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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hibbs, the cub with no clue -- and no breath, here!

Huff. Pant. Gasp. All this running is wearing me out!

Miss Olivia, I'll be there. Don't you worry!

But first, I want to read Mr. Roland's entry into Mr. Michael's HARRY POTTER BEST MATE blogfest :

{From the journal of Captain Samuel McCord} :

I walked through the mirror into Dumbledore's office. The scent to the air was of cherry blossoms. I smiled bitterly. It was the perfume of my wife, Meilori. He was trying to make me feel welcome and only managing to make me feel more alone.

Poor Albus. He was so wise in so many things ...

just not in matters of the heart.

Which explained his being fooled by Gellert Grindelwald.

I made my way through the maze of spindly tables upon which sat delicate looking silver instruments that whirred and emitted small puffs of smoke, as well as an incredible collection of books, which made up Dumbledore's private library, and his ill-advised Pensieve.

Fawkes the phoenix chirped my way. I winked back. The Sorting Hat chuckled. I grinned back.

Albus smiled as if it hurt him. "Come sit down, Samuel."

He was tall, thin and very old, judging by the silver of his hair and beard, which were both long enough to tuck into his belt. He was wearing long robes, and a purple cloak.

His nose was very long and crooked. Being broken will do that to a nose. The first break came from Gellert's fist. The second came from mine in the fight that broke out when I told him the truth about Gellert.

He forgave me. Friends do that. Even to friends who speak painful truths.

As I sat down at his round desk, I pointed to his withered right hand. "Voldemort?"

He shook his head. "I myself have opened the door to the next great adventure I'm afraid."

I started to reach for his gnarled right hand. "Maybe I can ...."

A voice with all the warmth of a slap said to my left, "Do what the world's mightiest wizard could not do? Hardly!"

I turned. Serverus Snape. He gloomed a room just by entering it.

I smiled crooked. "Still wearing the cast-off's from THE ADAMS FAMILY movie I see. Angelica Huston looked better in that dress."

His right eyebrow arched so high that I was surprised it didn't cut his forehead. "How droll. Low humor from a muggle. How unsurprising."

I wagged a gloved forefinger at him. "You know you like me."

Snape looked as if he smelled his own upper lip. "Me? A friend to a muggle?"

Albus' blue eyes twinkled. "You will note that he did not deny it."

He pointed to the empty seat at the other side of the table. "Come, Serverus. Samuel promised to teach us that colorfully named game. Ah, what was it now?"

The blood of the Angel of Death burned cold in my veins as it murmured I would never see either one of them alive again. I managed a smile.

"Texas Hold 'Em."

Snape sniffed the air touched with the kiss of cherry blossoms and looked at me with haunted eyes.

"You still love her though she deserted you? After all this time?"

I nodded, and though we both saw different faces, we both said the same word,


Albus' eyes grew wet as he looked at the two of us. "I, as well."

And so three friends drawn together by broken hearts and lost love dealt meaningless cards to one another into the dregs of the hollow night.



  1. Hi Roland .. gosh that was a real Harry Potter melee .. so interesting to read - felt really back at Hogwarts .. even though I've only scanned a few of the books and seen a tv version of the films ..

    and Jesse Cook's music is wonderful .. loved this - many thanks - enjoy the week .. Hilary

  2. Thanks, Hilary. Some of my friends can tell you the individual ingrediants to any of the spells. That is way beyond my scope of the books! LOL.

    Glad you enjoyed my entry. Have a great week yourself, Roland

  3. I think JK should do a whopping revision and include this! Love your entry - couldn't be more different to mine. The beauty of blogfests!

  4. Fantastic. Loved your Harry Porter blogfest!

  5. I couldn't put it down! This was very dark, and so well written. Fabulous :-)

  6. Awesome, Roland! What a fun read. :)

  7. This was really good. Nice details and lots of unspoken emotion. Just like men. They talk without talking. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. I just do not know anything about Potter. A bandwagon I never hopped on :) But your writing so makes me want to.

    Dropping by to check-in, wish you well and hope those storms did not get you last night.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. Ha! Fabulous idea! I love teaching Dumbledore and Snape Texas Hold 'Em! I always get Dumbledore when I do Potter personality tests--I think you've done him extremely well--Snape, too! And you've definitely picked the series' two most intriguing characters for friends.

  10. What a great line: He gloomed a room just by entering it. I laughed.

    Love the music, I hadn't heard it before. And the video was so poetic of a broken heart. Great job on the total.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  11. I love this idea of a broken hearts club--and it's wonderful to see some of the adult characters featured.

  12. Awesome bit for the HP fest!! I loved it.

  13. SO FANTASTIC! Really, Roland. Your imagery, description, and dialogue is FLAWLESS. Like Nancy, I loved the line that Snape "Gloomed a room."

    You did Snape to perfection. BRAVO!


  14. Margo : JK's books are thick enough without adding of my prose to it! LOL. But thanks for the compliment. Blogfests are fun, aren't they? I'm heading to your entry right after this.

    Nas : Thanks. Good to see you here.

    Tony : It was a gloomy midnight when I wrote it so the atmosphere just sort of creeped in. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    PK : I had fun writing this, so I'm really glad you had fun reading this.

    Heather : We men don't share hurts well, so we just gruff and puff with kindred spirits! You're perceptive to notice that.

    Jules : I started the books after seeing the first movie with a friend. She loved the books so that I read them so I could share the joy of talking about them with her.

    Hart : I would probably score Fawlkes in Potter personality test! I always thought I wanted to see more of Dumbledore's adventures. And isn't Snape fun to write? Thanks for enjoying my little experiment.

    Nancy : I thought that line fit the mood of a Potter novel. And isn't that video something? I truly enjoy Jesse Cook's music.

    Laurel : Being a former teacher, I just seem to have been drawn to the teacher characters in the Potter novels. And a broken hearts club seemed natural between those three characters.

    Colene : Glad you visited and liked what you read. Always good to see you here. My work as a blood courier leaves me so little free time lately to visit as much as I would like.

    Michael : Such praise from a Potter fan like yourself means a lot to me. Hope all the entries tickle your Potter bone in some way. Roland

  15. Aw that was sweet and emotional. Nice take on the fest!

  16. Don't tell J.K. but I think you did a better Snape. ;)

  17. Abby : I'm a softie and a romantic at heart. Sometimes I just have to give in to it when I write. LOL.

    Heather : That is such a nice compliment -- thanks. I think JK has enough millions not to care what we think! LOL.

  18. That was fantastic! I had goosebumps - felt right back at Hogwarts!

  19. "He gloomed a room just by entering it."

    Loved the line. Awesome entry; it felt so like their portrayed characters. I can see Dumbledore enjoying the game Texas Hold 'Em.


  20. Thanks, Laura. I tried to do JK justice.

    Donna : I thought the unrequited love of both Snapes and Dumbledore hadn't been acknowledged as it should. So then, this blogfest shows up and so I did it for JK. I'm sure she'd be impressed. LOL. Thanks for liking my entry, Roland

  21. Love it that they're playing Texas Hold 'Em. Great take on the prompt!

  22. This made me smile.
    Poignant with a touch of humor. So you.

  23. That was wonderful! I felt like I was reading a short short story (a furture flash fiction contest entry, perhaps? With J.K. Rowling's consent, of course.;)

    Loved the line about Snape looking as though he'd smelled his own upper lip. Great!

  24. I enjoyed your gathering, bittersweet with humor and a sense of loss.

  25. Now Dumbledore would be a worthy friend, and you showed us with a story-very nice!

  26. Another Snape. Wow.

    Loved the story, the poker, and the hint of sadness. Well done!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  27. Nice, Roland! Enjoyed your version of this blogfesting. :) What a fun idea. Have a great week!

  28. Bess : I chuckled at the mental images of wise Dumbledore and sour Snapes playing Texas Hold'Em.

    Jo : Thanks for the grand compliment!

    Jeanmarie : Haven't you been confronted by snobbish people who do look as if they are displeased with the smell of their own upper lip? LOL. I'm happy I could capture the sense of being at Hogwarts.

    Marsha : Thanks for liking my little poker gathering for bruised hearts and battlefield humor.

    Susan : I always thought Dumbledore would make for the most excellent of friends : wise, witty, and compassionate.

    Marie : Thanks for visiting and following. I always try to add depth and humor mingled with sadness to my tales.

    Carol : I thought I would bring my own unique take on this blogfest. The best truths are sometimes taught by parable. Have a great week yourself! Roland

  29. Yay!!!!!! I adore Prof. Snape and I'm so glad Sam is his friend. He needs one!

    Great entry :)

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  32. wonderful blog. glad to be here :)

  33. WordsCrafter : Yes, it always saddened me how friendless his life seemed.

    Lines N Shades : Glad to have you visit. Come back, hear? Roland

  34. Wonderful entry! Albus and Snape are such interesting characters.

  35. hello Roland,
    I am a fan of Harry Potter, Often I want to be there, where he lives!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Kisses and more^^

  36. Great passage. I'd love to hang out at Hogwarts.

  37. Dumbledore and Snape! Poker! Oh, this was fun to read.

  38. You sold me with the beautiful indians and bears, besides anyone who likes Dean Kootz knows what they are talking about. Applause is a great start looking forward to your B word :)

  39. Rebecca : To be where Harry Potter lives? It is a dark world full of magic, friendship, and those who would do anything for power -- much like our own. Perhaps we are already living in it, and we must become the magic we would wish to see in the world?

    M Pax, glad you liked my peeking into Hogwarts.

    Deniz : Can't you imagine Snape's words when he loses, and the struggle on his face to keep the glee from his eyes when Sam intentionally deals him a Royal Flush?

    Siv : Thanks. Yours is a great blog. I'm glad I found it. And applause is something we all need from time to time ... especially from those who give it least! Hibbs, stop looking at me like that. I praise you a ... well, maybe not a lot, but sometimes. Ah, a few times. LOL.