Queen herself.  Since then, Avalon and the United States have had an uneasy diplomatic stalemate.”

I asked, “Did the Air Force ever release the queen?”

Samuel sighed, “After she killed everyone at the base, there was precious little protest from them when she left.”

Trish cleared her throat.  “I would imagine not.”

I leaned forward in my chair.  “So there are only Sidhe who attend this school you wish me to go to?”

McCord shook his head.  “No, fully a half of the students are human while the other half are made up of preternatural children.”

“Why ever for?” I sputtered.

He smiled sour.  “Quite clever on the Sidhe’s part.  They want human children to attend their schools to educate the sons and daughters of the ruling Sidhe families in the weaknesses and psyches of humans.”

Trish exclaimed, “Their schools are Trojan Horses!”

“More than you know,” nodded McCord.  “They want the preternatural children of this world to attend their schools so as to form alliances with revenants, Ningyo’s, Olympians, and the other Shadow Landers.”

Becca pushed her chair back.  “To make war on America!”

McCord shook his head.  “On the world.”


  1. Awesome, Roland! I'll do a shout-out for you on Wednesday. Many sales, my friend.

  2. Oh Roland. That was such a wonderul read. I've been sitting on my NEO for a while. You've inspired me. I suppose I better get started so my little Network of Extraordinaires and Otherwordlies can make a splash sooner than later.

  3. Now that is a wonderful read and a great cover. it's so slutty that it draws my eye like a good porno mag cover.

  4. Thank you, Alex!
    Alice is hoping for high sales, too, since this is told through her eyes. She's my Captain America in my urban fantasy AVENGERS!

    I'll be knocking on wood (thunk, thunk on the head) for your NEO!

    Ah, that wasn't what I was going for exactly! Provocative maybe! But I am glad you enjoyed what you read! Roland