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Saturday, April 14, 2012


No painting exists of me. No photo. This sculpture is the only Aztec carving I did not destroy.

The human, Angelina Jolie, comes closest to my bearing.

I am Meilori Shinseen, empress of the Ningyo Shadow Empire,

wife to Samuel McCord --

owner of the jazz club/dimensional nexus, named after me.

captain of the Texas Rangers,

King of fools,

and captor of my heart.

None have painted me and lived ... until my husband painted me with words. Listen to Samuel's description of me when we first met :

"I stiffened as the fog thinned enough for me to make out her slanted eyes, not quite Japanese, not quite Chinese, but a beautiful blend of the two.

But no. She was of a different race entirely. The fog had thrown me off.

The woman spoke, and it was as if her vocal chords were velvet. Her accent. It sent shivers through me. It was like human speech itself was a foreign language to her.

She was one of those haunted-eyed women you attached your own hidden fears and silent sorrows to.

Close-up her eyes weren't cold jade as they had seemed farther away. They were filled with echoes of regret. The coldness had just been a bold front to hide the fact that they'd lost their way a long time ago.

There were disturbing depths of sadness in those eyes. Depths in whose darkness swam the monsters which drive us or haunt us or both.

Those depths whispered of age more ancient than the Aztecs, more dangerous than even my past. They both beckoned and warned at the same time."


If you listen with your third ear, you will hear a young Marlene Dietrich singing of me in the decadent Berlin of 1927 :

"Want to buy some illusions,
Slightly used, second hand?
They were lovely illusions,
Reaching high, built on sand.

They had a touch of Paradise,
A spell you can't explain :
For in this crazy Paradise,
You are in love with pain.

Want to buy some illusions,
Slightly used, just like new?
Such romantic illusions --
And they're all about you.

I sell them all for a penny,
They make pretty souvenirs.
Take my lovely illusions --
Some for laughs, some for tears."

Frederick Hollander wrote that for me. Marlene sang it at my table in her black tuxedo. Samuel held my hand -- and my heart -- throughout the song. It did not help.

I am Meilori Shinseen. I am Ningyo. I am Empress.

And I alone know the dark end of my song -- and Samuel's.


  1. Wow. 5 O'Clock and no comments. Not even an echo. I can take a hint.

  2. I'm here! I'm here! Just got back from a party!

    I've met Meilori previously. She sounds like an exotic beauty, and wow, I am mesmerised by those haunting eyes just reading about them!

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  3. I liked: the human, Angelina Jolie, comes closest to my bearing. Very mysterious.

  4. Hi Roland, sorry it has taken me until 'M' to come by for a visit, just been busy visiting the many other sites on the list.

    Intense, Meilori seems a mystery!

    Is it okay with you if I post a review of Victor Standish amongst my post for 'V'. I had not forgotten your generous gift after mentioning I was interested in learning more about his character.

    Let me know.

  5. Thank you, JC:
    I was beginning to feel like I was hopelessly playing to an empty house, and it was indeed time to pack up my cyber bags! That you are intrigued by Meilori's eyes means a lot, coming from you.

    Thanks. Your praise meant a lot to me.

    Good of you to visit! Yes, Meilori is not human, nor always was she admirable. The screams of Aztec sacrifices for mercy fell on her deaf ears. Brrr.

    It would be great of you to post a review of Victor in your post for V. Actually his fate, whether he lives or dies, rests in the readers' hands. Your post could save his life. Victor has his hat in his hands right now, giving you the infamous PUSS N BOOTS sorrowful look! :-) Roland