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Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for NEW ORLEANS_City of Mystery

There are many mysteries in the French Quarter.

There is even a street called Mystery but that is a 20 minute bus ride from there in an area called Mid-City.

If you are feeling brave and adventurous, you may choose to stay in the French Quarter's Mystery Hotel. 4 stars even.

You know you want to.

The French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carre {Old Square in French,} has long murmured a siren call to extreme personalities -- one such was the Sultan, whose famous ghost is said to haunt the halls of the 4 story house on 716 Dauphine Street.

In the latter 1800's, he rented the house from the Le Prete family. A dark day for everyone involved. The Sultan, a cruel and dangerous man, was not above kidnapping women off the streets, torturing them into submission, and then adding them to his harem.

One mysterious day, the Sultan met his fate in an ironic, cruel and hideous fashion. A neighbor strolling by his house stiffened in horror. She saw tiny rivers of blood trinkling from beneath the front door.

When the authorities broke down the door, they found a scene from a nightmare. Body parts and blood were everywhere. Every member of the household had been horribly murdered. Only the Sultan was missing. Where was he?

They discovered his body in the backyard in a shallow grave. He had been buried alive. The murderers were never discovered. It remains one of the city's most haunting, intriguing mysteries.

Friends have asked how the jazz club, Meilori's, is enchanted. It is the crossroads of three major ley lines, mystic lines of energy, allowing it to be the portal to another plane of existence. What exactly that plane happens to be is a matter of heated conjecture by many in New Orleans. It is much like the question of who or what is answering the questions on a Ouija board.

At first glance, New Orleans appears but a hodgepodge of streets. Look closer. First laid out by the French, the city bears the mark of Masonic training : the city's plan is based on phi {the proportion of life}. A walk down Bourbon Street triggers your chi {life force} with the ley line extending from New Orleans to Dublin, London, Brussels, Kosova, Haifa {Israel}, and Amman Jordon. If you are versed in the paranormal, you know that New Orleans connects dimensionally like no other city in the world. Or so it is said.

Some believe that the theory of dark matter implies the existence of alternate universes. Think of it. Between your nose and this computer screen could exist heavens, hells, lost dimensional wanderers, or entire galaxies. Impossible? Right now, dozens of radio and television waves are coursing through your head. You just can't see or feel them. A much more detailed explanation of New Orleans' mystic importance is written by Peter Champoux. Check his site :


  1. What a most gruesome story and mystery! No wonder the Sultan's ghost continues to haunt this amazing place!

    Take care

  2. ...ahh the mysteries surrounding 'Nawlins. Love those stories!

    I may be passing through over the summer, 'en route to the Gulf. I've heard it said that Meilori's is a must stop ;)


  3. Interesting. I've always wanted to visit The French Quarter, and after Katrina, that want has grown even stronger. BTW, dark matter is so cool to read about...but I like your take on it! ;)

  4. Kitty:
    It saddens me to think of the helpless women the Sultan tortured and terrorized. His fate is certainly poetic and grim. As you say, no wonder his ghost wanders the night.

    You have a standing invitation at Meilori's. Bring your pepper spray and track shoes though! It can sometimes get wild.

    It amuses me to think of Dark Matter which scientists say has to exist if their theories are correct. Ah, maybe they aren't correct, right? Or would that be wrong? LOL.

    New Orleans has not quite recovered from Katrina. It may never be the same after the forced evacuation ripped away much of the culture and oral histories from the region. But the city is a survivor. You would enjoy a trip down there. Roland

  5. What a timely post! I'm going to New Orleans for a medical conference this week. I can't wait to check out the French Quarter again!

  6. I never realized that about NO. I'll have to look it up. I'm not well-traveled, but I can say that NO ~feels~ the way people portray it, as an out-of-place city full of dark magic. I mean, there's a graveyard right downtown.

    Love the bit about radio waves and disbelieving what you cannot sense. Very true.

    - Eric

  7. The sultan's story is CREEPY! Any theories on who buried him alive? I've visited New Orleans once, in August, for a psychology convention. It was shortly after Katrina so the town was just a ghost of its former self, but it's not a place for vanilla, midwestern me. Cool to learn more about it though.

  8. They say it's the most haunted city in America for a reason! And I will pass on staying in that hotel.

  9. Hi Roland. You have a New Zealand fetish and you've given me a New Orleans fetish. I was always drawn to novels/films set in/around Norleans, but reading yours and Kittie Howard's blogs gives it a new aura.


  10. Lydia:
    Have a great time at the medical convention this week in New Orleans. Should you find yourself walking down Rue La Mort (found only on magic twilights), stroll in and say Hello to Sam, would you?

    Yes, New Orleans is an eerie city sometimes. They call their cemetaries Cities of the Dead. (All those crypts -- you see, because of it being beneath sea level, you can't keep a good man down -- or a bad one either!

    I wrote a short story wherein such a horrendous fate was at the Sultan's heels, he buried himself alive to keep it away from him!

    C'mon! Stay in that hotel for a night. Think of the material for a book you'll have ... if you survive, that is! :-)

  11. Denise:
    I refuse to call it a fetish. It is a dream to go to New Zealand. New Orleans is certainly a mysterious lady who beckons strangers to stroll her dark, mysterious streets. Take a friend with you when you go! Or Sam. :-) Roland