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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 ... Haunted by our fathers and mothers and daughters, and by people we don't remember.

We are haunted by otherness, by the path not taken, by the life unlived.

 We are haunted by the changing winds and the ebbing tides of history.

Even as our own flame burns brightest, we are haunted by the embers of the first dying fire. But mostly,we are haunted by ourselves.”
Jonathan Evison

Written or spoken -- they can haunt us with the pictures they paint in our minds.
We write our tales, hoping to touch one heart with the story that haunted us so much we had to put it into print. 
Francene Lockett, the fine voice actress, put her own heart and soul into singing my story to life.
And for one person, Shelley Freedman, Francene and I succeeded as she writes:
Was it the words themselves or the voice enacting them? This, the End of Days, made me sigh as I heard the last words of the novel. 
I took my time with this story. I got to know the many characters. I sided with good over evil. I shared the downfalls and the triumphs.
Roland's words were so gracefully linked together; so well emersed in a fluid of old tales and the mind's eye of New Orleans today. I was there.

I listened to Francene's words and heard the voices all come alive.
I smiled at the crugly voice of Maxine, the accents and distinguishing mannerisms for all the players, real, ghoul, other-worldly.

Roland has a unique way of drawing you in to his world and Francene perfectly embraced his picture. I look forward to finding out what happens next. 
Have any of you listened to END OF DAYS? 
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  1. Awesome review for End of Days! We like to think our words and characters will stay with people long after they finish the book.

  2. What a wonderful thing to hear as a writer. I enjoy books that stay with me after The End. :-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  3. Hearing someone speak the words can make words resonate with more power. Having a good voice actor is priceless.

  4. A review to make your heart sing. How long did it take for your feet to touch the ground? And do you levitate again each time you revisit that stunning review? I would.

  5. A good review is generated by a book that resonates. Congrats!

    End of Day

  6. Fast keyboard error - 'End of Days' was a great read.

  7. Alex:
    You're right: it is a dream of all of us to have the end of our novels stay with the reader after the book closes or the audiobook ends.

    To hear that from Shelley made my day. Do you know of any sites where audiobook reviews can be posted?

    I was so very fortunate to have Francene Lockett as my voice actress -- she brought the Victorian Alice Wentworth to life along with all the other characters -- even Victor Standish! It is why I had her do UNDER A VOODOO MOON!

    Elephant's Child:
    My heart certainly felt light after having read that review ... twice or thrice! :-)

    Francene Lockett's talent as well as her sound engineer husband's made the audiobook what it is! Her husband is now working on Clint Eastwood's new movie! I am glad you enjoyed END OF DAYS. :-)

  8. That's an awesome review Roland. Congrats. And good job getting the perfect voice to narrate it.


  9. Donna:
    It really is Francene's review. And she earned every word of it with her talented performance, didn't she? Thanks for visiting and staying to chat. :-)