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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


And bless you guys for making it!}
I love animated films. 
The limitless world of the imagination is a siren call to me.
One of the best things about animated movies is that there are simply no limits.

Creators of animated movies can have incredibly vast imaginations and that is reflected in the content of animated movies where anything can speak and live like humans.

Today was HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON day to take my mind off things that threaten to ruin my life -- and which I can do nothing about.

 I have bought both seasons of DRAGON riders of Berk -- a series based on the movie found on CARTOON NETWORK -- with all of the voice actors but Gerard Butler and animation on par with the movie.
Why is animation so popular?  I mean, even less than stellar animated films pull in large box office sales.
One  reason may be people are attracted to the art of animation no matter what age they are.
This is because animation provides a physical manifestation of the imagination. It allows people to escape their normal lives and to explore a world where anything and everything is possible.
Animated movies that are designed for kids are big earners.
Even lower budget animated films and animated features that are produced specifically for DVD releases, rake in huge profits. This is because parents spend money on these films because their kids love to watch them over and over.
While animated movies are generally made for kids, there are some animated films and franchises that are developed with an older audience in mind.

Many animation companies try to include elements that will entertain older viewers so that they can expand their market. Some, on the other hand, focus solely on audiences that are older than 13.

Animated movies that are attractive to older audiences are going to have specific characteristics.

First of all they can feature nostalgic cartoon characters, such as Scooby Doo, Transformers or Looney Tunes characters. Secondly they feature more adult themes, such as romance or hard core action.

I believe animation lets us become children in our hearts again.

The world can be so harsh that a little breeze of a more innocent time can be healing and liberating.

Why do you like animated films and TV series?  What are some of your favorites?  Which ones are you looking forward to?

Here is a short one I loved:


  1. Ratatouille is one animated film I love.

    If we can believe in mermaids, zombies, vamps and magical wizards, then of course, animals and insects can talk, be witty and sometimes sing.

  2. It does bring out the kid in us.
    A lot of animated films are really more for adults than kids, like Rango.

  3. D.G.:
    Ratatouille was great. Yes, it is easy for me to visualize animals, birds, and the moon herself talking since that makes up a great part of THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS!

    Rango and Puss in Boots were two of my favoirtes lately! :-)

  4. There have been so many wonderful animated film in recent years. Finding Elmo and Up are a couple of my favorites. But my heart will always belong to Bambi and Lady and the Tramp.

  5. LD:
    Don't forget PETER PAN - "Who's Afraid of a Crocidile?" :-)

    THE LITTLE MERMAID, THE LION KING, BEAUTY & THE BEAST, and ALLADIN ushered in the Silver Age of Disney Animation, too.

  6. I LOVE animation. Every single aspect from simple storyboard creations to full fledge CGI. Originally animation was where I wanted to spend my life. Surrounded by storyboards, cericels, pens, CAD drawings and clay figures. I love to draw and exploring my imagination through art was where I "thought" my heart would belong. However after being blessed to intern at the Happiest Place on Earth and see first hand it's inner workings I discovered that it was not where my heart belonged but it is the closest second that could exist. I had no problem with the business or the artistic needs what I found was I needed it to remain a secondary sanctuary for when i was there i discovered that if my fingers itched to create they went to words first. I think we are drawn to the animated because we see in it the possibilities; to erase obstacles, to fly, to destroy and to create worlds that no matter the lush lands of New Zealand or high peaks in the Alps, an animated world can make the New Zealand hills sing and the mountainous Alps dance. What better world could we create than that of the visually stimulating animated one?

  7. Courtney:
    If I were the visual artist my biological father was, I might have gone into animation as well.

    But in animation, you are dependent upon the script, the musical soundtrack, the direction, and the voice actors' performance -- or lack thereof.

    In writing, we are sole creator. We write the dialogue, the plot. We instill in our prose the music, the poetry if we can. We write the songs the New Zealand hills sing to which the mountainous Alps dance. It is totally our world.

    Thanks for such an insightful comment. :-) Roland