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Friday, August 3, 2012

THE CONTEST with one rival ... THE RIVAL!

THE RIVAL has huffed & puffed its way to #29 on AMAZON!

Thanks to all of you who have helped.
You know me.

I seem compelled to do a contest for my books.

Ah, Alice strongly urged it while eyeing my fingers.

I will never think of finger sandwiches the same way!

Simple rules:

1.) "Like" THE RIVAL

and comment here that you did so. That gets you ONE entry.

2.) Do a post of my contest or a review of THE RIVAL on Amazon.

That gets you TWO entries! Let me know here.

3.) Download END OF DAYS (which picks up where THE RIVAL leaves off)

and comment here that you did so. THAT GETS YOU THREE ENTRIES!

And really with the 13 beautiful interior illustrations by Leonora Roy, you will already be a winner just to be able to see those fantastic images.


An autograph of Scarlet Johansson!

An autograph of Robert Downey, Jr!

Drawing to be held SEPTEMBER 1ST! How cool is this?

And here is one of the 13 lovely interior illustrations to END OF DAYS:


  1. I will post about your contest without need of an entry.

  2. Good luck Roland. I too wish you well with your book launch.

    I'm trying to produce a trailer, but finding a budget audio track is stalling me at the moment.

  3. Very cool! I gave it a tweet!! :)

  4. Roland, got you covered on all points. Waiting for approaval on some artwork but should have my post up later today. I already won an awesome autograph from you so you don't need to enter me in your contest but good luck, I hope you get a lot of entries! Getting a tweet from me as well :)

  5. Good luck with the launch, Roland!

  6. Alex:
    Thanks! It's good to know you have my back!

    If it weren't for Wendy Tyler Ryan, who is a genius at book traliers, mine would look like stick figures set to my humming the Darth Vader theme!

    Wendy is ill at the moment, but she might have a source for you to find an affordable tune. Her PAPYRUS PRODUCTIONS link is on my sidebar.

    Didn't she make a chilling trailer?

    Thanks so much for the tweet. You are a good friend.

    Thanks for all you do! Your autograph is going into the mails this upcoming Monday, along with Alex's as well.

    I sometimes feel as if I am trying to push a huge boulder up Mt. Everest with my books! I somehow need to break out of the tiny corner of the internet we all seemed anchored in and leap into the internet mainstream.

    I know. I'll ask Megan Fox to leave her handsome husband for me! She'll do that, right? Ah, right?

    Sigh. I hate reality sometimes. :-)

    Thanks for the support. You're a good friend, Roland

  7. Wow! I've lost FOUR followers since I started this latest campaign. Am I really being offensive somehow? I support as many of my friends who publish books, buying each one whether I have the time to read or not. (Shakes his head)

    All of you who write and support my silly dream ... I thank you!

  8. Congrats for hitting #29! Those four followers are missing put, you're far from offensive.

  9. Thanks, Braine:
    I am so close to my dream that sometimes I do a "reality check" to see if somehow I've gone NSF in self-focus! Happy Saturday!

  10. No need to enter me, but I will mention this week. I also liked. :)

  11. Ciara:
    You've just made Alice's day! Of course, she didn't see Victor send a wink your way either ... you're safe! :-)

  12. okay... our covers to our books are very similar... so i think we have to wrestle. i enjoyed your trailer. i am such an iron man fan, i cannot tell you, so i will follow your contest rules. also i am having two giveaways "zombie clock" and "cd"... so enough about me. let's wrestle.
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  13. Jeremy:
    LOL. That would be Leonora Roy, the cover artist, you would have to wrestle ... which come to think of it might be more enjoyable ... for a moment ... she's a black belt. Thanks for entering my contest. I'm heading over to your blog now, Roland

  14. Liked and tweeted! Awesome book and contest Roland.

  15. Maurice Mitchell:
    Thanks so much and you are double entried!!

  16. Thanks, Jay!
    You are entered. Hope you win!