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Friday, April 27, 2012

Y is for YEOMANS_What, you were maybe expecting YODELING?

Y is for YEOMANS!

Denise was going to do her Y post on me. But work kept me from submitting my bio until April 9th. 

So Denise in desperation asked Lynda Young, a lovely blogger, to submit her bio.

With both Lynda and me, the post was just too long.  (You know shy, retiring me of few words. LOL.)

I asked Denise to delete my part of her post today to concentrate on a special lady, Lynda Young.

Go check it out:

I posted an image of Megan Fox because frankly my picture frightens little children!

Here's one of Gypsy:

Y is for YEOMANS ...

you know Yeoman as in all those unlucky red-shirted Away Team members on STAR TREK!

All my memories of Detroit are of knee-caps and hub cabs since I left when I was ten. I had double pneumonia thrice.
Living in that cold basement apartment wasn't an aid to great health to a sickly child.

Although my first bout of it when the ice storm hit was the catalyst for the tales my mother created of Hibbs, the cub with no clue, who grew into the bear with two shadows.
  Mother was certain I would die that frozen-in weekend and wanted my head to be filled with wonder not fear.
My mother married an airplane mechanic, one who read poetry and studied science in his free time. My family left Detroit when I was ten as I said earlier.

The further south we went, the hotter it got. So I was glad when we stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana. I was real sure the next stop would have been Hell.

A year there taught me to say "Sir and Ma'am" and to pronounce David and Richard in really strange ways when they were last names. And it was not a pretty sight when I said Comeaux for the first time.

Lake Charles was the next stop. I remember standing in the front yard of our new home, watching the drunken neighbor across the street beating in his front door

(his wife had locked it) with a fence post.

I looked up to Mother and said, "You know if I had a degree in Psychology, I bet I would probably understand what's going on there."
She ruffled my hair and smiled down on me. "Lots of luck with that."
Mother was right. A master's degree in psychology hasn't unlocked the why's of the pain I see. It has just helped me put fancy labels on it.
(All rights to Megan Fox, her image, and her sense of self belong to her.  So there Mr. Steven Spielberg!) ***


  1. It's clear Megan Fox enthralls you. And I doubt that bit about your photo scaring children!

  2. Well Roland I have you up in about 2 hours. Then we'll see if your photo scares little children. I must warn you I have 2 bloggers today - you and Lynda Young, as I despaired of hearing from you. Of course I was thrilled when you finally sent me the answers and photos. I'd only just contacted Lynda and she was lovely enough to do all the work so today it's double whammy! It's going to be great!

    Megan Fox fetish eh? She is pretty foxy!


  3. That's awesome that Denise is doing her Y post on you! I'll have to go check it out.

  4. Jennifer:
    I was betting Megan Fox would enthrall my visitors!

    You can take my post down and just concentrate on Lynda Young. She is a lovely lady and did do all the work. Sorry my hectic schedule kept me from replying quickly enough. Life as a blood courier is something else! LOL. Roland

  5. Heather:
    Oops. I was tardy in responding to her request. Life as a blood courier is always messing with my life! Roland

  6. Roland I'm sure you don't mind sharing. I just had to cover myself as I thought you may not get the info to me in time, but you came through in the end. D.

  7. Denise:
    Of course I don't mind sharing. My part of the post is too long and the photos did not come out. It just detracts from your post of today.

    I would rather remain a man of mystery. LOL. Roland

  8. Good one!

    I heard MF is preggers too!

  9. Braine:
    Pregnant? Wow. No more getting into jeans like those again! Ah, but us guys will always have this clip! LOL. :-) Roland

  10. Hi Roland .. great to read something I can understand in one go! Gypsy to me looks very special and I'm very happy having her photo show up.

    I really frankly could do without seeing Megan Fox .. perhaps Frank Fox is around .. ?!!

    I'll catch up with Mme Denise shortly - doesn't strike me as the kind of Aussie bird who takes orders .. so you'll animatedly suspended forever on her blog ..

    Cheers Hilary

  11. "...the cub with no clue, who grew into the bear with two shadows"...loved it!

  12. Pregnant? Gosh, then we'll ALL be able to read the fine print text up and down her lovely mid-section, both sides. I guess for a while, she'll have to be listed as "Large Print". She will be a foxy mama though. Hopefully, not a Stiffler-mom.

    I knew a few of these Yeomans' facts, except your 3 cases of pneumonia. What a rough go.

    Hope work was smooth this week. :) Btw, put one of my pics back up. I missed my goofy smile and roll-in-the-grass image with a gnome, too.

  13. I read the post at Denise's first. I love the pic of you when you were a kid. So cute. And of course Gypsy, so sad.

    You're a very strong man for sharing the innner demons. I've held onto to mine for so long now, it would be like Pandora's box if they escaped, wreaking havoc in all parts of my life.

    I hope you're liking your new apartment. Monster and I will be moving in a few weeks. Can't wait to be done, the boxes in the hall are driving me crazy.

  14. I'm sure your pic would've been just fine. Though Megan is super pretty (on the outside, anyway). It's great to get to know you a little better. Glad you kicked pneumonia in the butt, and are still around to give us your fab stories!

  15. Hilary:
    You're right about Denise being strong-willed! Sorry about the Megan Fox photos: it was for the guys tuning in!

    In many ways, Hibbs, the cub with no clue, who grew into the bear with 2 shadows is me. LOL. Thanks for visiting and chatting awhile, Roland

    Listed as "Large Print" LOL! Good to see your smile shining from your avatar again!!

    I try to downplay the ruts in my backroad. Everybody has and is having a harder time than it appears from the outside. The nicks and scrapes just made me who I am -- and I like who I am.

    Hope your boxes are soon gone! I still actually have boxes in one bedroom!

    I think moving to Louisiana saved my life as pneumonia kept after me. It is no contest who is prettier between me and Megan! And yes, that beauty is on the outside -- I have sadly found that beauty is indeed a curse, for it often spoils the personality of the surface attractive individual.

    I have been reading a psychology text, SURVIVAL OF THE PRETTIEST, that delves into the psychology of how attractiveness affects the psyches of all involved.

    Thanks for dropping by and chatting awhile. Do come back, Roland

  16. And Denise posted all of your information anyway!
    Sorry it's taken me all day to get to you my friend.

  17. Alex:
    I understand completely! You went in alphabetical order. LOL. Rest after Monday -- you earned it. Roland

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  19. Didn't read the post. Couldn't stand to scroll farther than the Fox photo. Lawsy lawsy lawsy.

    Actually, I did read the post. I also just finished reading Blood Will Tell, finally, after downloading it many moons ago, about the time you first released it.

    Bro, or Breaux rather, let me tell you something, and take this for what you will.

    First, hash out that book. Fill it in until it's 75-85kw. Do this by fleshing out Luke and Victoria, and although I was unsure about it halfway through, keep the storyline.

    Second, get a professional editor. While readable and still an enjoyable read, there are things that will improve in the book.

    For instance, more depth! More lead-up to the moment. More suspense.

    I also saw places where you got stuck in the "would" and "had" loops. Find the section about 2/3 through where you had "She would give me a CD... and I would learn it. Then I would play it..."

    And so on. That can be edited quick and simple and it'll flow the read. You can nuke 99% of the "would" and "had" constructs in your work. We all can. That's one of the first things I look for on self-edit (we all do it). "She gave me a CD and I learned it..."

    Overall, though, excellent read, and it is one of the very, very, extremely very few rare reads I could not put down. You are a truly talented guy, who sells himself short with his own harsh inner self-critic!

    Bad self-critic! Tell him to stfu.

    I've said before that your blood-bank runs are interesting! They are rote to you, but not to ordinary citizens.

    If you write that book, full-on, and you can't find another editor, send it to me. I'll edit it at no charge, because I like it.

    That's a great story, and in my humble opinion, could be the basis for your breakout book. Don't self-pub it, either. Find an agent and get it to a large distributor.

    Anyway, happy Saturday.

    - Eric

  20. I read about you on Denise's blog today. Loved the post. As always, creative and deep:)

  21. Ricardo:
    Loved your blog.

    BLOOD WILL TELL was one of my earliest novellas. Yes (hangs head in shame) I got mired in the "would" and "had" tar pits!

    I went novella length because I did not know how interesting life at a blood center would be to the outside world.

    You give me motivation to try my hand at a larger scope in BLOOD WILL TELL.

    Thank you so very much for the input. It means a lot to me, Roland

    Thanks for visiting from Denise's blog. Your comments make me feel better on a weary evening, Roland

  22. Hi Roland, I came back to see what you might have come up with here. I hope you've got over your emotions of when I posted yesterday. Don't think I don't understand. But I think it was a good thing to get your story out there. And it was amazing how many people commented (we'll probably go over 80!)

    Even though I asked Lynda as I was despairing of you ever sending me the info (you did ask me to resend the questions 3 times!) I was hopeful you'd come through and you did. I understood you were going through stuff, and my post would be way down on your list of priorities. However, I think your and Lynda's posts merged perfectly.

    Take notice of Eric. He's an awesome writer and he has you tagged so well. You are definitely good enough to attract a traditional publisher, but it is true, you need an editor, we all do. Take Eric up on the free offer.

    I wish you every continued success Roland and I hope our friendship survives your post.


  23. Thanks, Denise:
    Why wouldn't our friendship still be on? And we do all need editors!

    Eric was kind to offer. But he has a family, his own work, and maybe even deserves to relax or even sleep!

    No agent will touch me. I've tried. I've stopped trying. I've hit all the ones who strike me as competent. They can only tell me NO so often before they truly get irked at me continually sending them material! LOL.

    I'd be tempted to send Eric my polished BEST OF ENEMIES. But it is looking to hit 70,000 words. Who has the time these days to edit that much material with a day job, a family, and his own writing?

    Have a great new week, Roland

  24. Roland, I'm glad I checked back by here with this post. "No agent will touch me." Don't let this get you down. I believe agents not touching writers, happens more often these days. I like to look at it like this, they have a tough job too. Selling to publishers is probably tougher than snagging an agent. It seems to be a sign of the times in my opinion.

    I know you understand this, publishing just isn't what it used to be in the days of Twain & Hemmingway.

    But, that doesn't mean that you can't be successful. Success, accomplishment, and victory lie within our hearts.

    Go back and reread Eric's comment. No better yet, I'll copy and paste it here: "...excellent read, and it is one of the very, very, extremely very few rare reads I could not put down." and "If you write that book, full-on, and you can't find another editor, send it to me. I'll edit it at no charge, because I like it.

    That's a great story, and in my humble opinion, could be the basis for your breakout book. Don't self-pub it, either. Find an agent and get it to a large distributor."

    First, I don't know Eric, but he wouldn't offer if he didn't want to do it for you or couldn't handle the job!!

    And second, when and if you do this, in your query, start fresh. Don't query the same agents. In the letter only focus on the one book, don't mention the self-pubb'ed work. In your bio mention, of course, your experience as a blood courier.

    You can tell me to bug off, but I really believe you need to consider Eric's offer. All my best. :))