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Saturday, June 8, 2013


I am Day.

I am Night.

I am the World.

I am the Turquoise Woman.

And a traveler like all of you.

You walk miles. I spin through the vastness of space, listening to the ghost songs of the solar winds.

I awakened already spinning through space, hugged to the sun's warmth by his invisible arms of gravity.

But the sun is a distant lover and following his own path through the stars, drawn by bonds of his own.

He is caught like a glistening bead of dew in the web of the solar system.

Together, he and my sisters journey in a cluster which is itself part of a moving community of stars you call the Milky Way.

Travelers all, we can neither turn to the left nor to the right of our own volition.

We are children of gravity and explosion, cast into the darkness by forces we little understand or know.

I used to envy you your freedom of movement, of choice. But the longer I watched your scurrying over my surface, the more a dark truth spoke to me :

You, too, are children of the gravity of your species and the explosion of the times around you which you little understand or know.

You bristle with denial?

If you cannot understand your own heart, how can you understand another's?

Which choices are yours totally?

As gravity and momentum send me on my path, so do your DNA, location, and experience spread the pattern of the paths before you.

You are no more free than I am or the goldfish wandering the narrow confines of its bowl.

From within its bowl, the world seems so large to the goldfish. Yet, it is trapped within invisible walls.

As are you.

Freedom is an illusion to the goldfish, to me, and to you.

Do we choose or do the choices choose us?
I have always pictured Cate Blanchett as The Turquoise Woman:


 But I really want to see this movie:


  1. Let me see if I can say this and make it make sense. I agree about freedom being an illusion. As is control. We may want to do or say or be...yet circumstances, situations, and expectations often negate those desires. History, DNA, and personality make us who and what we are. Basically, the only freedom we have is what we make of it. Yet, again, to a degree, we are still limited. Gee, I can talk myself into a circle here :))

  2. Words Crafter:
    The Turquoise Woman is a circle so trying to think her thoughts is a bit dizzying!

    Wolf Howl in THE LAST SHAMAN says that to believe that free will exists at all is our first act of it. :-)

    We have options and we choose from them. Insightful reply. :-)

  3. I agree with Wolf Howl. We may not always be happy with the choices presented to us (I'm certainly not), but as long as we are free to choose, we have free will. Those who deny free will are usually cowards (as opposed to the the cowed), who don't have the courage to take responsibility for their choices. For them, it's always someone else's fault.

    VR Barkowski

  4. VR:
    Exactly. We may not have the freedom to choose everything, but we have the ultimate choice -- the ability to choose the attitude we will take to the options available to us. Good to see you here! :-)

  5. Hi Roland .. we choose what we do as we go along the minutes, hours, days and weeks etc .. we can second-guess our future .. but we can 'push' in the direction we'd like to go in ..

    So we do have freedom .. we just need to realise it, make the best of life, and make good choices

    Cheers Hilary