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Saturday, August 4, 2012


What emotion takes you when you see this photo?

It is the cover for the new DIANA KRALL album.


I have read she is uncomfortable in being photographed in sexy poses for her albums.

Ally Sheedy once said, "Hollywood is the definition of sexual discrimination."

Here is another cover shot where Diana was uncomfortable at being photographed as a sex symbol.

The shame of it is that I would have bought her album no matter the cover.

That it might have been the cause of discomfort to an artist whose voice and talent I enjoy is hurtful to me.

What do you think?

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  1. Diana Krall is great, she reminds me at times of Billie Holiday. It is sad that sex is used as a ploy to sell when the artist is uncomfortable with it, but the lords of the money machine will never change.No matter what anyone says, it is human nature to judge a book by its cover.

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  3. It is a shame that she was made to feel uncomfortable. Especially for such a talented artist whose voice is more than enough to sell an album.

  4. Maybe I'm totally naive but if I were her I would have refused to do that first cover. She could still look sexy with more clothes on.

  5. Siv:
    Sigh, no the Lords of the Money Machine will never change. Sex sells so poor Diana was pressured. She has done none-sexy covers, and I bet they did not do as well. Human Nature is all too predictable sometimes. :-(

    I'm so happy that you like Diana Krall's voice, too. I hope Diana's fate turns out better than Billie Holiday's.

    I am with you there! When I saw in my inbox that Diana had a new album out, my fingers were blurs going to Amazon, only to be pulled up short by the expression on Diana's face on that album cover.

    There is more going on than we know. She has children and an aging husband. The producers and the studio have pointed out the dropping sales to her latest albums. To keep her contract, to provide for her children and their futures ... maybe she decided to do that cover. Sigh. :-(

  6. The second one is just beautiful. It's sexy yet tasteful. She just looks uncomfortable in the first one.

  7. Alex:
    Yes, I really liked the cover to THE LOOK OF LOVE: elegant and sexy. The cover to her latest album just makes me feel sad for her.

  8. Diana Krall is one of my faves, Roland, I like 'Cry me a River'.

    Sexism sells, shows how predictable buyers are.

    Diana has a unique voice, like Billie Holiday and Etta James. With Diana married to smart Elvis C., I think she'll do better than poor Billie.

  9. D.G:
    Really? I love her CRY ME A RIVER as well. I hope that Elvis C. watches out for her. But some things get lost in a marriage ... sadly sometimes it is concern & compassion for your partner.

    Have a great Sunday! Roland

  10. So, sad, the price for success. Unfortunately artists have been exploited since the beginning of time. It's par for the course... Look at poor Marilyn Monroe and what she had to do... REALLY sad.

  11. Yes, Michael:
    So sad. I had hoped her husband, Elvis Costello, would step in for her. But marriage sometimes loses fire and compassion over the years and stresses. Thanks for visiting and staying to chat over my cyber-fence, Roland

  12. I feel angry that she is under such pressure to do something she's not comfortable with. I'd hope that being a big enough name would allow her the freedom to pick and choose how she is represented but I'm angry that the powers that be who control her future are able to bully her into doing something she is not happy doing. She is very beautiful but her talents are with her voice and artistic creativity and her inner soul.

    Take care

  13. unfortunately, marketing has determined that sex sells. I am sad for Diana that she's been forced into selling herself that way.

  14. Kitty:
    It makes me angry, too. I would like to somehow be able to say to her that we all are forced into uncomfortable things and that she is more, not less, because she did it for her children.

    Her lovely voice and talent should be enough for the studio ... but we all know there are no "shoulds" just what is. Thanks for being outraged with me. :-)

    As one movie mogul said, "It is Show BUSINESS not Show ART." I have always hated bullies. I hate the ones who forced Diana into this. I am tempted not to buy the album, but the message would be lost. And I would lose the gift of her voice. Sigh. Thanks for writing, Roland