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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


After the A-Z Challenge, we all are feeling a bit of burn out ...

even the iconic Alex Cavanaugh!

Here's a few tips that might help:

1.) Change your scenery:

J.K. Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book in a cafe near her flat in Edinburgh.

Neil Gaiman has been writing his latest novel in a small coffee shop. Natalie Goldberg also recommends writing in coffee shops.

It’s easy to get distracted by the household chores, the refrigerator, and television when you work and write from home.

2.) Rob a Bank:

With sirens wailing and police skreeching after you, burnout will be the last thing on your mind! (The ghost of Mark Twain made me put that in to see if you were paying attention!)

3.) Find quality time for the important people in your life:

Play board games with your children. Jog with your best friend. Never underestimate the power of creating good times with the people you love.

4.) Decompress and reflect:

 Spend a day at the beach. Watch the sunset. Check into a bed and breakfast or a hostel in another city and sleep in late. Choose to do something unrelated to writing. It’s a great way to re-charge your emotional batteries.

5.) Pilot your own boat:

Others will always have an idea how you can better steer your muse. Don’t allow other writers to drive you. Don’t make comparisons. There will always be better and worse writers than you. Focus on improving your writing and enjoy the process.


  1. All good advice, Roland, but I feel fresh after posting the A-Z on two blogs. So fresh it's straight into RomanticFridayWriters prompt today, lol!


  2. Fabulous advice! I am in serious need of a change of scenery!

  3. Not burned out, just need to write another book! Well, maybe a little drained.
    Probably taking my wife to the beach this weekend for some time away.

  4. Denise:
    You have more endurance than me! My day and night job make it a challenge to stay blogging these days!

    Be careful of downgrading burnout to "just a little drained." Jim Henson downgraded walking pneumonia to just a little cold, and it did not turn out so well for him! Enjoy your day at the beach.

    A change of scenery can make all the difference in the world! Roland

  5. I finally posted up something that wasn't a freaking book excerpt, and have joyfully been reading posts that are not part of the A-Z feeding frenzy.

    I mostly took a break from writing in April. I wrote a little, but now I'm itching to get back to my current project. I've been wrangling the worms all month. They want to get back to a draft I worked on last Fall-Spring, but I tell them to be patient, be patient. Finish the current project first, and then we can go back to that other one!

    Maybe I can trick them into writing a better story on my current piece, eh, so I'll be more anxious to write it!

    - Eric

  6. I didn't participate in A to Z, but I was exhausted from watching y'all! I love your advice, but think I'll pass on robbing a bank! lol. Although, it would make for some interesting first-hand experiences...hmm. Wonder what my police officer hubby would say? :) "I swear, honey, it was only for research purposes!"

  7. I'm a little toasted, that's all. I don't keep that pace normally.

    Loved that trailer. I already wanted to see the Avengers, and now, even more so. There's a couple of those heroes who are my faves.

    Robbing banks, no thanks. A person could get shot. Mark Twain,indeed.

  8. I can't wait to see the Avengers. I was shocked when Alex admitted to feeling somewhat burnt out. He's like Mr. Super Blogger. But this whole blogging thing can take a toll. lol

  9. Eric:
    My touble was that I was also writing my BEST OF ENEMIES while I was doing the A-Z Challenge! Whew!

    Being away from your project for a month might have jelled some plots twists and dialogue for you!

    He might be able to give you pointers on what NOT to do when robbing a bank! LOL. Hope that shoulder is doing better.

    D.G. :
    Yes, I am stoked to see THE AVENGERS but I am working this weekend! Rats. It is already a critic sensation in Europe.

    Alex is only human, after all! I truly want to see THE AVENGERS this weekend. But ... sigh ... work has to take precedence!! Rats. Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland

  10. RD jr was amusing and digital Hulk got the 2 biggest LOL moments in the film. It was ok imo but the wife loved it so mission accomplished.

    Skipped A-Z and didn;t post much altogether since I figured so many people were doing it that they really wouldn't spend much time reading my stuff. Work has been killing me anyway so all in all "neglecting" my blog was ok. I think it's time to get started on novel number 2 even though my first isn't moving too well which I expected being a new "writer".

  11. Hi Roland .. I'd rather be here - with the non-distraction of knowing I should be domestically employed - but I get a little exercise between the machine and general life.

    Sitting in a cafe would drive me demented! I'll meet you there for coffee .. but work - no thanks!

    Cheers and see you for reflections .. I see yours is up - Hilary