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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone.

Maewyn Succat was the real name of St. Patrick, who died this day back in a time where myth and history eerily blend.

It is said he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity, the Three who are One.

He was either Scottish or Welsh, or some even say French. Being a Lakota, Irish, British blend myself, I can relate.

Some legends state that he drove the snakes out of Ireland and contested with the very Sidhe themselves, but readers of my THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS know the truth:

{Hibbs, Little Brother, the first hawk of all creation, and Surt, the Father of All Fire --  are facing the endless army of Darklings to stop their rampage across ancient Eire.}

          Hibbs growled low.  "This madness must end."

          Surt grunted, "And just how will you accomplish that when you will not kill?"

          "I will think of a way."

          Little Brother was less than impressed.  "As thought you our way into Eire?"

          Hibbs' voice firmed.  "I will think of a way."

          Surt shook his sizzling head.  "Truly?  You are at a loss with just the Twrch Trwyth.  What will you do against the centaur bowmen?  Against the horned serpents or their masters, the Nagas?"

          The pit of Hibbs' stomach bottomed out.  "Snakes?  No, not snakes."

          Surt frowned, "You have a problem with snakes?"

          "No ... not me.  Rather ---"

          The body of Little Brother grew insubstantial except for razored talons and fanged beak.  "Snakes!  Snakes?!"

          "No!" cried Hibbs.  "Little Brother, no!"

          But it was too late.  No longer Little Brother, the hawk was transforming before the very eyes of the bear and Surt as he surged up towards the sky.  Ever larger and larger he became until it was the awesome, winged Wakinyan, the ThunderBird of Lakota legend, whose feathered body filled the entire sky. 
         Thunder rumbled from the flapping wings which stretched from horizon to horizon.  Even Hibbs was slammed to the fog-covered grass as lightnings erupted from Wakinyan's angry eyes.  Over and over lightning bolts ziz-zagged from the heavens.
         With deadly accuracy they slammed into the writhing, frying bodies of the hooded snake men known as Nagas as well as into the horned serpents who had been slithering in rippling waves beside them.

          The black, boiling clouds that swirled around the enormous body of the Wakinyan made it impossible to catch a clear view of him.  Which was fortunate -- for to see clear the ThunderBird was to die.  But with sinking heart, Hibbs watched his transformed brother scream a cry of thunders, only to soar away into the West.  Surt muttered low under his breath.

          "The coward deserts us!"

          Hibbs shook his head.  "No.  I know Little Brother.  Even when he becomes Wakinyan, he is loyal -- but thorough.  He is merely finishing what he has started."

          "Which is?"

          "Snakes.  Little Brother has always hated them, killing them whenever he sees one.  I suspect that within the hour there will not be one Naga or snake in all Eire."

          Hibbs was right.  And to this very day, there is not one snake in all Eire.  And should you ever find yourself wandering across the soft, emerald grass of that land and hear angry thunder far off in the distance, do not fear.  It is only Little Brother returning as Wakinyan, finishing the job he started so very long ago.   Nor are you ever likely to stumble across a Naga in all of this world either.  A fact that has saved many a life.  Still, Little Brother's angry departure placed Hibbs' life in immediate peril.
But do not worry.  Hibbs always finds a way -- usually one that ends in laughter:
VICTOR STANDISH MUST DIE! now at #55 in free Paranormal Fantasy


  1. Well, now we know who really drove out all of the snakes!

  2. Always enjoy your writing, Roland. Picked up your latest Standish, and I'll have a review posted as soon as I can. We have an accreditation team visiting our school this week, so thing's are VERY busy -- operating at 200% instead of the usual 175%.

  3. Alex:
    Little Brother doesn't care who gets the credit -- just so long as those darn snakes are gone!! :-)

    Thanks! Hibbs takes credit for the writing of course -- after all it was his bear hide at stake!

    Was that my primer of Victor: VICTOR STANDISH MUST DIE! or THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT?

    I wish you luck and a second wind with that accreditation team visiting your school. It always is an ordeal when the FDA inspects our blood center.

    I will have a harrowing week myself. This Thursday, I will discover if I still have a job after the mandatory down-sizing of the entire center state wide. I will either be unemployed come Thursday or working 12 days straight! I'm beginning to feel like Victor!!

  4. Happy St Patricks Day!

    This was something new I hadn't read, Roland. Enjoyed reading about Little Brother and Hibbs.

    I'm not fond of snakes either, I almost picked up a rattler on a dare as a child. But before I could do something so stupid, an adult stopped the whole thing. Whew.

  5. D.G.:
    And Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too!

    This little snippet is about a third of the way in THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. Things get rather out of hand. So much so that The Turquoise Woman is enraged. Bad news for the Darklings.

    I'm so happy an adult was around to prevent you from accepting that dangerous dare! Whew! ... for sure!! :-)

  6. Survived the earthquake!

    Have got several of your books, but not Hibbs The Bear With 2 Shadows. Must work on that... I do, however, wish you'd bring your novels out in paperback though. Not terribly au fait with the digital world.

    Good post, Roland :)

  7. I had no idea Maewyn Succat was St Paddy's real name. So glad to know the REAL snake story. But I just read a newspaper story saying that Ireland has snakes again. Irish people who got rich in the Euroboom bought them as pets. When the boom went bust, they let them go into the wild. Little Brother might have some clean-up to do.

  8. Wendy!
    I was so worried as I tweeted you during the earthquake which hit NZ. I was greatly relieved when you tweeted me you were all right!

    Maybe if Amazon Serial Program accepts CARNIVAL OF THE DAMNED and finally releases it in print, you will be able to have a real book in your hand.

    Hibbs asks me to assure his adventures are worth braving digital! And to think some call him humble ... for a Grizzly that is! LOL!

    Oh, those rich folks did that, did they? No wonder you hear thunder all time in Ireland lately! Little Brother is having his wings full there! :-)

    You always have such informative posts, Anne. I really enjoy them, Roland

  9. That was a good passage. Appropriate for St Paddys :)