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Saturday, June 8, 2013


{Stunning cover by Leonora Roy}
In FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE, I start each chapter with a chilling actual quote from a government official.

But chilling government quotes did not stop with Hurricane Katrina.

Sarah Murnaghan is a 10-year-old girl who will die within weeks if she does not get a lung transplant. She is currently fighting a terminal case of cystic fibrosis.

But government regulations, thanks to “Obamacare”, have made it so that the lung she so desperately needs will be offered to adults first, who are on the waiting list.

To be considered an adult on the donor list, one must be at least 12 years of age.

So, only two years are preventing Sarah from receiving the transplant that would save her life. Without it, she will die from her disease.

Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, has been asked to get involved on behalf of the dying girl.

Rep. Tom Price of Georgia is desperately trying to convince Sebelius to interveine, saying to her, “it only takes your signature.”

Sarah’s family is at odds, pleading for the life of their child. They say it is well within Sebelius’ power to mandate an exception to give the transplant to the child.

Wednesday Sebelius responded to the family. She said their situation is “incredibly agonizing”….

But she will not step in.

Sebelius coldly said the situation is one where

“someone lives and someone dies.”

I am without words.  Do you have any?


  1. I have words: they have killed this child.

  2. Those rules and regulations were likely in place before socialized medicine.

    There will always be those in dire need. Fix the apparatus before you blame the operator.

  3. I remember when I was much younger and read disturbing books like Alas, Babylon and stories like The Lottery. Then, later in the 80's and 90's, it was reports where people were trying to legalize selective euthanization(sp) and the debate over what determined the quality of life and whether old people, people with disabilities, or people with circumstances that 'drained' the economy were worth keeping around and wouldn't we be better off without them.

    I believe we live in those times.

  4. Obamacare - I won't say anything more.
    That's cold beyond reason. What's the difference between a child and an adult?

  5. Underground for Tea:
    Yes, they have hidden behind regulations and killed a child. Sigh.

    The woman said she would initiate a report to investigate ways to help. It will take a year. 11 months too late. Double sigh.

    Words Crafter:
    In England, the elderly are denied certain treatments due to age. Michael Caine always believed if he had found fame but a year earlier, his father would have lived years longer. Triple Sigh.

    It is cold beyond humanity. As Words Crafter said: ALAS, BABYLON and THE LOTTERY are no longer fiction. Beyond sighs. :-(

    I have worked another 14 hours straight today which is why my replies are so late.