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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Once upon a time ...

What if there was an author whose pen sparked his characters into life?

What if they were not pleased with the hell he put them through?

What if that author were you?

In GHOST OF A CHANCE, I am framed for the murder of the ghost of Ernest Hemingway.

To protect me from my pursuers, Sam McCord takes me to his haunted jazz club, Meilori's.

Have you wondered what Meilori's is like the deeper into it you go?

Find out with me as my guides, the ghosts of Marlene Dietrich and Mark Twain, try to keep me in one piece as all my creations vie for the pleasure of killing me.

Can they keep me safe from Shakespeare, Chistopher Marlowe, the Angel of Death, and the frighteningly intelligent and powerful DayStar?

And can my cat, Gypsy, possibly prevail against the Sphinx of Thebes even with the help of the Apache diyi, Elu?

GHOST OF A CHANCE is now available!

Only 99 cents. C'mon. Give it a shot.

Ah, guys, the ghost of Marlene is beginning to pout. A dangerous sign. Why not "LIKE" GHOST on the top of its Amazon page?

This just in:
On Amazon's Native American Dark Fantasy Best Selling Novels List CALL ME TOMBS is #5! GHOST OF A CHANCE is #11! BRING ME THE HEAD OF McCORD is #12!


  1. I tweeted and FB this for you. I love your writing voice. And I need to get all of your books. I swear my Kindle is going to explode.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Very creative -- and FUN -- idea, Roland!

  3. Shelly:
    You made my morning! Samuel McCord says should you ever visit Meilori's, the drinks are free -- but bring your pepper spray. It's a feisty place.

    You're right! :-)

    But no one in the Shadowlands believes me. No way I would tangle with a seasoned veteran and hunter like Hemingway!

    Still he was jealous over how the ghost of Marlene Dietrich felt about me.

    Check out GHOST WRITERS IN THE SKY for the first time I met her ghost on the terrace of my apartment.

    I had fun with it. Hopefully, my friends will check it out. Laughs, tears, and supernatural thrills ... plus the mystery of who did murder the ghost of Ernest Hemingway and why.

    And how do you kill a ghost anyway?

  4. Amazing what ideas ferment in that mind of yours when you're driving around New Orleans. . .

    Hemingway never did know how to treat his women, but I'm wondering how you got sucked into your own world, Roland. What if there's some sort of paradox effect. . .?

    Good luck with the sales and with getting 'out'.

  5. D.G.:
    Meilori's has become so real to me that it occurred to me what fun it would be if that became the case.

    Hemingway was a troubled man, and his character makes him a good candidate for murder ... and even more in GHOST.

    He had a heroic nature, too, which also comes into play, along with his combative, grumpy nature. :-)

    Marlene's ghost is getting petulant. No one has bought "her" book as she calls it.

    Hey, everyone, please "like" GHOST's Amazon page so she's easier to live with!

  6. Hi Roland---Very exciting news! My book budget is busted but as soon as I get a refill this is my first buy. I love the idea :) Congrats on your Amazon victory. Off to spread the word.

  7. Siv:
    GHOST is winging its way to you as I type. The ghost of Mark Twain asks only that you LIKE its Amazon page if only to stop the ghost of Marlene from pouting! :-)