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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Like her FB page, Meilori holds grudges!
"The past is not dead.  It is not even past."
  ― William Faulkner, Requiem for a Texas Ranger  (At least that is the book in my alternate reality)
The past contains truths that are illusions.  Legends that are facts. 
Archaeology tries to sort the bits and pieces in graves and tombs to come closer to the truth.
The lost city of Atlantis has been discovered in the Bahamas, the Greek Islands, Cuba, and even Japan if every claim was to be believed.
{circa 1885}

Stonehenge was built approximately 4,000 years ago

and was an impressive feat for the primitive people who constructed it but that's about all archaeologists know for sure.

Like something from a Steven Spielberg treasure movie,

the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism remains a major archaeological head-scratcher.

Found in the sunken wreckage of a Greek cargo ship that is at least 2,000 years old,

the circular bronze artifact contains a maze of interlocking gears and mysterious characters etched all over its exposed faces. 

Nothing comparable was built for another thousand years.

Great Pyramid of Giza from a 19th century stereopticon card photo
{This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.}

Built almost 5,000 years ago in what is now Cairo, the three-pyramid complex with the largest, Khufu,

dominating the site is a testament to the ancient Egyptians' reverence for their Pharaohs and the intricacies of their belief in the afterlife.

Archaeologists are still discovering new tunnels and shafts built within the pyramids,

and are still searching for clues on who built the great monuments, how and why, even today.

Meilori Shinseen, whose birth none can remember, could tell those archaeologists.

But there are some secrets that she embraces as a lover, whose knowing brings death to humans.

Join Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Nikola Tesla, and the undead Ada Byron in 1895 Egypt

as they seek to keep their friend, Samuel McCord, from paying with his life for the love of his immortal wife.


{Medeia Sharif has posted a great review of


  1. Speaking of the past, I need to get out of it and live in the present.

  2. The past is part of all of us, but then again... so is the future,,,

    Wishing you all the best for 2014! May it be magical, special, and rewarding!

  3. We should learn from the past, but do we? Legends, and stories may have a grain of truth but we need a point of reference to qualify them. We shouldn't live in the past, but we also shouldn't forget lessons taught.

    Happy New Year, Roland! Reading the Death in the House of Life now, and it is holding my interest very well. Check email for Q's.

  4. Elizabeth:
    The moment is all that we are given. Ahead there appears a thousand paths, but at the end when you look back, there will be only one. What we choose to do with this moment shapes whether that one path will be good or not.

    The past is what has shaped who we are in the present. Our present choices shapes the us of the future. May you have the greatest of New Years!

    We hardly ever learn from the past which is why it keeps repeating itself!

    Happy New Year! I am glad that DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE is holding your attention -- otherwise the ghost of Mark Twain would start to mope -- and Meilori would be ... memorable! :-)

  5. Your post mentions so many things that fascinate me... that's why I'm soooo looking forward to reading "Death..." :-)
    Happy New Year, Roland! I wish you good health and good luck, and everything else that will make you happy!

  6. Vesper:
    Samuel and I both hope you enjoy DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE.

    And the happiest of New Years for you, too!