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Friday, October 25, 2013


There are myths to audiobooks.  Did you know that?
MYTH #1: Audiobooks are too expensive.
Excuse me?  You can take advantage of Audible's 30 day free trial, download my book, and then cancel before the month is up, getting my audiobook and PAYING NOTHING.
Free is pretty affordable.
"All right," you say, "but what if I find I like audiobooks and want to listen to more?"
Any public library worth its salt is going to have an enormous audiobook collection of current sought-after titles.
And if they don’t have the exact title you want, they’ll borrow it from another library for you.
They’ll typically carry audiobooks in multiple formats, including audio cds, mp3 cds, and downloadable mp3s through apps like Overdrive and One Click Digital.
MYTH #2: Audiobooks are less intimate than print.
For young kids especially, listening comprehension exceeds reading comprehension. Do we not crawl before we walk and talk before we read?
When you listen to audio books it helps with vocabulary. More words listened to in context, more words learned!
One of my favorite kinds of audiobooks are memoirs,

and the intimacy of listening to an author read her life story to me while it’s just she and I alone together in my car is epic.
MYTH #3: I’ll miss out on something if I don’t read the print.
Audiobook narrators often breathe new life into books with their amazing nuanced interpretations, which goes quadruple if it’s read by the author and the author’s good at reading out loud.
MYTH #4: Audiobooks are for people who don’t really like to read.
Chances are if you know someone who reads more than you thought humanly possible, they are at least supplementing with audio. (Or they’re a witch.)
MYTH #5: I have no reason to listen to audiobooks when I can just read the print.
My number one reason for loving audiobooks is that they let me keep right on reading whether I’m walking, running, driving, or out-running zombies.
And I do a lot of some of those things. (Well, not so much the zombie thing.)
With audiobooks, any activity that requires the use of your eyes and hands but not your ears is now potential reading time.

How is this not every bookish person’s dream come true?! 
Audiobooks let you maximize your reading time and READ ALL THE THINGS YOU'VE WANTED TO READ.
My 1st SERIAL TRILOGY continues


  1. Excellent points in favor of audiobooks, Roland. Good luck.
    Hope your weekend is a calm one.

  2. They are good for traveling as well.
    Which is of course why you enjoy them!

  3. With Whispersync between Audible and Amazon, one can alternate between the ebook and the audiobook wherever they left off.

    Plus, many audiobook titles, are steeply discounted if you get the Kindle version first. For example, readers can obtain the kindle and audiobook version of Flank Hawk for $5.99.

    You might look into that, Roland...also the link to your book on Audible is broken...goes to Audible but not to your title.

  4. D.G.:
    Weekends are my solo blood run time while also being on first call! So now calm for me ... which is why it's taken so long for me to comment. Sorry!

    You found me out. I'm listening to the Spenser series on audiobook right now -- except for Burt Reynolds doing the narration -- he mumbles if you can believe it!!

    Two of my audiobooks, THE LAST SHAMAN and BLOOD WILL TELL, are only $6! I have fixed the broken link -- if you are taken to the audible site just type CREOLE KNIGHTS in the search box, and you'll be taken there.

    I wish you the greatest of luck and sales with your audiobooks. :-)