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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Several previous Kindle Fire rumors have been hitting the internet,

with one of the latest mentioning that Amazon might eventually offer its tablets for free, with Amazon Prime subscriptions!

A new report speculates that Amazon may start offering the item free as extra incentive to keep customers on board.

Amazon is looking to jumpstart its way into the increasingly competitive tablet market.

The new Google Nexus 7 has been enjoying success with its Android Jelly Bean operating system, meaning Amazon wants to get its product into the mix as soon as it can.

In other news:

1.) Robert Pattinson from the Twilight saga joins Naomi Watts in the cast of a forthcoming biopic about English adventuress Gertrude Bell.

The plot will focus on Bell (played by Naomi Watts), an author, political activist, archeologist and British spy during World War I. She is mainly remembered for her crucial role in the creation of Iraq, alongside Lawrence of Arabia.

Robert Pattinson will play British army officer Lawrence of Arabia, a role that earned Peter O'Toole an Academy Award in 1962.

2.) The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins has surpassed J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series as the best-selling books of all time—print and e-books combined—on

3.)The 50 Shades of Grey movie casting craziness continues

with yet another interesting choice for the role of Christian Grey—

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf. So would the eccentric actor do it?

Shia did recently get completely nude in the short film Fjögur píanó,

but that's not the reason that PolicyMic thinks that he would be okay with playing flogger-wielding seducer Mr. Grey.

According to Shia, he's about to have real sex in the movie Nymphomaniac.

So what do you make of all these rumors and news bits?


  1. I want to trade off my old fire with the new one.

    Shia as Grey? Can't see it, he doesn't look & sound polished enough with his "accent" plus he's kinda short to be Christian.

    Love Olivia Wilde!

  2. Braine:
    I almost choked when I read the article suggesting Shia as Grey. Like you, I love Olivia Wilde. She sttikes me not only as beautiful but as intelligent as well.

    Amazon may shoot itself in the foot if they let these rumors go on for much longer. If the actual article doesn't live up to the hype, Google may be the ultimate winner. Thanks for dropping by and gossiping with me. ;-)

  3. I may become a prime member just to get a free Kindle fire! I have problems pre-paying for books I haven't ordered yet though. I don't like the $20 a year B&N charges either for discounts on books. What if I don't buy even $20 worth in the year? Amazon prime is the same concept; they want to be sure to get SOME money out of everyone. I'm stubborn; I don't like it . .

    I haven't read 50 Shades yet, not sure I'll spend the money on it; but I just don't see Shia as a sexy guy. How about Ryan Kwanten or Alexander Skarsgard? Yum. I thought Grey was an older man though, so Daniel Craig always works . .

    Love the Dead Fall trailer. Can't wait to see the movie.


  4. I eagerly await whatever Amazon plans to unveil to get the lion's share of holiday ebook sales. I'm pretty sure it's going to be big and fantastic and will put them squarely in the front.

  5. Donna:
    Amazon offers so much more than free books through Prime. They offer free movies, free television seasons of shows, free 2 day shipping.

    It is just that with my meager blood courier pay, it is easier to pay item by item for me!

    I think both your picks of Alexander Skarskard or Daniel Craig would be spot on for the lead of 50 ... though I have not read it and only know of it from the hype.

    I can't wait to see DEADFALL either. That and SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED!

    Like you, I feel Amazon will do something big to keep its profits high and its hand in the tech game!

  6. Interesting about the Hunger Games. And real sex on film? No way I could even fake it!

  7. Alex:
    I am intrigued about the sales figure from THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy as are you. After all, HK had 7 monster sellers against only 3. (Scratches his head) but sometimes news headlines are wrong, too!

    And real sex on film like Shea claims? Every star I have ever read (including Charlize Theron) say they are awkward, boring, and sometimes painful what with the unusual positions the stars have to make for clever angles for unrealistically long periods.

    But I would assail a faking of it as you say with Olivia Wilde! Of course when she saw me, she would consult with her agent and her attorney!! :-)

  8. Interesting rumors here...

    Me, being the HUGE HP fan that I am, find it VERY hard to believe that HG has more sales. As for what has been previously said ... 7 books to 3... do the math. I THINK NOT!

    Haven't read Shades, and frankly with all the hope have little interest, so casting won't change my life. So many films have cast such amazing literary characters so poorly on SO many occasions, I seriously would just rather read the book.

    Only really special films capture the magic from the prose.

  9. Michael:
    I think not either! Amazon is obviously not doing its math correctly!

    Bondage is not something that appeals to me. I want a partner not a slave! Give me someone with heart, wit, and compassion ... that is my idea of relationship. No 50 SHADES for me either. Thanks for dropping by. I've missed you.

    I am starting 7 days straight at work with half of that on first call after a day of working. I need to sell more books! LOL.