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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Aw, C'Mon, You Know What Z Is For!

I could hardly do a post on QUEEN OF SWORDS and not do one on ZORRO!

I didn't learn of Zorro through Disney
but through the black and white movie starring TYRONE POWER I saw on TV.
But that movie led me to VHS tapes of the Disney ZORRO.
When Guy Williams first visited Argentina in 1973,
he was quite taken by the admiration and fascination the Argentine people expressed for him and his character of 'El Zorro'.
 In return, Guy fell in love with the culture and people of Argentina.
In the late 1970's he retired,
except for personal appearances, to Recoleta, an upscale neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
In 1989, while spending solitary months in Argentina, Williams disappeared.
The local police searched his apartment in Recoleta on May 6, finding his body.
He had suffered a brain aneurysm and had been dead for several days.
Due to his great popularity in Argentina,
his ashes lay for two years at the Argentine Actors' Society cemetery at La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires.
In 1991, in accordance with his wishes,
Williams' ashes were spread over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California.


  1. I thought you were going to say Zombies, but I should have known better! :)

    Zorro, such a legend!

  2. I knew who Guy Williams was, but I never knew his story or that he retired to Argentina. Sad that he died alone, but I'm glad he was remembered and honored.

  3. Hi Roland - I didn't know this about Zorro or who Guy Williams was ... what a fascinating read .. thanks so much ... cheers Hilary

  4. thank you for the story, i didn't know much of the story...

    "Z" we made it... thank you!
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood... is Nuts?

  5. They thought highly of him.
    That old black and white movie was my first exposure to Zorro.
    And now the Challenge is done!

  6. And see that's how they will find me after several days of death, alone, but they won't be able to call me Zorro.

    Congrats on finishing!

  7. Trisha:
    Zombies do figure in my stories a lot though! LOL.

    I like to think he died with happy memories.

    He was also the lead in LOST IN SPACE. I like to think he died feeling loved.

    Yes, we made it! Yay!!

    Yes, the challenge is finally over!! So you met Zorro the same way I did! :-)

    But I think many will call you cherished friend. :-)

  8. Last night I was trying to think of a TV show that began with Z and my memory failed me. I see you decided to go in an entirely different direction. I haven't seen the original movie...::sigh:: Guess that's another thing for my To Do List.

    Congrats on finishing the A to Z. This was fun:)

  9. That's right, you cannot forget Zorro!! Banderas makes a good one too. I have seen two episodes of Queen of Swords just recently. I might not have watched if you hadn't mentioned it. . .Congrats on getting to the end, Roland!

    1. Almost forgot, my brother and I used to make Z's everywhere like Zorro did, except we made them with sticks. . .I know about the original guy.

  10. I had a mad crush on Guy Wlliams. Thank you for this.

  11. Robin:
    It WAS fun, wasn't it? :-)

    All the League of Five did just like you and brother did. I'm surprised we didn't put out one of our eyes! Did you enjoy those episodes of QUEEN OF SWORDS? :-)

    I had a mad crush on Xena so I guess we are alike, right? :-)