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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for ALIAS where revenge is mingled with redemption and mystery PLUS JJ Abrams for INSECURE WRITERS SUPPORT

Any story about revenge is ultimately a story about forgiveness, redemption, or the futility of revenge.
  - Samuel McCord

After XENA ended,

I was looking for another show with a strong, intelligent woman driven by ghosts from her past.

(You see that in most of my female characters in my own books.)

I found ALIAS with such a character. 

Best of all, it had the RIBALDI PROPHESY mystery running throughout the show.

ALIAS is like James Bond meets Buffy meets Da Vinci Code.

Fiery female lead character, mysterious ancient prophecy, fun spy gadgets and costumes,

and shifty double-crossing characters who always seem to have alterior motives.

ALIAS also introduced me to JJ Abrams, the creator of the program

and here he is talking about the SECRET TO GREAT STORIES -- THE MYSTERY BOX


You can now binge watch the entire 1st season
on Amazon Instant Video
for only $14.99


  1. I can see I am going to learn a lot as the challenge progresses.
    I had never heard of Alias. Thank you. Mind you, I was never a fan of the titty princess...

  2. I'll learn about many tv series and shows I never knew about by checking out your theme, Roland. An education for a non-tv savvy acolyte like me. Xena I do remember, but only saw a few of her shows.

  3. Hi Roland ... I certainly don't know these tv shows - though JJ Abrams TED talk ... I imagine will be interesting ... cheers to you and enjoy the A-Z - Hilary

  4. I've never watched Alias, I don't think anyway. My love, currently, is The Walking Dead. I will mourn and feel depressed when it finally ends--when the walking dead, stop.

    I need a life. :)

  5. Oh, I loved Alias! I didn't watch at all during season 1 - my husband did. I caught up by binge-watching it during a marathon prior to season 2, and was more hooked than he was. (That was the beginning of my binge-watching, by the way; I can point to the exact moment I got hooked on total immersion in a series season.) I'm going to have to watch that TED video later - time to get to work, now! - but thanks for the link. Looks like something I definitely want to watch.

    Great start to the A to Z Challenge, btw!

  6. Elephant's Child:
    Lucy Lawless, of the bawdy sense of humor, would love the name you gave her character. ALIAS was a fun mystery/spy show -- it was where I first saw Bradley Cooper. It sagged a bit in the middle though. :-(

    I am all for stories of redemption and myth -- and having a long-legged beauty didn't hurt either as Sandra wryly snorts!

    JJ's talk is interesting! :-)

    I used to watch THE WALKING DEAD faithfully, but when they killed Rick's wife, I lost interest. Too many deaths -- which is why I do not watch GAME OF THRONES. But I do have my TV favorites like you: THE BLACKLIST being one of them. :-)

    Time for me to get to work also. Glad to meet a fellow ALIAS fan!! :-)

  7. Alias was a great show. Actually, anything JJ Abrams writes... freakin' fantastic. Did you watch Lost? Revolution? Felicity? Fringe? All FANTASTIC.

    Person of Interest is the only JJ Abrams show I'm aware of on TV right now. Awesome, awesome show.

  8. I watched a few episodes but didn't have the time to devote to the show. I should check for it on NetFlix.

  9. I LOVED Xena! I wanted to be her. ;) I didn't watch much of Alias though. I missed out big time! I'll have to find it on Netflix. :)

  10. Hi, my friend. Excellent beginning to the A to Z...which I won't be doing but I will be stopping by intriguing blogs such as yours.

    I just listened to Abrams....and that is so completely true. Though I didn't see this when I saw the movie decades ago; I just saw the shark. But character is ALWAYS at the heart of a good (not a bad) story.

    This video is so excellent. I'm glad I came by to hear it before the day zaps me.

  11. It's amazing what you can learn on TED. Great start to the challenge. I'm not into it this year, but have posted for the IWSG.

  12. Oh I loved Xena. Until this day I believe that no other woman but Lucy Lawless could play the Xena character. I'm also a huge fan of Buffy, so imagine my disappointment when they didn't do a spin off series about Faith. Never watched Alias though.

  13. Robin:
    I love PERSON OF INTEREST -- so guess what my P post is about? :-) I have high hopes for the new STAR WARS with JJ at the helm!

    I think you would like it. If we lived in the same city, I would lend you my DVD's of the seasons. :-)

    I have a soft spot for XENA. I even liked the first musical show -- the 2nd not so much. :-) I wanted to go out with Xena -- talk about being safe from muggers!

    I pray that the day did NOT zap you. Me? I drove close to 400 miles today. Whew! There goes my resolve to visit my friends' blogs. I just want to go to bed!! :-)

    I love to browse TED. I just do not get the free time often to do it. Like with today's 400 miles gauntlet!!

    I keep hoping that they do a Xena movie with Lucy Lawless as star. Hey, I still play the lottery, too. I am a dreamer!!

  14. I've always thought that Alias looks like the sort of programme I would enjoy though I've never actually watched an episode. At some point I might pick up the DVDs and give it a go. :-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan