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Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for the Show I watched as an exile of Hurricane Rita

As an exile from my city after Hurricane Rita,

I started watching the TV series INVASION

The premiere was preceded

with a warning that the show featured images of a fictional hurricane that viewers could be sensitive to.

The show told the story of the aftermath of a hurricane in which water-based creatures infiltrate a small Florida town

and begin to take over the bodies of the town's inhabitants through killing them in the water and then cloning the bodies.

Some years earlier, the sherrif had been replaced but had no knowledge of how to deal with what he had become.

Invasion received mostly positive critical reception.

Metacritic gave the season a score of 72, making it generally favorable

But executives wanted it to do better since it followed LOST.  Once they cancelled it, no show ever did better.

The human hero and the creature/sheriff try to stop an apocalypse

during the last episode as RIDERS ON THE STORM plays in the background.

I never hear that tune without thinking of INVASION.

It is on Amazon Instant Video.  Try it.


Another fun I TV Show:


  1. Since originally my site was about zombies, it might again and it's called iZombie Lover... I at the time didn't know of the comic book that leads to the show. Maybe I should convert back, I might be a fan site... ??

    Okay, that was a little nutty, I made the comment so about me and here I am doing it again... lol.

    I have not heard of the above shows, you have seen so many shows that didn't make the cut... fingers crossed for iZombie.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood... is Nuts?

  2. Lost finally lost me. I've not seen Invasion. There's only two shows I currently watch, The Voice and The Walking Dead.

  3. Never saw invasion. But the commercials for iZombie looked awesome!

  4. I never saw it either. I'll have to watch it.

  5. Jeremy:'
    Every comment we make ultimately reflects who we are. It's all good. :-) Don't narrow the embrace of your site. I think your site right now is great.

    Yes, like you, I finally gave up on LOST, realizing that it first gave up on its viewers! THE VOICE is on a lot of nights, isn't it?

    Invasion actually brought up fascinating questions: What makes us human? Is it wrong for one species to eliminate another in order to grow?

    iZombie is a fun show. I look forward to it every Tuesday.

    I think you would like Invasion. It's on Amazon Instant Prime. Perhaps Netflix has it?

  6. Hi Roland .. I certainly couldn't have watched that show after experiencing Hurricane Rita ..

    But then I get in a total muddle about most American shows and rarely watch extra .. cheers Hilary

  7. I never heard of Invasion, but what an appropriate story line for that time. I did at least see iZombie for the first time last night (on demand), and found it funny. And humor is a big deal for me.

  8. I've seen adverts for that show in the video, but haven't watched it. A little tongue in cheek humor is easier to take. But the brains and spaghetti, doesn't look so tasty. . . When I was trying to fly ahead of the Hurricane Ivan, the plane showed the movie Day after Tomorrow about hurricanes. Put me on edge for sure. . .

  9. I never heard of Invasion. I did watch LOST but after the way it ended, I vowed never to follow another show :)


  10. Hilary:
    I sometimes get into a muddle while watching shows from the BBC so we're even! :-)

    I am so happy you like iZombie. She is actually more a ghoul than zombie since she has higher brain function, but I just go with the program because I like the humor!

    But you forgot the hot sauce! That makes her an icon down here in Louisiana!! How is your husband and daughter doing? I still pray for them and you, too!

    Lost lost me several seasons before it ended. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was the same way for me. But Babylon 5 mostly stayed true to my hopes for it. :-)