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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I didn't know there was a blogfest today on the A-Z THEME ...

for most of the day my blog was so empty that MercyThompson changed into her coyote form and bayed at the cyber-moon.

{And I am puzzled -- does no one read Mercy Thompson by the talented Patricia Briggs?}

Anyway, if A-Z does this for a one day blogfest, is there any reason to post if you are not participating?


The ghost of Ernest Hemingway strolled by my laptop and murmured, "Lemming."  But you know how he feels about group writing.

And for those of you who are participating ...

   Admit it.  You are feeling rather daunted by the thought of posting daily.  What are you going to write about daily?

   Then, there are the number participating this year.  C'mon -- there are some 3rd World nations with
smaller populations!

   You are feeling more than a little daunted, thinking about visiting and commenting on so many blog posts.

    Most that are posting now are demanding SHORT, VERY SHORT posts so that they and others can hit and run so to speak.

    The Father willing, I am participating ...

No themes.  Themes limit the imagination, stifle the moment.  As for short?  The ghost of Mark Twain started to laugh at those words.

He's going to write a post or two.  Short is not in his vocabulary.  Nor in mine he darkly says.  LOL.

If you visit me, fine.  If I am too long.  At least I will have fun.

With my center possibly voiding my position, my posts might be short due to circumstances beyond my control.

But really?  If you are going to consume a whole month on A-Z, why not write words that matter?  Let the length be dictated by the subject matter. 


Oh, and you are denying yourself worlds of entertainment if you are not delving in the world of Mercy Thompson,

a fragile coyote-changer in a world of monsters, who will not yeild if a soul is wounded and in need.


  1. Roland, did you really sign up? That is cool!
    I didn't post my theme today - saving that for next Friday. It's multi-layered and I want to be sure I can accomplish all the layers before I commit.
    Fourth year of the Challenge and my fourth as well. Not a bit daunted by daily posting.
    It's the hundreds of blogs that will also be posting.
    The clones will probably quit on me by the end of April!

  2. Alex:
    I signed up the first day, but I checked and did not find my name, so I re-upped. I post daily anyway, so why not? :-)

  3. Hey Roland,

    I wish you all the very best with taking on such an endeavour. I personally would not commit myself to such a thing and continue to just blog as I please..

    I do understand that those who want to have a sense of a positive interaction blogging community, this can be a very fine ideal.

    Thus, all the best, my friend and yikes! :)


  4. Gary:
    I post daily anyway. I will try and have fun with it. If the fun leaves, I will, too. :-) But I think my imagination and sense of humor are up to it. I think! LOL.

  5. Yep, you post daily, Roland, so you can never expect your comments to be sky high, as most of us who've been blogging for years (I started in 2008) have fallen back to at the most 2 posts a week as we can't expect our followers to come by every day.
    Which is my problem with the A-Z. Because people are in a hurry, they rush in, scan, then rush out. Last year when I randomly visited blogs, I often found a pretty picture or very little content, which is a waste of my time. Thus, I'm concentrating on my writing during April. I'm unsure whether to bother posting at all, but I may at first. I fully intend to visit my usual blogger friends whether they're participating or not.


  6. I'm not signed up for the Challenge, but I will be lurking on the sidelines, following post titles that seem interesting.

    This year, the stars were not in alignment, so I've got to work on my universe. Literally.

    Good Luck to all A to Z'ers.

  7. Denise:
    I always like my friends to find something new whenever they visit. So if they visit daily or every other day of weekly, they find a new batch of neat items displayed.

    There are over a 1000 posters for the Challenge -- that is simply too much. It has gotten too big and the posts, like you say, many times are just fluff.

    I do not know what the answer is. I can just see the problem. Have a great April.

    April is a beautiful month. Perhaps time to appreciate the scenery in the real world. Please keep on visiting me. I would miss you if didn't! :-)

  8. Themes? Oh dear. I just finished writing one for April 1st and had about six themes for the one day. Limit my imagination? No way. April 1st will also be a promotion for my book so Yeah, come on over everyone but watch out we know what happens to lemmings.

  9. Hope you have a fab fab time in an alphabet kind of way!!

    Take care

  10. Looking forward to your A to Z posts Roland! I'm participating but decided not to reveal my theme—which may offend some readers—until Monday, my regular posting day.

    I hope to visit everyone at least once during the Challenge, returning to favorites during the course of the month. I've done the Challenge before, but never with such an organized approach to the bloghop portion.

    My standards are high. Short posts are fine—a brief post doesn't have to mean no content. But if it's clear the blogger phoned it in, I don't intend to comment. I'll just move on.

    ~VR Barkowski

  11. I didn't do the big reveal either and I'm looking forward to the challenge because, like you, I blog six times a week, too.

    Between my two blogs, that is...I'm not sure if I'm going to put one of my blogs on hiatus or split them to keep my schedule intact. Hmmmm...

  12. Hi Roland .. I didn't do the reveal - I'll do mine over Easter time ...

    But my posts will be short .. +/- 200 words - for me that's amazing! I sincerely hope people will be interested ... I'm lucky and they usually are ...

    I only post when I want to ... but as you know they're longish ...

    Cheers and so pleased you're joining us ... Hilary

    No themes for me this year I believe. April's Fool for your book debut?! What a day for it! I wish you only the highest sales. You have one with me! :-)

    I intend to have fun! :-)

    I'm with you: if I am going to spenc time on a post, I want it to be something worthwhile. What if an agent chooses that day to visit, and we dribble drivel? Ouch!

    I'm looking forward to your posts, too!

    DO what seems fun to you. I look forward to your posts. And you have the right to withhold the theme if you wish!

    When I found I had been bounced off the list and I had joined the first day, I thought about it being a sign I should pass this year up!

    I look forward to your posts!