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Saturday, June 29, 2013


1. It's not the destination that is the treasure but the gems you pick up along the way.

    You can never know all that is within you if you don't test yourself.

    The people you meet along the way, both those that hurt as well as those who heal, will teach you how to be all you can be ... if you but listen.

2. Are you asking the wrong questions?

    Our being is filled with what we focus on. If you ask questions like, "How come I can't do this? Why is this so hard?"

    The mind may reply out of its despair, "Because you suck! Nothing goes your way! You don't deserve it that's why! You always fail! You aren't skilled enough!"

     Ask instead, "Is it possible for me to keep going? What can I do to make this easier?"

3. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone:

    No one has promised you that you're going to wake up in good health tomorrow with the ability to “get it all done.”

    Cherish the moment by appreciating the fragile beauty of it and by keeping the dream alive for yourself and others.

4. Think of the future YOU.

     Ten years from now don't you want to be able to look back on a life of being all you could be despite falls and mistakes?  We all fall.  Not all stagger back up ... only those who ten years later look back with pride on a life fully lived.

5. Driving with a near empty gas tank.

    People run out of gas in their automobile every day.  It is just as easy to keep a tank almost full as it is to keep it almost empty.

     You just have to stop to refill when you notice the needle dipping.

     Is your needle dipping right now?

     Then refill.

     Whatever makes you smile ... walking along the beach, listening to great music, talking to an old friend, watching a comedy.  DO IT.


       Continuing to try gives hope of a better outcome or more positive experiences, but quitting only guarantees no reward at all.

7. Your life is a song:

     The music may be forced on you, but the lyrics you choose to sing to it makes all the difference.
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  1. I love this blog!! Very well said. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. that last line about music and lyrics...priceless. again, your post coincides with what's in my brain. the quote circling around is (paraphrased) You only have one life. Spend it well.

    hope you're having a restful, safe weekend.

  3. Christine:
    I'm so happy that it touched one heart today.

    Words Crafter:
    Mark Twain wrote: "Life is a coin. You can spend it anyway you want, but you can only spend it once."

    I, of course, am working this weekend. Solo yet. Always a fun event. :-) May your weekend run along happily as you imagine spending it in a cool castle!! :-)

  4. I needed this motivation today, Roland, as it's my birthday. I've had a very tough week with a few things causing problems, so as this is our July 1st Canada Day weekend, you've set a more uplifting tone. Thanks!

    Wise advice, too.

    A friend of mine says a wise man(or woman) learns at least one thing from every person they meet.

    She then told me that I had taught her that 'you don't have to be like everyone else, who says they know everything?'. . .This was important to her as she had always felt like a failure as her family had treated her that way.

    Have a great weekend. I will catch up the older posts comments.

  5. D.G.:
    No one is a failure who finds the strength to be kind to another along the hard path. I am grieved that times have been grim for you lately. Sometimes pain burns inside us so that we cannot see the way to go. I pray for you to have the light to see which path you should take and have the strength given you to take it.

    Take care, Roland

  6. Again! Gah. You're on a roll this week... I think you might have single-handedly saved my sanity with your progression of inspiring/relatable posts. Thank you, Roland!

  7. Morgan:
    You've made my morning with your words. I'm very happy that I've helped in some small way. As humans in a harsh world, we walk in the dark -- but that doesn't mean we have to walk it alone. :-)

  8. Alex:
    I get the impression that you want to follow your music on the path that is opening up to you right now.

    You must follow your instincts and heart, of course. Yet, I have seen many friends leave a dream that is flourishing, thinking they could always go back. Times and contacts wandered off in the meanwhile and two dreams were shipwrecked.

    Just a thought.

    We all need to recharge our emotional and creative batteries. May The Father guide you. :-)

  9. I agree with everyone's sentiments (above). Another outstanding post. Don't know how you do it, Roland!

    You're like the EverReady Battery - you just go on and on and on and on ... in a good way!

    Have a good weekend and drive safely :)

  10. Wendy:
    Some days it gets hard to blog daily on something I feel with help or amuse! Thanks for the good words!!

  11. Such a great post. I'm often guilty of asking the wrong questions.