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Thursday, April 26, 2012

X is for XENA_It's Not About Those Long Legs ... well maybe a little

X is for XENA.

I have a Xena Shrine in my apartment ...

at least that's what my best friend, Sandra calls it.

Autographed plaques of Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Rene O'Connor (Gabrielle)on a wall.

Porcelain statues of them both underneath the plaques

Why is XENA important to me?

One reason is that Mother loved it. She went into the orphanage an impressionable Gabrielle.

Mother emerged from it a steel-tempered Xena.

She saw bits of herself in both characters.

The second reason has to do with REDEMPTION:

XENA is story of redemption.

A violent woman coming to her senses at the sight of her men about to kill a baby.

She couldn't silence the voices of the ghosts of her victims.

All she could do was stand in between the wolves and monsters such as she had become.

Her mantra?

What you do long enough, you become.  What did she become?
She became legend.

XENA in image and name belongs to Universal Studios.  Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor insist on owning themselves.


  1. That was a great show. From Hercules to her own series. And she was also a recurring character on Battlestar Galactica.
    Autographed pictures, huh? Good score!

  2. Alex:
    Sandra jokes that I think some of Lucy and Renee's DNA is on those autographs! Lucy got to play multiple characters (or at least multiple identical Cylons in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA).

    I have taken to collecting autographed movie posters from FROM DUSK TO DAWN, PULP FICTION, TITANIC, BATMAN BEGINS, to GLADIATOR, etc.

    We're almost at the end of the a-Z Challenge. Whew!!!

  3. Good choice for X! She made a good cylon in Battlestar Galactica too.

  4. You have great taste in women, Roland, but Xena is unattainable I'm sorry to say. They broke the mould after her creation. I love her. Great choice for X.


  5. I loved Xena and Hercules both. I have season 1 of Herc on DVD and still haven't re-watched it!!

    I always loved the chick who played Callisto ;)

  6. Love Xena! Will worship at her gorgeous feet forever - but not Gabby. Nope. Couldn't stand her! LOL! Take care

  7. Unfortunately I've never been a fan of Xena or Lucy Lawless. It's her battle cries that really put me off.

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  8. when are they making this movie! she was totally kick a!!

  9. I will never forget the episode in Everybody Loves Raymond where Raymond says, "I sense a great disturbance in the Force." His mother then shows up. So he tries it again, "Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena: Warrior Princes."


  10. I liked the Xena Warrior Princes show when it was on TV. However, I don't think I've seen any movies with her in it nor do I remember that mantra.

    Yes, she became legend....the mantra could be a scary realization for us in the real world, especially those who feel they haven't found the right path for their lives. It's great to keep in mind though because it can serve as motivation for people to be great and go after what they believe in, even maybe even possibly becoming legendary as well.

    Cheers! :)

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    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  11. *Sigh* If I could only look like her...nah, just kidding!! What an annoyance it would be to have to beat men off with a stick every day. Back in my younger days, I'd roll my eyes (or pick my nose on purpose) at men who gawked, and I wasn't all that!

  12. Oooo, I got chills at the end of that. I loved Xena too! Excellent show despite it's budget constraints.

  13. Sherri:
    I was always fascinated by her eyes (Sandra just muttered something about her legs. LOL.) She seemed to be able to convey so much with just those eyes.

    That's what Lucy told me: great taste, lousy timing, I'm married, Yank!"

    I have all the seasons of Xena on DVD and there are certain episodes I re-watch like "One Against An Army" and "Been There, Done That" (the homage to GROUNDHOG DAY)

    I have Callisto's (Hudson Leik) autograph on a plaque, too. Gee, I am such a fanboy! :-)

    Gabby grew you after awhile ... like fungus Sandra says!

    I can see where her battlecry would put you off. I just took it as a riff of what some Middle Eastern women do as their men rode off to war.

    I would so totally see a XENA movie, too!!!

    I tried that, too. It never works! Rats!!

    That mantra comes from Kurt Vonnegut. He wrote that we should beware what we pretend to be, for in the end that is who we become. And it is indeed a scary thought. But each day we sculpt ourselves by our hourly actions into who we will finally become. Young we are wet cement. Older we become much harder to sculpt! Indeed scary.

    Thanks for dropping by. Please come back, Roland

    You are attractive now. I saw your older avatar. Just don't tell your husband -- though it would look romantic in my obituary -- killed by jealous husband! It would improve my reputation and ruin yours! :-)

    Lucy Lawless is still a beautiful woman and a force of nature! Her own husband, Rob Tappert (producer of XENA) will still attest to that!

    What that show did with its limited budget is astounding. The Julius Caesar episodes were always like mini-movies in their scope and production values. I'm glad you liked my ending. Chills are what I was going for! Thanks for being my friend, Roland

  14. It took work but I overcame a tragic childhood to be a good Mama. My kids say 'great.'
    Along the way I found that enjoying entertainment together is very important. So we watched Xena & Hercules. I'm so glad we did.

  15. Like the others, I loved your choice for X. Xena was watched on a regular basis at my home. My mother enjoyed Hercules and I enjoyed Xena.

    She was a kick-ass, badass, a fighter and she sweat, yet she still looked good. I didn't want to be her. She fought way too much, but I did love and adore her strength.

  16. I miss XENA! Love that show. What's nice is Lucy Lawless in on Sparticus, and she's very willing to do lots of nude scenes.

    Cable rocks!

  17. Ah, you're much too kind! Cute, I'd buy, but attractive, shucks-ola, that's not the word I'd use to describe myself.

    Yeah, I need to get that silly pic off my avatar. I meant to change it back to my self weeks ago. I'm on that! Thanks for the reminder.

  18. Kate:
    I hate to hear about your childhood. Mother's was a nightmare. Mine had a storm or two.

    It is a wonder children survive growing up!

    Like you, Mother paid attention to what we watched together. She wanted me to learn autonomy so she and I watched THE BIG COUNTRY over and over again where Gregory Peck lived what it was to be a true man, irregardless of what others thought or expected!

    Like the Antonio Banderas Puss In Boots, I am more a lover than a fighter, too! LOL. I wanted Xena as a girlfriend to protect ME!

    I haven't seen Lucy on SPARTICUS since I don't have cable and I heard she was a villain in it. I want to only see her heroic. Ah, I will admit to viewing a few of her clothing challenged stills, though! Just for comparative purposes only! LOL.

    Did you know cute means bow-legged in Japanese? I would never call you bow-legged!

    Sorry, Victor made me say that!! I have missed your picture avatar though. Victor, too.

  19. I forgot that she started with Hercules. You're right about her being a legend. And Lucy Lawless was the bomb! So glad you featured her too. :)

  20. I'm a big fan of redemption stories. Lucy Lawless is a badass!